10 Best ways, How do rabbits communicate?

Most of the people have this misunderstanding that rabbits are quiet and shy animals. In reality, they are not. They effectively communicate with their fellow rabbits and their owners all the time. They don’t make loud noises like other animals to communicate or to convey their message. here in this article, you will know how do rabbits communicate?.

Unfortunately, most of the ways through which rabbits communicate with their owner are not known by the owner. So, The owner most of the time is unaware of the things which the rabbit is trying to tell. Rabbits usually make specific noises for specific moods and they also use body postures for the communication purpose

For example, Grunting is a gesture for anger, and rabbits certainly want you to leave him alone. Honking is a gesture of that rabbit is in heat and wants to mate. Rabbits also use different body positions to communicate for example they apologize by touching faces. 

So if you encounter a situation in which your bunny is acting weird and you are not sure what to do and how to tackle the situation. We are providing you with the following bunny behaviors to help you out so that you can have a better understanding of their bunny’s behavior.

How do rabbits communicate?

Rabbits don’t just only communicate with each other but with you (the owner) as well. Rabbit’s ways of communication also vary from species to species. To clearly understand your rabbit’s way of communication it is necessary that you closely observe your rabbit and patiently understand them.

The following are the main methods of “Rabbit talk”:

Rabbits Ears:

Ears play a role in tuning the frequencies of rabbits. Their eyes are one of their most expressive instruments through which they express their feelings. If their ears are tight and are straightened up that means they are quite attracted to something unusual and they are analyzing it.

All these methods are going to help you and also enable you to know how do rabbits communicate?  You have to analyze according to your rabbit’s personality what is meant by both ears backward, both ears in front of one backward. The most obvious possibility is that they are extremely attracted to something that is unusual. With their ears, they try to analyze that odd thing.

Rabbits Mumbling:

It is related to an angry reaction. That reaction can be attributed to any other fellow rabbit and towards any other human being. They show this behavior when something is not according to their will or when they don’t want to be handled. That means they want you to leave them alone and don’t intervene. 

Sometimes, rabbits also exhibit this behavior to show their possession or territory. They won’t let you take what is there and they use this body language to express their anger.

Rabbit Teeth biting:

It is a gesture of extreme pain and your rabbit is telling you that he either in stress, pain, or something is teasing him very much. Rabbits mostly express this feature with their bodies curled up.

Rabbit Tooth clicking:

They express this behavior when they are relaxed, stress-free, and happy. Researchers have also described this behavior similar to that when a cat purrs. Rabbits also depict this behavior when they are being cuddled up.

Rabbit Honking:

It’s almost unheard of sound that is very soft. Honking is another way through which you will learn how do rabbits communicate?.  It is also a form of attracting other rabbits or to attract other rabbit fellows.

Rabbit Circling:

This behavior is usually depicted by rabbits to get attention from their owners.

Rabbit Climbing up:

It’s a hormonal instinct in rabbits. That means it’s the time for mating. In spayed up rabbits this behavior can also mean that they want to show their territory and dominancy.


It is also a kind of mating attraction. Uneutered males apply this technique to show that they are better than other males and also to depict their territory. 

Marking with dropping:

This behavior is shown by rabbits that come into a new environment. They use this technique by scattering their droppings instead of stacking them up. They do this to show their territory and dominance.

Rabbits Flickering tail:

Trust me or not your rabbit exhibits this trait several times and most of the time we just ignore it. Flickering tail means your rabbit doesn’t want this and also not like it. These are very basic concepts that you need to understand that how do rabbits communicate?. Waging or flickering of the tail indicates that your rabbit is not liking something or he won’t do that like he won’t go in the cage etc. basically its a no-no expression.

How do rabbits communicate with each other?

Most of the communication between rabbits consists of body postures and different kinds of muted clues. This may seem strange to any human and maybe uninterpretable for them as well but these signs effectively deliver the message to their fellow rabbits.

How do rabbits communicate 1

Rabbits Grunting all the time:

This is a common sound that owners may be familiar with. Rabbits grunt at their owners when they do something which their rabbit doesn’t like cleaning off their place. They also show this behavior to their fellow rabbits. When another rabbit enters someone’s territory the rabbit will grunt at him due to its natural territorial instinct. 

Rabbits Honking all the time:

It’s a rabbit call for mating. This behavior is exhibited by now spayed and unneutered rabbits. When a rabbit honks at another rabbit and the rabbit returns the honk with a honk it means that she is ready for mating. If the honk is answered with a grunt that means she does not want to mate.  These are the signs or gestures that tell you about the communication between rabbits and also ables you to learn how do rabbits communicate?. Now there are two situations: either the male rabbit will back off or maybe depending on how enthusiastic he is he may start circling the female and make his move for mounting.

Rabbits Communication by body language:

As the hearing ability of rabbits is much stronger than that of watching therefore they exhibit body clues more frequently than making noise clues. Fellow rabbits immediately acknowledge any kind of body posture performed by the other rabbit.

If your rabbit hits r thumps its feet to the ground it means that he is scared. This is one of the main gestures they use to communicate. As other fellow rabbits live underground they use this technique to warn them against danger.

Sometimes rabbits exhibit a posture of lying down with their heads forward in front of another rabbit. This behavior explains the submission or granting a higher rank to the rabbit in front. It means that: “yes! I accept your higher rank”. This is another way that tells you about the body language of rabbits in addition to how do rabbits communicate?

How to determine which rabbit is dominant?

If you are owning multiple rabbits and they have declared their king then it will be very easy for you to know which one is dominant. Their behavior and grooming personalities will tell you which one is dominant.

If the submissive rabbits keep on grooming the alpha rabbit without stopping it means that they are comfortable with him. If grooming continues for a shorter period it means that submissive rabbits have not completely admitted the role of the alpha rabbit and they throw a card later for their own dominance.

Best 10 ways rabbits communicate

The following are the best methods that rabbits employ to ensure “ how to do rabbits communication” with other rabbits and with their owners. These are:

  1. Movement of their ears
  2. Honking
  3. Wagging their tail
  4. Grunting
  5. Tooth clicking
  6. teeth biting
  7. Mounting
  8. Snoring
  9. Circling
  10. Spraying

How do rabbits communicate 2

Question and answers

How do rabbits communicate with humans?

They communicate with their owners by grunting, snoring, honking, dancing, and through several other verbal and body postures. Verbal postures can be easily identified by humans. However, body postures are for fellow rabbits to show dominance or threat, etc.

How do rabbits communicate with each other?

Rabbits frequently use body postures for communication along with verbal clues. Snoring, honking, mounting, circling, and territory droppings are some of them. They often do that to show their superiority over other fellow rabbits.

How do rabbits communicate with their babies?

Rabbit’s kits don’t have the urge to eliminate their excretory material. Therefore, the mother has to lick their bellies and down parts to stimulate them. They don’t communicate with them with verbal gestures. 

How do rabbits communicate with other animals?

They communicate with fellow rabbits and humans. They don’t really have to make loud noises every time. Some verbal noises are very obvious to fellow animals. Grunting means: “I am angry” and honking means “mate”.

I hope you guys liked it. This article includes all the basic and important signs and concepts that inform you how do rabbits communicate? Also, you will learn more about How are rabbits pregnant?

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