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In this article, we are all discussing the process regarding How are rabbits pregnant? and mating process of rabbits. Pregnancy or baby rabbits can occur to you in two kinds of scenarios. One, if you have a rabbit from any previous housing or the rabbit had been in an environment before where males are present. Two, if you have multiple rabbits with distinct males and females and they spend ample time together. In both situations, baby rabbits are expected.

Now, how to know if your rabbit is pregnant and if it is how to deal with it? Here in this article “how are rabbits pregnant?” You will know a lot more. What should be the proper steps that should be employed for successful delivery? How can the birth of healthy infants be assured? These are all the questions that arise in our minds and should be effectively answered to avoid any kind of death or misadventure.

Pregnancy in rabbits

We are probably familiar with the phrase that “We should breed like rabbits”. This is a popular phrase and its famous due to rabbits’ incompetent ability to produce a large number of young. This is the most asked question: how are rabbits pregnant? 

Female rabbits are capable of giving birth when they are fifteen weeks and are able to mate and reproduce up to four years. Males, on the other hand, are quite fertile and are capable of mating for a longer life span of seven years. 

Do Rabbits have a mating season?

You will get amazed by the fact that unlike most of the other animal’s cats and dogs etc rabbits don’t have a specific season or a specific time in a year when they reproduce. How are rabbits pregnant? And what are the measures that we should need to understand? They are capable of reproducing throughout the year. Therefore, if you are owning multiple rabbits that are not neutered you may expect babies. To avoid unexpected pregnancies you have to be careful of neutering the rabbits. 

Symptoms of pregnancy in Rabbits:

If you own male and female rabbits that are or above 3.5 months then you may have to scan the female for pregnancy symptoms. The most obvious and prominent sign of pregnancy is that the belly of a female gets larger and bigger. As their babies growing inside her, expanding of the belly will be obvious. Largening of the belly is the sign that clearly shows you that your rabbit is pregnant. 

Apart from this there are also other indications that point towards pregnancy and how are rabbits pregnant? . Once the female is pregnant she tends to eat more that will result in weight gain. Also, the rabbit can become unfriendly and moody as well. But merely on mood swings, you can’t tell if the rabbit is pregnant or not because some species are naturally less friendly.

Also after two to three weeks of breeding, you can actually feel small granular like structures in the rabbit’s belly. Yeah, right these are those little puff ones that will come out after a month or so. Baby bunnies will keep growing inside the womb. 

Remember if the rabbit does not give birth after a month or 35 days. A vet is required in such cases. He will artificially provoke labor in the rabbit or in some cases he/ she may have to perform surgery to get the babies. 

Pre-pregnancy behavior in rabbits:

As we are, discussing how are rabbits pregnant? So, let’s first understand the behavior before pregnancy is quite prominent. The female rabbit will exhibit some prominent features like “Nesting” before a week of giving birth. Nesting includes digging up some extra space or burrowing.  Like other mammals rabbits also prefer to give birth in a comparatively comfortable place.

 Therefore, they begin to collect hay and make a blanket in their hiding. Sometimes rabbits show unexpected behavior in their nesting time period. They may start to pull out their fur and take it to their hiding place. It’s completely normal for a nesting rabbit to exhibit this behavior. For a nesting rabbit, birth is expected within a week.

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Necessary measures for a pregnant rabbit:

Above we have given you the instructions that how are rabbits pregnant? Now, here you need to know the basics. Pregnant rabbits will need more food and water supply. In addition to this, the most important thing is that pregnant rabbits require a lot of space for them and for their babies. Remember a pregnant rabbit can give birth up to 14 rabbits in a row. So be prepared for many infants.

You can use several things that can be used as a nest for the rabbit. The most convenient option is to use a cat litter box that can be filled up with hay to make it soft and warm. As, the rabbit will preliminary use it for the toilet purpose before reproducing babies. So, it can be easily cleaned up.

There are also other options available like wooden boxes or plastic boxes but they are not that convenient and are hard to clean up as well.

A guide to rabbit pregnancy

From the above discussion, we have summarized how rabbits are pregnant?   following are the obvious signs of rabbit’s pregnancy:

  1. Making a nest with a bedding
  2. Make bedding with their own fur
  3. Granular structures can be seen and felt in the rabbit’s belly
  4. Unconventional behavior

If your rabbit is pregnant the most recommended thing is to take them to a vet to avoid and delete any kind of misadventure. However, the following steps can be employed to ensure a successful birth. 

  1. Your rabbit will need a lot of food, water, and space in their nesting period.
  2. Rabbits will typically give birth within 33-35 days.
  3. The rabbit gestation period is referred to as “kindling”.
  4. The process of kindling utterly depends upon the natural instinct of the rabbit. 
  5. They don’t need any human effort while kindling. 
  6. Kindling happens mostly in the early hours of the sunrise.
  7. You should leave the rabbit and babies alone for the first few weeks.
  8. Teasing a female rabbit, again and again, can distress her and she will probably stop feeding her babies. Try to avoid unnecessary exposure in the first few weeks.


Baby rabbits are called kits. A female rabbit is capable of producing 6-14 babies in a row. Baby rabbits are born without hair and their hearing and watching capabilities are not developed. However, after a few weeks, they will begin to develop properly.

The female rabbits nest their kittens twice a day in the morning and evening. The process hardly takes five minutes. Babies are properly grown up within 6 weeks because of the high quality of the mother’s milk.

Remember you should keep the female separate during the whole process from males as they can make the female pregnant even after just a few hours of giving birth.

How to know if your rabbit is pregnant?

Most of the things that are most obvious to physically see and tell if your rabbit is pregnant or not. The clear cut signs of how are rabbits pregnant? are given below:

  • Largen up bellies
  • Granular or marble-like structures can be seen and felt
  • Digging or burrowing
  • Making bedding in their holes from hay
  • May remove their own fur from body
  • Will tend to eat and sleep more
  • Will show aggressive behavior towards males

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Question and answers

The following are the questions that come under the category of how are rabbits pregnant? These questions can clearly solve all the queries. Rabbits can breed from their 

How do rabbits get pregnant?

very young ages. Female rabbits are capable of giving birth when they are fifteen weeks and are able to mate and reproduce up to four years. Males, on the other hand, are quite fertile and are capable of mating for a longer life span of seven years.

How many days of rabbits remain pregnant?

The rabbit’s gestation period is called “kindling”. This period remains for a month or for 35 days. If the process of birth does not start you should see a vet. The female rabbit is called “ Doe”, which can mate again right after birth. However, it is not a healthy practice.

How many months does a rabbit remain pregnant?

Rabbits remain pregnant for a month or 35 days. The female rabbits can produce 12 young ones each time when she brings babies into the world. She can be impregnated again after a few days of birth.

How to check if a rabbit is pregnant?

When a rabbit is pregnant their bellies grow more than usual. They tend to eat more and marble-like structures are visible on their bellies. Nesting behavior also becomes more visible. They may become arrogant as well but arrogance alone can’t tell about pregnancy. It may be just because of your rabbit’s personality. 

 we hope that you have enjoyed learning all the information related to how are rabbits pregnant? Further, you will learn more about many other animals at TheZoologicalWorld.com

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