10 Best Ways, How to find a lost cat

How to find a lost cat

When you own a pet it just does not sit around at a place, mostly cats and dogs love to roam and if not kept an eye upon them they can easily escape from your territory. And if you are not quick enough to catch them there is a possibility that they may never come back. Stressed pet does not listen to owner calls and whatever you used to say to them earlier. The following are the tips mentioned for you that you can use if your kitten is lost and you have no clue what to do.

Top 10 tips for finding a lost cat

Before telling you the tips there is one thing that should be considered which is prevention. From the beginning, you have to prevent your cat from excessive roaming around. If there is any back door or any little door from your which your kitty can escape making sure she does not know about it and even if she knows to keep an eagle eye on her so that she cannot escape in the first place.


It’s more kind of a precautionary measure which will later help you if your cat gets lost. Microchipping is the process in which basically a tiny chip is inserted underneath your cat’s skin so that it can be easily identified through its scanner ID. Don’t worry it is a very safe process and is provided by most of the vets and also it will not affect your pocket as well, because it is a quite inexpensive method? But the drawback of microchipping is it is not universal. Therefore, you have to find a chip which deals with your area.

Immediate step that should be taken:

Someone opened your front door and before he closes it your cat suddenly peeks out and vanishes. Now, what to do? Obviously the first question that will come up into your mind is: “How to find a lost cat?” remember these things if you have an eye on your cat when she escapes. Do not make loud noises and do not create distractions it will just startle them and in fear acceleration, they can start to run faster from you. Mostly cats hide in the places near their home in such situations. Don’t stretch your arms in front of them if you get a chance to make eye contact whit them immediately get down into a kneeling position and call your cat in the calmest voice.

Search your home first:

You might think that you cannot find your cat and probably you will think that he or she is gone outside. But think twice it can maybe at your own home but outside the reach of your eye. Therefore, you have to think like a cat to find it. When they are hurt and stressed they can hide at the place you can never think of sometimes they scratch the underlining of your bed and hides in the springs. Therefore, first, do a thorough research at home

 Search outside properly:

To answer the question: “how to find a lost cat” particularly when she is not at your home also you don’t have any clue where she can be. So we got your back. Take an old unwashed tee shirt and wear sneakers without socks. Take a photograph of your kitten and search thoroughly in your area. If you cannot find it out then walk up to the extent so that your shirt should be sweaty enough and place this shirt near your front door as well as your sneakers. If your cat will be roaming nearby it can catch your scent and can come home.

Cardboard trick:

To find a lost cat you can do this trick. Take a cardboard and cut a cat size hole in it. Place some nice soft bed in it on which your cat can sleep. Place some food and water as well. Place such cardboards at the places where you think your cat can be. Read the complete article related to How to discipline your cat

Late-night raid:

The best time is to find your cat with the least distractions and sounds which is the time of midnight and after midnight between 12 -2 am. Take a flashlight and your kitty’s favorite food and search around in your area. Shake the canned jar to let him or her now that you are nearby. Some searchers have also told that they searched their by recorded tape sound in which they recorded the opening sound of the tin can and played the sound again while finding the cat.

Aid of print and local electronic media:

To find a lost cat you can put an advertisement for your cat. Make sure to always keep a photograph of your cat on hand which just not represents her face but its whole body thoroughly. For this, you can contact the newspaper head and place an ad on local TV channels. If you have previously visited any vet call them too for the absence as the cat can may go there as well. Also if you have moved from some previous address, check that too.

Havahart trap:  

Place a Havahart trap nearby your property. It is not essential that you will 100 % catch your cat you may catch someone’s cat or some other animal too. But there is a probability of finding your cat as well.

Check and balance:

Keep checking and looking for the ads and as well as the fliers you have posted.  And also keep looking in your nearby area as well.

Seek help from professionals:

When you can’t find the cat on your own you have to take advice from professionals. You can also take help from your neighbors to help you find your kitty. People form animal caretakers and specialists from certified institutions can aid you in helping you to find your pet.

Set motion sensor cameras around you:

It might be an expensive way but what costs more than your kitten. These cameras let you catch the movement and picture of the nearby cats and you can then focus the pictures if one is yours.

What to do if your cat goes missing?

To find a lost cat you have to keep in mind these things:

How to find a lost cat 11

Is the cat really lost?

Most cats even the home cats like to wander around here and there especially if they found something attractive in the neighborhood or there is plenty of food. Cats like to do adventure too sometimes some cats can even escape for days and return back completely safe and healthy. If your cat does not come around dinner time you may get worried. Wait for some hours before taking any action also search your house completely.

My cat is lost what to do?

First thing first if you cannot find your cat at home. But you may have not looked properly. Search for every single place in your home even in the washing machines, dryers, cupboards, garden sheds and even if there is construction taking place at your property look for the holes as well. Cats usually like to hide in cozy places.

Take help from neighbors and specialists:

Even after searching for your lost cat on your own and you still cannot find it. Seek help from the neighbors which are pet owners as well and the specialists to aid you in the process.

How to find a missing cat?

To find a lost cat you have to be very agile and vigilant to get your pet as soon as possible:

  • Leave some of your favorite food of your pet or you can also use the cardboard technique mentioned above.
  • When your pet has the microchip it can be scanned to locate the pet.
  • Hang your unwashed tee shirt or other clothes and your shoes at the places where you’re pet can be so that it can catch your scent.
  • Call out for it in the early morning and after midnight.
  • Shake the can of their favorite treat to grab their attention if they are nearby.
  • Post an ad on print and electronic media.

How to find a lost cat 44


How to find a lost cat

For all the pet owner’s they must take care of their pets properly. You need to teach your pet about yourself and make sure the cat you bring home knows every person. In some cases, when people lost their cat, they don’t know how to find it. Thus, to clear your query that How to find a lost cat? Here we are with different tips and tricks.

  1. The best time which is suitable for finding your lost cat is the night time when everybody was sleeping.
  2. Put on the pictures of your cat on the walls and streets.
  3. Set a trap in which if your cat in the case comes home, he will get trapped.
  4. Read our whole article you will find many more things and clear up your mind.

Question and answers

How to find a lost cat at night?

At night there are minimum distractions so grab a flashlight and roam nearby to find your pet. It is most likely that you will find your pet.

How to find a lost cat after moving?

If you have moved to a new address then check for the previous address because your cat may g there. 

How to find a lost cat with a microchip?

A microchip is placed underneath the skin of the cat. so it can be scanned to locate your pet.

How to find a lost blind cat?

If the cat is blind the strongest thing she can stick onto is your scent. Therefore try to place your clothes or its litter box so that she can catch the scent and come back.

Best way to find a missing cat?

A microchip is the best way to find a missing cat.

How to find a lost cat in the rain?

It is suggested to wait until the rain stops because your cat will probably be hiding somewhere due to rain.

How to find a lost cat in the snow?

Look for the tracks of their feet to get them. But this is effective for indoor dogs which have not gone so far from home.

How to find a missing outdoor cat?

Cats usually like to roam around. They may come back after some hours. But if they don’t come back search for them with their favorite food.

How to find a lost new cat?

Use a photograph and place advertisements on the print and electronic media to get her and also seek help from the neighbors.

How to find a lost cat in the woods?

Look for the tracks. You can also use a dog to catch her scent to find out. Also, look on the trees as they can hover over them.

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