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Silver Fox Rabbit

I have been writing articles on different species of rabbits, but believe me! I haven’t found any of those rabbits as much as fascinating, captivating, and interesting, as I personally found this rabbit that I am gonna tell you about. Its name is “silver fox rabbit”. When I first saw this rabbit I was literally amazed, as it has an eye-catching look.

 I felt a curiosity of discovering more about this rabbit, and I found that why this rabbit has the letter “fox” in it, and I came to know that, comparative to the physical appearance of this rabbit, an ultimate fox has been in existence, since before this rabbit was bred, by the name “Silver fox”

Scientific Name Oryctolagus cuniculus
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order  Lagomorpha
Family Leporidae
Diet  Herbivores
Lifespan  7-10 years in wild
Weight 9-12 lb. 
Gestation period  31-32 days

Silver Fox rabbit breed

This rabbit was first bred in the United States by the famous expert biologist Walter B. Garl of North Canton, Ohio. So, why this rabbit was bred? Different expert has done breeding for certain demonstrations, every time a breed is done, an animal with special characteristic is brought to life. When silver fox rabbit was bred, it was supposed to born with certain features such as it’s a unique color. 

Now, there is a difference in opinion lies related to its order in the breeding list. Some people consider it as the second breed to have happened, and some say it’s the third one. However, When it was first bred it was given the name American heavyweight silver, but later in 1929, it was changed simply to American Silver, and now it’s known to people as Silver Fox.

Now, let me tell you all other related aspects, that I discovered about this rabbit:

Silver Fox Rabbit

Silver Fox rabbit Characteristics

What I found the most lavishing factor in this rabbit is its physical appearance. At first glance, you will be finding out how beautifully its skin is coated with grey-black-silverish colored fur. Now, if you see silver fox, and silver fox rabbit side by side, you’ll be muddled, this is how much they look alike. I personally love this rabbit

Its furs hold straight in the direction they are naturally grown. What-so-ever, unlike cashmere lop rabbit, its furs are not so long to be groomed after a couple of days. However, it will be complimentary if you brush off its furs in the seasons they are most affected. 

Silver Fox rabbit colors

If you have read our articles on bred rabbits, you would know that bred rabbits come In different colors. Therefore, this rabbit also transpires in three colors such as blue, chocolate, and many others. But silver color is the accepted color by ARBA. Also today most of these rabbits are found in silver color, and it is believed that its presence in no other color is observed for a long time.

Silver Fox rabbits size and lifespan

Silver fox rabbits do not have massive size; they are medium-sized and have weight round about 9-12 lbs. Its females have more weight than their males. 

In all seriousness, I wrote a lot of articles on rabbits and  What I think about most of the rabbits is that bred rabbit lives longer than un bred rabbits.  However, this rabbit is a breed that lives 7-9 years of life.

Do Silver Fox rabbits make good pets?

If you are reading out this article so you can know about how well these rabbits make a good pet, then this point is going to be your “Cup of tea”. I will be telling you the facts you need to know if you are thinking of buying it as a pet. So let’s move further!

Deciding which animal to keep as a pet is an important decision as they are like adding a new member in your family, So it’s important to know that whether the animal you are going to buy will socialize with you or not. However, most people keep these rabbits as the pet, and according to them, these rabbits make perfect pets for singles and families as well!

This rabbit is considered as more gentle and obedient when they are young. You can also train these rabbits on how to use a bath, but honestly! It’s a hard row to hoe. However, they love to mingle and interact. How your pet treats you it totally depends on how well you treat your pets. Take a piece of advice! Giving your pet a comfort zone, and buying toys, and miniatures them would be a good idea.

Silver Fox Rabbit 2

Silver Fox rabbit price

So, if you have decided to buy this rabbit for whatever reason and you have no idea about their prices, then I will tell you about it and also from where you can buy them. So let’s talk about it!

This rabbit has been selling by different breeders and pet houses. However, in 2018, some breeders stopped its breeding due to some reasons. An 8 weeks old silver fox rabbit will cost you $50, and this price varies with colors. You can buy these rabbits from breeders who breed this rabbit, and even these rabbits are being sold online by several pet houses.

Silver Fox rabbit baby

Now, let’s talk about its reproduction. One more thing that is famous about these rabbits is that they are wonderful mothers like we all know whether it’s human or animal, A mother is always a mother. This rabbit mother being a mammal has a large amount of milk to feed its baby. Their gestation period lasts 31-32 days, and per litter 6 to 8 babies are born. Its babies are born with black furs on its body, but the silverish sparkling starts to appear at the age of 1 month. 

Silver Fox rabbit diet

Relative to other breeds of rabbit, this rabbit also requires fresh food like grasses, shrubs, vegetables, and a large amount of hay which makes up most of its diet about 70%. Leafy greens and a proper amount of pellets are additional. You must have information about the nutrients and vitamins of leafy greens you are feeding your rabbit because most of them have zero nutrients.  The nature of vegetables and fruits is also important because some of them may prove unhealthy for the rabbit.

Are Silver Fox rabbits rare

Yes! Silver fox rabbits are distinguished as one of the rarest species of rabbits and are enlisted in the list of endangered species by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. None of the organization is now working on the conservation of this breed.

Silver Fox Rabbit 4

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