10 Best Reasons, Why are hedgehogs illegal

We all know that hedgehogs are unique animals. Their amazingly shaped quills make them a fascinating creature and noticeable. However, some people may think of them as adorable and tiny animals with their quills. To know what is the reason behind Why are hedgehogs illegal we are writing this article.

But some people may think of them as wild animals. There are many states in the world like  California and others which still think of them as wild animals. Their main motto is that they are dangerous animals, and the wild should stay in the wild, not in your homes in beds.

Why are hedgehogs illegal or banned in California?

So here are the few reasons if you are living in California and want to have a hedgehog as your pet, but you can’t have one because it is illegal.

  • One of the main reasons why some pets are banned in California is public health. According to the government, these steps were necessary because the species which are excluded somehow pose threats to the agricultural sector and safety of mango people.
  • In California, many species which are allowed in other countries are banned due to the above-mentioned reasons. These species include hedgehogs, porcupines, sugar girdle, gerbils, prairie dogs, etc.
  • The departments of food and agriculture, fish, and wildlife and health services are mandated to follow Section 671, and Title 14, which the California code of nature has stated. 
  • One of the reasons to follow these restrictions is to preserve those species, so we can save them.
  • The other main reason is to save people from the uncontrollable wildlife species.
  • There are 17 species of hedgehogs, and they are all banned in California. The reason is that they can easily become pests.
  • Of all the other reasons is that they don’t belong naturally to the state of California, so any species which is non-native can mark a question for their natural predators and other environmental threats as well.
  • They also don’t consider private and personal hedgehog ownership because then people can claim several other species as private ownership, which can put the wildlife diversity of California at stake.
  • Moreover, the California codes for the wildlife does not support any amendments and do not provide any relaxations for pet ownership.
  • Only verified permissions are granted to people and institutes for genuine purposes like research, exhibition, or shelter purposes.
  • No permits are allowed for import, export, to pet purposes. These are the reasons and answers to your question: why are hedgehogs illegal?

Hedgehogs are thorny issues in some states

Hedgehogs are banned in the state of Georgia not only in Georgia but also in California, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, and in some regions of New York as well. 

Why are they banned?

According to scientists and Wildlife experts, hedgehogs pose a threat to ecosystems. They are a danger to local ecosystems when they are freely available to the wild therefore, they start a competition for food and shelter with other species already existing in that ecosystem.

Pets other than hedgehogs are banned due to the same reason that I have explained above. Animals like sugar girdles, Quaker parrots, and ferrets are banned in many states of different countries due to the concerns mentioned above.

Not only can they become pests and can damage the ecosystems, but they can damage their owners. They are not hygienic as other pets like cats and dogs. They can carry diseases like foot and mouth diseases, which are a health concern for people; therefore, the government banned having such species as pets.

Actually, in 2019 the department of the Center of disease control and prevention reported an outbreak of a specific disease due to pet hedgehogs. The one thing that the department strongly suggested and requested the owners to practice is to wash their hands frequently.

Dave Salmon, a zoologist at the animal planet, said that there are always moral and ethical issues when you have a more wild pet rather than a tame one. So, the major disadvantage of having a hedgehog is that they are nocturnal animals. Also, these points are telling us why are hedgehogs illegal.

That means they are awake at night and will be asleep during the day. Most of the owners keep the pet awake during the day for their entertainment purposes when the animal should be resting and sleeping.

The popularity of the pet:

Though several countries and states have banned the animal still, the number of pet owners is increasing. The main reason for their popularity is the viral videos that we see on several social media accounts.

We have contacted several hedgehog breeders, and one of them said that the demand for this animal had increased so much over the past few years that they have to keep the customers on the waiting list. Customers have to wait until their name comes on the waiting list.

There are several reasons for its popularity and support. The main ones are:

  • They are adorably cute for the beginners.
  • They don’t have fur, so that means no shedding of the hair.
  • No shedding of the fur means no allergies. 
  • The owners who support the motto of legalizing hedgehogs also say that there are several diseases like salmonella, which are also transmitted by cats and dogs.

Why can’t I have a hedgehog? Or why are hedgehogs illegal?

Be aware of the legal species:

If you are thinking of having a hedgehog as a new member of your family, make sure that it is legal in your region, state, or country. As the countries and states keep changing their rules and regulation, therefore it is better to have a check before letting the hedgie inside your home.

The department of Wildlife Control and Preservation for each government has set a particular set of rules which they keep on modifying, so it is always better to keep a check on them.

Countries which have a ban on hedgehogs:

The following are the states which have a strict ban on hedgehogs:

  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Georgia
  • The Five Boroughs of New York
  • Pennsylvania

Reasons they are banned:

In these states, hedgehogs are considered as wild and dangerous animals that don’t only pose a threat to the ecosystem but as well as to humans. As they can transfer several diseases to humans, therefore they are banned in the above-mentioned countries. Thus, you have gotten your answer: why are hedgehogs illegal?

Why are hedgehogs illegal 11

Countries which have recently legalized them are:

.The countries which have recently has waived the ban to have hedgehogs as pets are:

  • Washington D.C
  • Wyoming
  • Maine
  • Arizona

Question and Answers

Why are hedgehogs illegal in Pennsylvania?

Right now, in Pennsylvania, hedgehogs are considered as exotic and dangerous animals and hence are banned throughout the country. The main reason the authorities state they are not native to the country; therefore, they pose threats to the ecosystem.

Why are hedgehogs illegal in California?

There are 17 species known to science, and in California, they are all banned. Hedgehogs can become pests when they are left to roam in the wild because they do not naturally occur in that specific land freely. Also, introducing any new species in the country raises questions like predators and the security they can pose to the environment as well as people. 

Why are hedgehogs illegal in Georgia? 

According to the Georgian law, the animals, all the species in the kingdom Insectivorous and all species of hedgehogs, are referred to as exotic and the threat is poring animals. However, some efforts are being made to legalize them; we hope they legalize them soon. 

Why are hedgehogs illegal in Ottawa?

Ottawa is the only main city of Canada where the hedgehogs are banned. The main reason is the pest problem, and also they are not native to the country. 

Why are hedgehogs illegal in Arizona? 

In Arizona, the hedgehogs are banned, but now the ban is waived this month by the  Arizona Game and Fish Department. They said that the hedgehogs couldn’t survive alone in the wild. However, their breed can be saved in captivity, or else they can become endangered species. 

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