10 facts About Hedgehogs as Pets 

Hedgehogs are nowadays trendy pets that have got our attention. Due to their popularity among younger children and adults, we want to know how hedgehogs as pets are? And how they behave. Therefore to know about them deeply, we have observed them and researched them deeply. Either they are good pets or not? Are they hard to deal with as pets? All of your queries regarding owning a hedgehog will be answered in this article.

What is it like to have a hedgehog as pets? 

Many people will consider that they are not cats and dogs or cute rabbits, which we can cuddle. All that is obvious about hedgehogs are their horns and quills. So cuddling might not be a thing for hedgehogs as pets. 

The question, as mentioned earlier, is among the most frequent questions that are asked by most of the people. How do you feel about having hedgehogs as pets? Isn’t it unusual to have a pet like this? So why exactly should I own a hedgehog? 

So the reasons which pumped me to have this beautiful creature are:

  • I love pets that will like to play. But at the same time, I don’t want to risk myself towards allergies and infections. 
  • I want a pet with which I don’t have to be hustled. I can just be myself while it can be itself as well. 
  • I cannot handle a pet that requires too much attention, and so obviously, hedgehogs as pets won’t need that. 

Do people ask many things? They also debate even on whether I should have owned a hedgehog or not? Because most people think of them as wild animals and they believe that wild animals should stay in the wild, not in our homes. 

I usually answer those questions like you know dogs and cats are not pets from the beginning of the earth. Someone must have triggered the process and took the first step. So, if you are a hedgehog lover like me and you are thinking of having one, you must learn about them what they are? How do they behave? Etc. 

Things to know about hedgehogs

  • It is crucial that before buying any animal, you should do a little homework about them. 
  •  Hedgehogs as pets live about four to six years, and they can weigh almost a pound. 
  • Cat dry food, which has low fats, is best for them. They like it as well. The cat food is packed with all the necessary supplements. These diet foods can easily fulfill the daily requirements of a hedgehog. 
  • Hedgehogs as pets are timid and sensitive animals. 
  • Baby hedgehogs can be handled very efficiently. 
  • Their quills can tell you many things about their personalities and moods.when they are calm, their feathers will be flat when they are anxious or uncertain about something their quills get raised. 
  • When the hedgehog is frightened it rolls up into a ball of quills 
  • Hedgehogs, as pets, love to climb on you. They try to explore your shape, to be honest. 
  • When they are happy, they love to steal things. 
  • They are happiest when they smell any uncertain scent. 

Hedgehogs love unusual smells 

Hedgehogs respond very happily to new smells. They like to roll themselves over the source, which is producing the scent. Many hedgehogs as pets are observed to like the smell of cigarettes and turpentine oils as they are immune to toxins. They have the edge over their nasty habit. 

These smells force them to show bizarre behavior. They make kind of frost all over their body when they smell such scents. I know it is odd behavior. But that is why it is essential to write this article “hedgehog as pets” to make you aware of all the facts. 

Scientists are still struggling to find why they do that? But the apparent reason is that maybe they are just trying to capture that scent forever in that frosty ball. The fragrances which my hedgehog likes to preserve are carrot and some metallic objects. 

But eventually, you have to clean up that frost. You can use a toothbrush to exfoliate its quills and can remove the artificial frost. 

They are nocturnal animals 

Unusual pets have unusual things. You have to deal with them anyhow. They are expensive as well and also require highly professional vets. Some species have their environmental demands as well.

The main thing is that they are nocturnal, meaning that the hedgehogs as pets will be awake at night and will be sleeping most of the time during the day. So? What can we do? We have to adapt according to their schedule. 

They also have poor eyesight; therefore, you have to keep the lights dim. The thing is you will have only a few hours with your pet when it is awake, and you will go to sleep. 

Their energy is at full at night, so you can place a wheel inside their cage on which they can run.

Hedgehogs make cute pets but Challenging 

Hedgehogs are crazy pet animals. They are shy, love to run at night, and also are nocturnal. So before having a hedgehog, you must know about “hedgehog as pets.” 

Hedgehogs Diet 

As they eat a lot of things in the wild. It might be difficult for the owners to recreate the same diet in captivity. In the wild, they prefer to eat a variety of insects, plants, and bugs. 

You can play with their diet by incorporating worms, crickets, and different fruits and vegetables.

Though they may appear obese, they are quite a marathon runners. In their natural habitat, they love to run, climb, and swim and can do these very efficiently. 

For a healthy hedgehog, you have to maintain enough space so that their foraging habits can be maintained. A wheel must be present there to encourage their running. 

Hedgehogs Activities 

As they are nocturnal so hedgehogs as pets will be sleeping most of the time during the day. They are awake and most active at night. 

As they do their activities in the night, which also includes running on their wheel. Therefore you may not want them to be in the same room where you sleep.

As most of the hedgehogs as pets become overweight due to lack of exercise. It is necessary to take them out of their enclosure for training. Allow them to swim under your supervision once a week. 

Interaction for hedgehogs

Hedgehogs as pets don’t like to be in groups. Therefore always bring only one hedgehog at a time. In the wild, they are only seen interacting when they are in their breeding season. 

Due to their shy nature, they may feel threatened by you, so you have to be patient to earn their trust. It takes some time to build a bond. 

A new hedgehog will take some time to get settled in its new environment. Once it gets paid, you can start interacting with it in the night. 

Ten facts about hedgehog as pets 

  • When hedgehogs land, they do not always fall on their legs. Instead, they get rolled up in a ball, pointing their quills outside. 
  • They may appear smaller to you, but they require plenty of space to run and exercise. 
  • They are nocturnal. 
  • They will be awake when you are about to sleep. 
  • On smelling unusual scents, they coat their quills with thick- coat like a frost. They mainly do that to preserve the fragrance. 
  • Hedgies have quills and not fur, so they solve the allergic problems for many pet lovers. 
  • Their quills are hollow and are not poisonous. 
  • The more you handle your hedgie, the stronger the bond will be. It is recommended to do this at night when they are most active. 
  • Their quills get raised when they feel any threat. 
  • They roll up in the form of a ball to prevent danger. 

Hedgehogs as pets 11

Pros and cons of owning hedgehogs as pets

Hedgehogs are quite cute animals, but they are wild as well, which may bother you to know them more. Hedgehogs as pets have provided us with valuable information. Based on this information, I am going to mention the pros and cons of hedgehogs as pets. 

Benefits of hedgehogs

  • They don’t have fur, so they do not shed. 
  • They are active at night, so they will not require attention when you are busy during the day. 
  • They are not that expensive to buy as well. 
  • They love to be handled and climb on their owners. 
  • They do not require soap or experience body washes for bathing. 

Hedgehogs Cons

  • Their centers are not as standard, so you may have to drive far away to get one. 
  • They are shy animals, so don’t bother them much. One hour in a day is enough. 
  • They will fight if they are kept in a pair so that each hedgehog will require a separate place. 
  • Don’t kiss them because they can develop an infection called Salmonella and can pass it as well. 
  • They are immune to several bacterial and fungal diseases.

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