Best 10 Daurian Hedgehog Facts, Size, Diet, Lifespan

Daurian hedgehog

Hedgehog that I am going to talk about today is extremely cute. Especially, kids and girls fell for these hedgehogs. I will not let you wait anymore. So let’s get started. Today’s article is about ‘Daurian hedgehog’, yeah I know its name is really unique, and so is its scientific name, “Mesechinus dauuricus.” This hedgehog is relatively small than other hedgehogs. Thankfully, it is not listed along with endangered species names on IUCN red list which means it’s safe. Now, let’s discover some wonderful facts about this hedgehog!

The fact behind its name

I personally found its name really unique, and it was given to it on the name of a region i.e. Transbaikal region, and it is of Russia. This region is somewhat called Dauria, and these hedgehogs populating this region are called Daurian.

Daurian hedgehog 1

Daurian hedgehog classification

Lets have a look at its classification: 

Scientific NameMesechinus dauuricus
Order Eulipotyphla
SpeciesM. dauuricus
Diet Herbivores
Lifespan 6 years.
Weight1 kilogram
Gestation period 37 days
Trophic levelCarnivores
Length 15 to 20

Daurian hedgehog physical appearance

These hedgehogs due to their eye-catching physical appearance are favorite of everyone. Their skin except the dorsal area is thoroughly covered with beautiful spines. Their body primarily follows brown color. Spines on their back are designed so to discourage predator bites. Their dorsal surface follows white color, which makes it really cute. If you ever had a chance to see this hedgehog, you would know that when you look at it from a distance; it looks like a spiny ball with short feet.

Daurian hedgehog size

There are not dissimilarities between the two genders on the basis of size and length. Both males and females attain a maximum of 5.9 to 7.8 inches of length. As far as their weight is concerned, as I have already told you of its small size, on average it weighs no more than 1 kilogram. 

10 Daurian hedgehog facts

Facts of these hedgehogs will truly amaze you, so let’s have a look at them!

  1. For concealment and protection from predators, they are wise enough to select rocky areas and scrublands to live.
  2. These hedgehogs have noticeable big ears.
  3. Their long ears help them out to sense predator if any is near to them. 
  4. These hedgehogs are solitary in nature, but still famous for pets.
  5. When young, they are taught by their mother hedgehog how to hide from predators.
  6. They do hibernate in order to survive in winter.
  7. Their hibernation starts just before the winter comes, and goes on until April.
  8. Specific words such as ‘array’ are used for their group, and ’hoglet’ is used for their babies. 
  9. They are currently enlisted as “Least Concern” in IUCN red list. 
  10. They love and enjoy living in areas near water. 

Daurian hedgehog diet

If you have this tortoise as a pet but don’t know what to eat them, then I won’t let you worry anymore. Here are some core ingredients you should consider giving your hedgehog. These hedgehogs are insect lovers and thus they primarily eat insects and mice. Its food includes beetles, grasshoppers, and cockroaches. Its favorite food is dead prey. It also eats small mammals and dwelling of local herders to eat the meat of domestic animals also small vertebrates, especially lizards.

Daurian hedgehog 2

Daurian hedgehog lifespan

Have you ever noticed that small species don’t live for a longer time? Yes! That’s true, but that’s not the rule of thumb. As I told you they are small hedgehogs and so is their life. These hedgehogs don’t get to live for a much longer lifespan, but only up to 6 years. 

Population threat

Along with their shorter lifespan, they are also exposed to several threats that put their lives in danger. Although currently they are not enlisted as endangered species which is good news for its lovers, it won’t last for a longer period of time due to human imposed activities such as habitat destruction, fires, conversion of land, use of pesticides on its diet areas, illegal trade, and hunting. Many more can also be added to this never-ending list, but I think this is enough for now. 


Predators are another threat to its life, it’s a part of its daily life. Nature has awarded them with long-ears to sense any predator nearby. However, its major predators are insects, baby birds, small rodents, eggs, and small reptiles. It seems like this small hedgehog is the favorite dish of other small animals in the wild.

Daurian hedgehog habitat

They range across northern Mongolia, southern Siberia, and northern China. They prefer to live alone near water sources in steppes, farmed fields, grasslands, and forests. Although, it is observed that these hedgehogs are rare in Russia. Before the winter season arrives, it digs burrows underground and posses the state of hibernation. It seems like it is resistant to cold.

Daurian hedgehog breeding

After waking up from the state of hibernation, they come out of their burrows and starts to look for a mating partner. After a successful mating is done, the gestation period starts. Nothing is known about the number of days of their gestation period. But, once it is completed, 3 to 7 babies are born. Daurian hedgehog baby is more vulnerable to predators.

Daurian hedgehog as a pet

These hedgehogs due to their beautiful spiny skin are famous in the world as wonderful pets. If you are reading out this article because you want to own this as a pet but doesn’t know about its price, then this point is going to be your cup of tea. So, I will not let you wait anymore and let’s get to the point. These hedgehogs are not costly and are available at cheap

prices due to tot their small size. While specifically talking, these hedgehogs can be bought at the range between $250-$300. But, be careful while owning it as a pet, because Daurian hedgehog care is equally important as its behavior as a pet. They are solitary in nature and don’t like to care much, but if you properly take care of it, it will attach with you.

Daurian hedgehog 3 

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