Best 15 Jersey Wooly Facts, History, Care, Diet

Jersey Wooly

Domestic breed of rabbits that is well known because of its bold head and fur. They are smaller in size and look very chubby and cute. It has a very sweet, calm, loving, and affectionate personality. 

Scientific NameOryctolagus Cuniculus
TemperamentSweet, calm, gentle
Lifespan7-10 years
ColorBlack, blue, white, and many more.
Body ShapeCompact

Its comparable breeds are French angora and Netherland dwarf rabbits. Let’s discuss the basic points about the life of Jersey Wooly rabbit.

History of Jersey Wooly Rabbit

It was first developed in 1984 by a famous breeder Bonnie Seeley of New Jersey. That’s why its name is Jersey and because of the soft fur on body, it named Jersey wooly. It is the result of breeding between two rabbit breeds which are Netherland dwarf rabbit and French angora. 

After its creation, it is accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders Association in 1988. It is famous among people because of its small size and fur on its body. It also gained a chance to appear in pet shows. Not only this it has also become the favorite pet in America.

Jersey Wooly 1

Physical Description of Jersey Wooly rabbit

It has another name “Mug Head” because of the bold head which is square in shape. The body is a compact type that is covered with wool. It weighs around about 1-3lbs like dwarf rabbits. Moreover, it has erected ears which are 2-3 inches long.

Jersey Wooly Lifespan

We have discussed it in earlier articles that are related to a rabbit that those rabbits that live in wild environment face difficulties while those that live indoor and proper is given to them a liver longer life. So, a jersey wooly rabbit has a lifespan of 7-10 years.

Jersey Wooly Color

It comes in a wide variety of colors. ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) has accepted it in six different color groups. These groups are named as Agouti, Broken, Self-group, Shaded group, Tan Pattern group, AOV (any other variety) group. 

Let’s have a look at colors found in these six groups;

Jersey Wooly Agouti group;

  • Opal 
  • Chinchilla
  • Squirrels color
  • Chestnut

Jersey Wooly Broken group;

  • Any color that has a combination with black comes under this group

Jersey Wooly Self-group;

  • Chocolate
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Lilac
  • Blue-eyed-white
  • Red-eyed-white

Jersey Wooly Shaded group;

  • Smokey
  • Siamese sable
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Sable point
  • Seal
  • Blue tortoiseshell

Jersey Wooly Tan pattern group

  • Lilac silver marten
  • Chocolate silver marten
  • Blue otter
  • Black otter
  • Smoke pearl marten
  • Sable marten
  • Black silver marten
  • Blue silver marten

Jersey Wooly AOV group

  • Pointed white blue variety 
  • Pointed white black variety

All of these are the colors found in this breed of rabbits. Until now this is the breed of rabbits that have a large variety of colors so far. 

Jersey wooly Care/Grooming

It is very small in size thus needs a cage that is large enough that your pet can stretch himself. Because of its size, it should stay indoor because there is a threat in an outdoor environment to be eaten. 

The cage that you are making your rabbit must have bedding which is covered. As rabbits are neat and clean animals, so everyday cleaning of the enclosure is necessary. It doesn’t require that much grooming. But because of longer fur, you need to brush your pet’s hair using a slicker brush once a day. 

Jersey Wooly 2

Jersey wooly Diet

Before giving anything to your pet rabbit must consult a vet, otherwise, it may cause severe health issues for your pet. Like any other rabbit breed, this breed’s diet also consists of 70% hay. Maintain a balance in the diet by giving good quality hay, along with fresh fruits, vegetables, and some green leaves. 

Before giving anything must do proper research because there are some fruits that may harm the health of pet like as apple which has seeds and seeds of the apple is poisonous for your rabbit’s health. 

Jersey wooly facts

Let’s have look at some of the jersey wooly facts that it is holding;

  • It is small in size and has soft fur which makes it look beautiful among other domestic breeds. 
  • It is considered as the most favorite pet in America.
  • It came as a result of cross-breeding between Netherland dwarf rabbit and French angora. 
  • Physical it has long erected ears which are 2-3 inches longer and stays in an upward direction.
  • It has a longer lifespan of 7-10 years. 
  • It has a very sweet, polite, affectionate, and docile temperament which makes it more popular.
  • No matter that you are a single, couple, or have a family it can adjust with every person. 
  • The unique thing about this breed of rabbits is that it has six groups of colors and each group contains multiple colors. 
  • It has another name “Mug Head.”

jersey wooly infographic

Jersey wooly temperament/personality

The reason which makes this pet popular among America and other countries is their gentle personality. It is such a sweet pet that sometimes it is called “No Kick” meaning they don’t bite.

It makes a good pet among families with children. Because other rabbit breeds don’t like children but this one, don’t get aggressive its docile temperament makes it love more and more. Basically, children don’t have the idea that how to handle rabbits that’s why rabbits don’t have a good connection with children. But this one is smaller in size and easy to handle. 

It is that breed of rabbits that love to be cuddled. It doesn’t run away when you cuddle them. Its fur is so soft and has a silky and smooth texture. 

If you want to know more about jersey wooly, then give them some time out of their enclosures. You will your rabbit’s energetic behavior. Further, keep an eye on your pet when it is outside the cage. Make sure to fence your yard before taking your rabbit out of its cage. 

Provide your pet some toys. Rabbits are those animals that love to play with toys. You can buy toys for your pet from any pet shop near you. 

Jersey wool health

They don’t have any specific health issues. Like other overgrown teeth is the common issue found in every rabbit breed. But if you are feeding your pet good quality hay like timothy hay it will not have this issue. Because chewing helps a lot in worn down of the teeth.

Rabbits like cats and dogs are neat and clean species that lick their fur to stay neat. But they don’t have the ability to digest its fur. When they eat it, it seems like they are full, but in reality, they are starving, and this leads to the death of rabbit. 

Thus keep an eye on your rabbit and immediately contact the vet. Also, give your rabbit de-worming paste once in a month to keep it protected from worms.

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Jersey Wooly matting

Rabbits are ready to spaying when they are 3-4 months old. But according to our research and after consulting with the vet we get to know that wait till your rabbit becomes 5-6 months older.

Jersey wooly molting

They tend to molt when they are three to four months old. Jersey rabbit molt once or twice a year. Its coat has a very soft texture and grows fastly. You just need to brush its hair once a day. 

How long Jersey Wooly rabbits pregnant?

The total gestation period in rabbit breeds is 28 days. It varies in some larger breeds which have a gestation period of 32 days. During that time, your female rabbit which we also call them doe, may get aggressive sometimes. But make sure the availability of nest on the 27th day.

Can you shave a jersey wooly rabbit?

Yes, you can. They have the ability to grow their coat at a rapid speed. It starts molting its fur when three to four months older. Jersey rabbits molt two times in a year. But it doesn’t require that much grooming. Just brush your rabbit’s hair twice a week. If its coat is dirty don’t give your rabbit a bath, try to clean it with a damp cloth. 

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