Best 10 Steps, How to clean your rabbit?

Well having rabbits and all that is super cute and fun but at the same time, you have to deal with their wastage as well. So, How to clean your rabbit? Rabbits like cats and dogs quite love to groom and clean themselves and therefore most of the time you actually don’t need to clean them a lot. However, risks of bacterial and viral infections are still out there. To reduce and avoid that risk you have to clean or bathe your bunny. Therefore you have to know how to clean your rabbit?

Most of the time rabbits have loose stool which remains stuck to their genitals. In many cases, they may get a sore. As being dirty bothers us it bothers the rabbits too. They feel quite uncomfortable being dirty and if they get sick due to this uncleanliness then you definitely have to read this article. We don’t want your bunny to be sick again because of unhygienic practices. So you are now aware of the importance of how to clean your rabbit?

First thing first, never be irresponsible of your rabbit’s stool. If it is not cleaned properly then many insects and parasites can easily inhabit your rabbit. That stuff is nasty, gross, and dangerous as well.

By cleaning your rabbit does not mean that you have to give him a bath every day. Rabbits are very sensitive towards the water and they do not like being in it. In fact, even when you are bathing them they barely get completely wet. Rabbits are very poorly immune to cold and cough. Frequent bathing can let them easily catch a cold or cough. So you have to be cautious in the process of how to clean your rabbit?

Water baths are not recommended for rabbits. Do not use soaps and shampoos as well they are not even necessary. However, you are required to use a very mild baby shampoo like johnson & johnson.

I am in strong favor of dry baths. For it you have to take a towel or dry place. Place your rabbit on it. You can do the process effectively by placing the rabbit on your lap. Now pour some cornstarch on the dirty area. Cornstarch is similar to baby powder but doesn’t use the latter as it can cause respiratory infections. The importance of how to clean your rabbit is obvious.

The corn starch will pull out all the dirt from rabbits’ fur. Just simply massage or brush it through the rabbit’s fur. Cornstarch absorbs all the moisture so it will also provide a soothing effect to your rabbit in the sore area.

If your rabbit has overgrown fur you can cut it but you have to do it very gently and carefully because their skin is very thin. Try to use baby nail cutter scissors for the purpose. Don’t cut the fur which is present on their feet. They are used by them for padding. 

5 ways to clean up a rabbit

As I have explained in the earlier section you should utmostly avoid bathing rabbits. So, how to clean your rabbit? They are extremely sensitive to water and can easily catch cold and as rabbits are extremely fast-moving animals, dipping them in water may cause a stroke or quick decrease in body temperature.

To ensure the cleanliness of your rabbit without bathing it is to use cornstarch. To use a clean towel and clear the poop gently. Following are the steps that are employed to clean a rabbit properly:

Using a baby wipe or clean cloth:

To use a gentle baby wipe is the best method to clean up your rabbit. Wipe the dirty spot with the wipe. Try to use a wipe that is alcohol-free and is allergic resistant.  Seek for a wipe that is strong enough so that it does not get torn while cleaning but you have to also make sure that it should be gentle on the bunny skin too. This is the easiest way and also the answer of your question how to clean your rabbit?

 For example, there are some wipes available in the market that are enriched with essential oils and vitamins, they work just fine on your bunny’s skin.

A satisfying posture of rabbits:

To clean your rabbit without any stress, it is necessary to hold him in a nice calming position. Your lap is an excellent place to hold your rabbit. You can also place the rabbit between your knees to clean its dirty parts. To avoid slipping of rabbit on the floor you can also place a towel on the floor as well.

Gently clean the bunny:

Use that wipe which I have mentioned earlier to gently clean the area. Try to be as gentle as possible. The rabbit’s skin is very delicate. After cleaning all the dirt with the wipe, use a second clean wipe to ensure that all debris is removed.

Use cornstarch for rabbit clean:

Corn starch can be easily found out in a grocery store in the baby’s section. Although many of us knew that baby powder is quite similar to cornstarch but never ever use that on your rabbit. Only use baby safe cornstarch on your rabbit. Try to use fragrance or talc-free cornstarch as harsh chemicals in those can damage the skin or can cause respiratory problems too. This is one of the reasons to write an explanatory article on How to clean your rabbit?

How to apply cornstarch?

After having your bunny in a comfortable position now spread the cornstarch powder on the whole body particularly covering all the nasty soiled areas. Keep on spreading the powder with your hands. The rabbit will be whelmed and he will take the whole process as caressing.

After applying the cornstarch properly wipe it off with a comb. Keep this gentle as possible. Try to use a flea comb for the purpose. It’s rabbit fur, it will obviously have nasty tangles and knotted points. Do not go on them very hard instead gently do the whole process from outside and not go that deep.

In the end to get rid of all the cornstarch and pat the bunny gently. Remember that during the whole process it is essential to keep the bunny stress free. Rabbits don’t mind a dry bath and remain usually quiet during the process. Are you rabbit lover then i think you want to know about how rabbits see each other.

Cleaning and grooming rabbits

Though rabbits are good at cleaning themselves they are not well at all the grooming techniques and to ensure that it is necessary to take care of them deeply. Along with the question of how to clean your rabbit there comes another one that how to groom your rabbit? So, here is the answer;

How to clean your rabbit 1

Hygiene of rabbits ears:

How to clean your rabbit? It also includes the cleaning of ears as well. Keep on checking the bunny’s ears to ensure that there is no wax building up there. If there is, contact a vet. Building up wax is not just gross but it’s dangerous as well. Your bunny can catch up the ear mites which are quite painful and are gross too.

 Try not to experiment with anything with your bunny’s ears by peeping anything in it. Any damage can lead to deafness.

Hygiene of scent glands:

Rabbits have scent glands on either side of the anus. You will be amazed to know scent glands release the scent in the form of liquid. So, the gland can get clogged up with all the dirt and discharges.

So you have to remove it. It may sound gross but you have to do it. Take a cotton ball, and dip it in warm water. Gently wipe the gland until it starts to discharge again. If you can’t do this on your own, seek a vet. These are the few reasons for writing “how to clean your rabbit?”

Brushing them up :

Rabbits do mating several times and can grow much hair as well. You can trim them or keep them brushed as well. Rabbits are quite fond of grooming and do much of the grooming on their own. Therefore, you don’t have to bother them every day.

Hygiene of rabbits eyes:

Rabbits sometimes can build hunk in their eyes just wipe that off with a clean cloth. If rabbits have too much junk and tears it may be suffering from a medical condition and for that, you have to take it to a vet. 

The most interesting thing is that rabbits have evolved a third eye, id by the time. Therefore, they don’t have to blink that frequently. This is the prime reason that they can sleep with their eyes open.

Question and Answers

How to clean the rabbit’s cage?

First, remove the old bedding. Sash the cage thoroughly with warm water and soap. Gently clean the cage and use vinegar to get rid of stubborn spots. Place the new bedding in the cage.

How to clean your rabbit wound?

Small wounds should be gently cleaned with a cotton ball soaked in warm water. Use iodine diluted water to wipe the wounds. Sounds that are deeper and those that are exposing skin should be handled by a vet. If the wound is caused by a fellow rabbit immediately separate them from each other.

How to clean your rabbit litter box?

Remove all the material from the box. Use a jet spray to remove the debris. After that spray Use, white vinegar Kt removes the calcium build-ups that are made in the box during the urine. That remove it with water and sun dry the box.

How to clean your rabbit bottom?

Use a baby wipe to gently clean up the area. Use a second wipe to ensure complete cleanliness. It is necessary to provide complete cleanliness to your rabbit because we don’t want any infection or sore.

How to clean your rabbit fast?

Give the rabbit a dry bath and use more people to save time. The proper method of dry bath is mentioned above. More the people, easy to handle the rabbit. You can divide chores to people and then can effectively clean the rabbit in no time.

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