Best 10 French lop rabbit Facts

French lop rabbit

It is the result of breeding between the English lop rabbit and Flemish Giant stock in the 19th century in France. Its origin has taken place in France as the name is clearly defining “French lop rabbit.” It looks much similar to the English lop rabbit but we can see that French lop is large and massive in size as compared to English lop. 

Here, this article will tell you each and everything that you need to understand French lops. 

French lop rabbit facts

Origin: FranceScientific Name: Oryctolagus CuniculusRank: Breed
Mass: 4.5-6.8 kgGestation period: 28-31 daysSize: Giant 
Lifespan: 5-7 yearsBody shape: CommercialPrice: $75
Temperament: AffectionateComparable breeds: Flemish Giant rabbit, English lop rabbitCost of Owning: $750
Ownership Level: Beginner, intermediate, advanceBreed Classification: 6th classHigher Classification: European rabbit
Color: White, black, blueType: huge, muscular, broadCoat: Thick

French lop rabbit history

In 1850, in France french lop were used as meat animals. Their popularity rate increases in nearing European countries like Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. Soon they became famous in the UK and the USA. In 1933, almost 10 of the French lops were brought to the United Kingdom from the Netherlands. 

“These are good as pets. It is the larger breed of rabbits. The one main reason of their popularity is its affectionate, loving, calm, and docile temperament.”

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What is a French lop rabbit?

Overall this breed of rabbits is much like a Flemish Giant rabbits, but their weight is much more and their body length is shorter. It is the large breed of rabbits having shorter straight legs. Ears are very long and hang below the jawline. Approximately they are 5-8 inches long. French lop rabbits have chubby cheeks, larger heads, and a thick body.

French lop Coat

These rabbits have thick, denser, shorter, and fluffy coat. Their coat is not difficult to handle. Shedding occurs in a specific season, brushing once a week is enough. But during the spring season do three to four times brushing because at this time of the season shedding rate is higher. 

 French lop rabbits color

Just like another breed of rabbits this breed of rabbit also comes in a variety of colors. Such as black, brown, blue, white, opal, chinchilla, fawn, grey, and Siamese. 

“teaching your French lop rabbit at a very younger age, they became very  Social and sticks with you.”

French lop Diet

Dietary requirements of French lop is not much different from another breed of rabbits. 70% of their diet is consists of hay. While the rest 30% consists of fresh fruits, vegetables, and grass. If you don’t have an idea about which fruit is good for your pet rabbit then don’t give it, because maybe it causes harm to your pet.

Taking good care of the diet of your rabbit is very essential for its healthy life. Make sure the availability of freshwater in the cage 24/7. Go for regular check-ups and keep up the good diet. 

French lop Larger enclosures

As we have said earlier, it is the larger breed of rabbits so you need to keep larger enclosures than the usual size of the cage. It is important to have a larger cage for your French lop cage should have enough space for the rabbit to stretch its body. Either it’s indoor or outdoor, keeping your pet in a larger space area makes them feel much better than in a smaller cage. For outdoor, make sure to protect your French lop from weather extremities. 

Just like the other rabbits these too need time to move outside of their enclosures. Allow your rabbit to move into the yard freely. The yard should be fenced properly to keep it safe. Train your rabbit at a younger age make them learn good manners and follow the things which you have taught them. They are good as both indoor and outdoor rabbits.

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French lop Health

One very essential and basic element is the health of your rabbit. We need to take proper care of their health just as we take care of our children. This breed of rabbits doesn’t have any particular type of disease. 

Overgrown teeth have seen in some of the rabbit breeds which is due to poor diet. Lacking essentials in the diet such as hay, freshwater, fruits, and vegetables may lead them to overgrown teeth. Check on a regular basis that your rabbit is eating properly or not. Otherwise, go to the vet because the overgrown of the teeth are very painful. This is the only health problem we have seen in French lops. 

French lop rabbit Lifespan

The average lifespan of French lop is approximately 5-7 years. But if you take good care of your pet then it might live a longer life. But after some research, we have seen that some of the rabbits have lived life for more than 10 years. This is because of good health. 

French lop Personality

  • This breed of rabbits is very calm, docile, and friendly. Because of its loving and affectionate behavior people love it more. 
  • They make good pets with all kinds of people either you are single or have a family.
  • Love to play around you.
  • They have quite a good temperament with children.
  • They love to be cuddled.
  • Best pet for those who are single and looking for a companion.
  • They are not afraid of outside people, even they interact with them and play with them.
  • French lop’s personality makes them more unique among other breed of rabbits.
  • Moreover, French lop love to play with toys when no one is around.
  • In addition to all of this keep an eye on your things because rabbits cane chews anything that is chewable.
  • Like other breeds, French lop usually doesn’t chew much.
  • You can train them by giving them their favorite food or giving them a reward they are also trainable.

Are French lop rabbit’s good pets?

Yes, they are good pets for singles, couples, and families too. They are very social animals. Their loving and affectionate temperament makes them even better pets than other breeds of rabbits. Also, they don’t need much care and attention like other rabbits. They have a playful nature.

How big do French lop rabbits get?

They are a larger breed of rabbits. They developed as a result of a crossbreed between the Flemish Giant and the English lop rabbit. Ears of French lops are longer but not as much as the English lop. They are large pets, typically weighing approximately 10-15 pounds.

Do French lops shed?

They have a very thick, dense, and shorter coat layer on its body. Hair is not as much longer because of which the tendency to shed is lower than other breeds of rabbits. But during off-season mainly in spring, they shed, brushing twice a day makes it much better.

How much do French lop rabbits cost?

The average price of French lop is $75 but the cost of ownership is much larger $750. Before adopting it make sure you are buying a true breed. Just read out these main features of it and then go to your near pet shop and buy a rabbit.

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At what age is a French Lop fully grown?

French lops are fully grown when they are 18 months old. Their height is round about 3-4 feet. It is the giant breed of rabbits. According to RSPCA the recommended size of French lop is 6ft.

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