Best 10 Ways, How to potty train your rabbit?

Many people have these myths that rabbits are muddy and nasty animals. But in truth, they are wonderful pets because they love to groom and also they can be trained about potty training means to do their business in the litter box. So, How to potty train your rabbit. 

Following are the steps that are effective in training your rabbit:

  1. Take a small cat litter box that should be having no top with low sides. You can also cut a small sliding if the box is too tall.  Don’t use the advertised rabbit’s litter boxes as they are very small for bunnies.
  2. Now you have to put the litter in. You can fill the box with old recycled newspapers. You can also use large cat bags that are available for cats. These litter will absorb all the odor of the urine and poop. Try to avoid using clay-based or litter that clumps to the box as they are harmful for the rabbits.
  3. Fill the box with litter. Place a very thin layer of litter in the box. Don’t crowd the box with litter at much height because rabbits are not used to burying their droppings.
  4. Rabbits prefer to eat hay and poop both at once. So, you have to learn properly how to potty train your rabbit. Therefore it is necessary to build healthy litter rabbits. Try to place hay over the litter so they will eat the hay and not the litter. If you are using a hay box, place it in such a way that in order to get the hay they have to hop through the litter box.
  5. It is essential to give proper training to the rabbit about using litter boxes and doing his business in the required area. At first use and restrict the area of the litter box to limited. When he has been trained then you can increase the area because then the rabbit has become strong to poop only in the required area. If the rabbit again continues to poop outside of the litter box, restrict the area again.

How to litter or potty train a rabbit

Now we all know that whenever we get a new pet we want him to hop freely with us and to sleep and eat with us. But what about the poop? How to potty train your rabbit? And those nasty little pellets when we talk specifically about rabbits.

In this regard, you don’t have to worry. As rabbits are naturally very clean animals they don’t need much pampering.

They can be effectively trained on how to potty train your rabbit within a few days. You just have to gather your litter box and then to place it. 

Let your rabbit use it. It’s easy for most of the rabbits. In fact, many neutered rabbits will only use one selected spot to urinate and defecate. So the question of how to potty train your rabbit also becomes much easier. 

Gather your tools for rabbits: 

Rabbit litter boxes are higher on the backside than on the front side. They are built in this way because rabbits scrape the litter behind them. 

You can also use any cat litter tray which is even from all sides. You don’t have to particularly pick a rabbit litter box. 

Even you can use a card box but they chew it very much so you have to change it every day. You see these little things have so much effect therefore it is important to learn how to potty train your rabbit.

Get the newspaper for rabbits:

Newspapers are used to line the bottom of the box. It makes the plate beneath less nasty and easy to clean. Mostly newspaper ink is not toxic for rabbits. Some inks may imprint on the rabbit’s coat turning them black or grey. Watch out for such newspapers.

Get the litter for rabbits:

You have to select a litter that is not toxic and can not irritate any part of the rabbit. Don’t use clay-based, pine, or cedar litters as they are treated with fats they can irritate the rabbit’s lungs or respiratory system.

Get a cage for rabbit:

Rabbit’s cage should be of such form that it should consist of some broad area, a hide, and a place where litter boxes can be placed.  This is done to minimize the area and make the rabbit used to not spilling the potty or urine in her food or living area. So it will do that only in the litter box area.

Quality assured hay:

Hay is basically placed in the litter box to attract them. Rabbits are fond of chewing upon something while they are toileting.

Cleaning gadgets:

You should have to buy a litter scoop and a disinfectant to effectively lean the litter box. You have to scoop out the litter incorporated with urine and poop daily. 

Disinfection needs to be done once a week. This step is very important in the whole process of how to potty train your rabbit. You can leave some pellets as it is in the box because they will serve as scent memories and rabbits will come back smelling the scent.

Training your rabbit:

All that setup that you have done will be in vain if your rabbit is not trained. Therefore, training is essential. Baby rabbits are reluctant to learn than adult rabbits. But that does not mean they cannot be trained. 

Mostly neutered rabbits usually urinate or poop in one corner so, therefore, you have to set the litter box in only one corner. You just gave to determine what their toilet corner is.

How to potty train your rabbit 1

Let your rabbit roam:

Though it is essential to train your rabbit to remain in the cage so that they can learn to do their business in a restricted place. But don’t keep them consistently in a restricted place. This can be very stressful for the rabbits. 

Give treats:

It’s essential to give treats to your rabbit. It helps them to memorize the act. On frequent treats, they will eventually memorize it by doing the toilet in one area or corner. Thus, they will get habitual to it.

Neutering your rabbit

You may consider neutering your rabbit. Because un-neutered rabbits are more of a territorial kind and hence they leave a scent on several places to mark their territory. Hence, they can urinate in several places in your home. Neutering also plays an important role in the whole learning method of how to potty train your rabbit. 

Therefore, to prevent that we recommend you consider neutering and spaying your rabbits. 

Tips on how to potty train a rabbit

It’s not easy to train your rabbit regarding potty or urinating. Dealing with a few cute bunnies have enabled me to calculate the ways through which they can be easily trained. Rabbits are very intelligent animals and they can be easily trained.

  1. Neutering your rabbits is one of the crucial steps. Without this process, training can get hard.
  2. Litter training takes time. You have to be patient with your rabbit. They will take time to build a habit of potty training.
  3. Restricting the space of the bunny is the key to teach them potty training.
  4. Restricted space can be your room, play area, or even a hutch.put your litter box there now.
  5. The trick is to place the litter box on corners. You can also use two litter boxes in two corners. The secret is that rabbits tend to be potty in corners.
  6. Now it is possible that your rabbits do not like your selected restricted area. So you have to deal with that by changing areas and placing litter boxes.
  7. Observing is the key. You have to figure out where their favorite place is and place the litter box there.

Question and Answers

How to potty train your rabbit fast?

Restrict the area. Start training immediately when you bring a rabbit to your home. Place the litter box on their desired places. You may have to observe what times they like to poop so that you can also take them to your desired place to poop.

How to potty train your rabbit in a litter box?

Place hay in the litter box. Rabbits like to chew on something while eating. In the greed of hay, they will come to poop in only one place. Hay also makes it easy to clean your litter box because it absorbs most of the urine and poop leaving the cage nice and clean.

How to potty train your rabbit in a cage?

Take a cage that is built in such a way that it contains an area in which rabbits can roam with food in it. One hiding place should be in there. And one restricted place where it is litter in the litter box.

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