Best 10 Flemish Giant rabbit Facts, History, characteristics

Flemish Giant rabbit

This is a large rabbit breed that has a semi-arched body type. It is recognized by the American Rabbit Breeder Association. It has a long, strong, and well-muscled body that is not so fat. Its coat is thick, heavy, short, and shiny. Let’s have a glance at some important features of the Flemish Giant rabbit.

Scientific nameOryctolagus cuniculus
Weight 9 to 14 pounds
Lifespan5-8 years
Temperament Docile, loving, pleasing, affectionate
Body shapeMandolin or Semi-Arch type
Similar breedsGiant Angora rabbit, French Lop rabbit

History of Flemish Giant rabbit

Researches have shown that there is not much surety about the origin of this old rabbit breed. It was bred for the fur and meat purposes. The National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders became the part of the American Rabbit Breeders Association which was formed in 1924. Later on, the ARBA recognized this breed in 1929.

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Flemish Giant rabbit colors

There are accepted only seven varieties of this breed by the American Rabbit Breeders Association i.e. black, blue, steel gray, white, light gray, sandy, fawn. The blue ones have bluish gray-colored eyes while the Sandy ones are with brown eyes and reddish sandy-colored coat. But the broken patterns or any color combination is not accepted by this association. 

Flemish Giant rabbit Physical characteristics

  1. This breed has a dense, short, shiny, and glossy coat and hair of medium length
  2. There are presently many different color varieties of this breed but only seven of them are recognized by American Rabbit Breeders Association
  3. The female appears to have a narrow and less imposing head than the male
  4. It has bent ears with a heavy base

Temperament of Flemish Giant rabbit

This large rabbit breed with pleasing personality has low maintenance due to which it can be made good pet for families, children, and couples. The children are suggested not to pick this rabbit because of its large size. Like all other rabbits, the Flemish Giant rabbit’s personality will also get developed when given some toys to play. In addition to this, it does not mind while kept in the house along with other animals. It can also be trained very easily due to its good intelligence level.

The lifespan of Flemish Giant rabbit

Like all other rabbits, this breed also lives for a specific time which is called lifespan. For example, its lifespan is about five to eight years but it gets increased up to ten years. Many rabbit breeders breed this rabbit to use them for different shows or as pets. People also love to keep them as pets due to their docile nature.

Flemish Giant rabbit Grooming and care

  1. As this rabbit has short fur, it requires to be groomed only a week to keep its fur in a good shape. It should be brushed once a week and twice a week in the molting situation. 
  2. we talk about its care, it can be kept in both indoor and outdoor cages. 
  3. It must be exercised on daily basis to keep it fit.
  4. The bedding-covered floors, litter-trays, and door pans must be cleaned once a week.
  5. Giving your rabbit time out of their enclosures make them even more active and energetic. But, before taking them out, make sure the safety measurements of our rabbit. 
  6. Also, this will help them in stretching the body of the Flemish giant rabbit. 
  7. One thing that is important among all is its bedding, which must be neat and clean. 
  8. Protect your furniture and electric wires from bunnies, because their teeth are that much strong that they can chew anything. Keep a strict eye on your bunny because if they chew wires it may cause damage to your pet’s health. 

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Diet of Flemish Giant Rabbit

When it comes to the diet of rabbits, then every bunny’s food major portion is depending on hay and pellet. But, make sure that the pellet or hay you are feeding your pet is high-quality or not. Otherwise, it may cause some health issues for your rabbit.

Also, along with pellet or hay, use some fresh fruits like cabbage, carrot, green leaves, etc. offer a wide range of variety to your rabbit by giving it fruits, as it is important for your pet’s health.

Flemish Giant rabbit Health 

It is your moral duty to take care of your pet’s health. Like all other rabbit breeds Flemish rabbits don’t have any specific health issues, instead of those overgrowing teeth. Their teeth kept growing and growing so a monthly check-up is mandatory. 

After some research, we have seen that those rabbits who feed high-quality hay don’t face such issues as compared to those who take low-quality hay. Avoid giving your pet low-quality food, because it will be problematic for you too. 

Regularly have an eye on your rabbit’s ear which are also susceptible to disease like ear mites. This disease is seen in outdoor rabbits more as compared to those who live indoors. Give your rabbit a de-worming paste which helps in keeping the ears safe from mites. 

Other problems like GI-Stasis, Infection can be cured if you take proper care of your rabbit by vaccinating it properly. Go to the vet immediately if your pet is not recovering. 

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Flemish Giant rabbit Coat characteristics

Flemish giant rabbit’s coat is very dense, thick, and super soft. Some people also call it a rollback fur. They are not like fuzzy lop rabbits or angora’s instead you can compare them with rex rabbits because rex rabbit has the same type of coat. It doesn’t require regular grooming. Brush its hair twice a weak. 

Further, give your rabbit a bath whenever you feel it’s dirty. But try to avoid excess bathing it may stress your rabbit and results in cardiac attacks. So, in that case, we recommend you to take a damp piece of cloth and clean that area which is dirty. 

Flemish giant rabbits have shed during the spring season. So, try to do as much brushing as possible. Try to brush more and more and keep an eye on your rabbit otherwise, your pet may ingest its own fur which is not digestible. 

how much is a Flemish giant rabbit?

The Flemish giant rabbit may cost you round about $75-$300. Some breeders sell a fake breed by saying that it is the real. It is quite difficult to recognize which one is real or which one is not real. But price differences may inform you about that, some breeder tells you that its cost is $50, but in reality, their price is $300.

how much does a Flemish giant rabbit weigh?

They are not larger or shorter rabbits. But they come under the breed of middle size rabbits, just like rex rabbits. Their weight approximately ranges from 9 pounds to 14 pounds. 

where to get a Flemish giant rabbit?

If you have any pet shop near your house you can get one. Because having pets like the Flemish giant makes your life even more exciting. They’re active. Playful, and energetic nature make every person fall in love with them. 

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