Best 10 Ways, How to pick up a rabbit?

Rabbits are very moody animals and usually don’t like to be held up. They have to be trained from very early ages if they are meant to help up. They also take time to get used to it. Even they are used to that you have to be very careful while holding or picking up a rabbit. So, how to pick up a rabbit? 

Rabbits that are not trained and are not used to being held up. they can become very aggressive and ultimately it will result in bites, scratches, and even kicks. Rabbits like to be cuddled up when they are down on the feel, they feel safe that way. 

The major reason of rabbit’s fear about being held up is that they are not genetically programmed that way. In their natural habitat, Rabbits are prey and not predators therefore it is their natural instinct to feel safer on the ground rather than at heights. On the ground, they can easily run and hide when they feel any kind of threat.  The importance of how to pick up a rabbit is very clear from this. 

The same instinct runs for pet rabbits as well. They don’t feel much comfortable even when they are trained.

Best practice for How to pick up a rabbit?

If there is some kind of situation in which you have to pick or hold up your rabbit, do it calmly and do it with full confidence. If your panic causes stress in your rabbit It can get stressed as well and can do harm to itself or you as well. I do not recommend children of any age to hold an adult rabbit.

Rabbits should be approached nicely, Calmly, and confidently. You should avoid irregular, fast, and panic movements while approaching your rabbit. 

You should always hold one rabbit at a time. You should hold your rabbit like this :

  • Place your hand beneath their chest.
  • Place your second beneath their back legs.
  • Provide them support by holding them close to your chest.

Avoid applying too much pressure and don’t squeeze. If it’s not essential, avoid holding your rabbits for a longer time. It is also essential to place the rabbit securely on the ground. The question of how to pick up a rabbit does not only include the picking part of the rabbit but also to leave them safely on their way.

While placing them on the ground it is essential to keep them as close to your body and lower down as you are squatting. As you approach the ground place them gently on the floor. You see how important  this is to learn about How to pick up a rabbit?

Things to avoid:

 Never ever pick up your rabbit by its ears. Don’t pick them by their neck as well. Some owners do a very strange practice: they approach their rabbits suddenly in a state of trance. It is very confusing for the rabbit. Remember if you don’t learn how to pick up a rabbit, you might end up hurting them. 

Rabbits will consider that as a predator has attacked them without giving them any chance to run. This can cause stress in your rabbits.

Is it safer to hold a rabbit by children?

As I have mentioned earlier, I won’t recommend for children to pick up rabbits. Particularly, those species which include larger rabbits can be difficult for children to handle. Remember it is necessary to supervise and train your children regarding pets and to train them about How to pick up a rabbit?

  • First, create a wide and free area for your bunnies to freely run and play.
  • Your rabbits feel much safer when your children will be at their level that means on the ground level.
  • Your bunnies will love to have some treats from your children. Give your children your rabbit’s favorite veggies and treats.
  • Remember the point that rabbits don’t like sudden movements and loud noises. Teach your children to avoid these.
  • After one or two rounds, your rabbits will get comfortable with your children and will feel safer with them.

Handling your rabbits correctly

When you hold up your rabbit, it wants to feel comfortable and to feel safe. The following is the best method that should be employed when you think about how to pick up a rabbit.

  1. Pick your rabbit the right way. First, hold your rabbit in a way such that one hand should be beneath them. Your right hand should be curled up around your rabbit holding them close to your chest.
  2. While approaching the rabbit caresses him a little so that he will feel more secure and calm. While holding him your right hand should On his shoulders and rest your right arm against his body.
  3. Another approach for holding your rabbit is to hold him in such a way that his head rests upon your chest and one of your hands should support his hind leg with your arm supporting his body.
  4. Rabbits don’t like to be held up in the air. So while lifting him up try to be as down as possible the minimum time he has to be in the air.
  5. Similarly, when you put him down don’t immediately put him down while pushing him away from you. He will get scared and stressed in that way. Lower down to the ground while keeping him close to your chest and then leave him on the floor.
  6. Don’t risk them dropping off. They have very complicated and delicate spines. They can easily get injured.

How to pick up a rabbit 11

My advice on how to pick up a rabbit

The thing which I have learned picking up rabbits is that as soon you start to pick up their front legs they are okay but as soon you approach towards holding them, from behind. Immediately, they will get stressed, terrified, and would start to kick. Hence to learn about how to pick up a rabbit is very significant. Therefore, ultimately I have to let him go and remember he did this while I was on the ground.

The trick lies in that you don’t hold your rabbit very often. You should only do it when you have to do nail clipping or stuff like that. The more you approach them more likely they will get away from you.

Question and answers

How to pick up a rabbit safely?

Approach them slowly. Don’t make sudden, rapid, and impulsive movements. Hold them by placing one hand on their arms and the other on their back legs and hold them close to your chest. Another approach for holding your rabbit is to hold him in such a way that his head rests upon your chest and one of your hands should support his hind leg with your arm supporting his body.

How to pick up a rabbit correctly?

Don’t try to move much fast. Don’t move very often. Don’t hold them very often. Be confident in your grip. Don’t hold them too tight and with too much pressure.

How to pick up a rabbit without getting scratched?

Don’t pick a rabbit directly from his ears or neck. These can result in scratching. Also, don’t hold them directly from back legs they can result in kicking and scratching as well.

How to pick up a rabbit properly?

You have to do this very nicely. Hold your hand under the chest of the rabbit and then slowly and calmly approach him. Place the favorite food of the rabbit in front of him and then grab your rabbit gently.

How to pick a rabbit from a cage?

Offer some of the rabbit’s favorite veggies and fruits or treats which he likes. He will follow his nose and once he is out of the cafe you can hold them up by following the process mentioned above.

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