10 Hedgehogs Fun Facts, Do Hedgehogs Smell?

Hedgehogs are not as common pets like cats and dogs and you may not find them frequently in pet stores. So while selecting a pet we wonder about many things like when someone wants to have a cat he sees the cat sheds very much? Similarly, the basic thing that tangles the owners that want to have hedgehogs as their pets wonder Do hedgehogs smell?

Most people think that hedgehogs are much similar to pigs in some of their features. Therefore they associate the stink with them. 

Now I am telling you that they do have scent or not. The thing is hedgehogs don’t have any certain glands for scent. So why do hedgehogs smell then?

However other animals like ferrets, cats, and skunks do have those certain scent glands. Hedgehogs don’t have any smell glands. So if you keep them clean there are no chances for bad odor. 

It’s a common-sense thing that if you don’t keep the animal clean and neat, it’s obvious it will stink. What about if we don’t take a bath for two days? Yes, we stink too. 

One more thing as captivated hedgehogs mostly remains in their cages. So, cleaning the cage is very important. If the cage is not kept clean then whatever is in the cage the hedgehog will smell the same. So you see Do hedgehogs smell? has a close relation with cage- cleaning.

You can train your hedgehog for litter training as well but it’s not easy. Some owners also manage to give regular baths and they do keep on changing the cage bedding as well to avoid the smell and keep the hedgehog nice and clean.

Do hedgehogs smell? The thing that is a prime reason for odor in hedgehogs or any animal is the presence of ammonia in their poop and urine.  

But a hedgehog’s urine does not contain large amounts of ammonia. Therefore their odor doesn’t smell that bad. 

However, when we talk about the solid waste it depends upon the diet of the hedgehog. Some diets can lead to severe smelly poop. 

Reasons for foul smell :

  • Do hedgehogs smell? The question is strongly related to their diet. Diet is the most crucial thing. Your hedgehog will create foul-smelling potty if it is lacking diet with essential nutrients. 
  • Lack of cleaning is another major reason. If you don’t let your hedgehog out of the cage and if it is urinating and pooping in the cage all the time. It will lead to a very gross smell. 
  • Though their feces do not contain large amounts of ammonia if not cleaned at once and properly, the amount of ammonia can amplify creating a foul odor. 
  • Once the cage is not cleaned and it is all filled up with the hedgehog’s dung. It will cause the hedgehog to smell the same. 
  • Do hedgehogs smell? The question also tingles gender-related characteristics. The odor of male hedgehog’s urine is stronger than that of the female. Therefore a male hedgehog requires more cleanliness. 

Things to do so that the hedgehog’s don’t smell foul:

Observing them is necessary. You have to create a timetable according to them. Give them their meals when they prefer to eat.

Observe when they are most likely to poop. It is natural for all animals to follow a routine. This can help you to know when they prefer to poop. 

Once you know the time you can make them do anywhere. You can take them to the bathroom or hold them above a container so that they can be done with their business. 

The perk of this technique is that you don’t have to clean the whole cage all the time. It also makes it less nasty. 

Placing a container means that you just have to empty it, clean it, and place it back, you don’t have to clean the whole cage.  Do you want to know about can hedgehogs swim in underwater?

Proper diet for hedgehogs:

Diet covers the major portion of the question, Do hedgehogs smell?To maintain the health and to maintain the gut of your hedgehog you have to provide them a good nutritious diet. 

The main contents of their diet should be high proteins. and low fats. 

The ratio of protein, fats, and fiber should be 28-30%, less than 10%, more than 4% respectively.

Avoid giving them meat which is not cooked. It doesn’t matter if they enjoy it or not. Always serve them meat which is cooked, grilled, or boiled.

Why do hedgehogs smell so bad? 

Hedgehogs don’t have any certain smell glands but if they are not kept clean they can be very nasty and can cause disgusting foul smells

Most of the smell is caused by two main things: cage and diet. It is also important to give them frequent baths. Bathing twice a week is necessary. You can also give sand baths at nights to avoid catching a cold and chills. 

Do hedgehogs smell because of bedding? Wood bedding can cause a nasty smell when its chemical composition reacts with the feces of the hedgehogs. Therefore I recommend cardboard bedding like pellets

The diet that contains fish has to be avoided because. The thing I have noticed is that food makes a huge difference. 

Hedgehogs will not smell if they are cleaned properly. Though cleanliness of the cage is very important as well. I strongly recommend pellet bedding to wood one. 

They shouldn’t be confined to their cages all the time. Try to dispose of their dung carefully to get rid of the smell. 

Can the question Do hedgehogs smell diminish by bathing? While bathing doesn’t bathe them very often. Also don’t leave them alone while bathing assuming they can swim. To know about the swimming of hedgehogs see my article ” Can hedgehogs swim?”. Anyhow their skin is quite sensitive so don’t bathe them frequently. 

As far as diet is concerned, cat food is best for them. As it controls the odor of the feces as well and provides the whole nutrients as well which is required by your hedgehog. 

So long story short is that as long as you keep your hedgehog clean and take care of the diet and cleanliness of the cage as well. Smelling issues won’t be there. 

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Some surprising facts about hedgehogs

Hedgehogs nowadays are quite a favorite pets among people after cats and dogs. But to keep them as pets you should be well aware of all the facts about this spike containing creatures. Some of the fun facts about this creature are mentioned here:

  • Hedgehogs though are shy animals and don’t travel in groups much but when they are in a group they are referred to as an “Array”. It only happens when hedgehogs have to mate. 
  •  In some parts of the United States, hedgehogs are still declared as wild animals. You need a proper permit to have them as pets. 
  • The total number of quills on hedgehogs ranges between 5000 and 7000.
  • Hedgehogs are not native to America. 
  • Hedgehogs cannot rely on their eyesight because they have very poor eyesight. They rely on hearing and smelling senses. 
  • Hedgehog’s quills are not like that of the porcupine. They are not that sharp and don’t contain poison. 
  • Hedgehogs  have got their name due to their natural habitat “garden hedges” and also due to their similarities with pigs.
  • Some hedgehogs also do hibernation but not all have the capability to do this. 
  • Hedgehogs have strong immunity towards the snake venom. 
  • Baby hedgehogs are called “Urchins”. 
  • Sea urchins are named after hedgehogs. 
  • Hedgehogs stock the food up while carrying them up on their quills. 
  • Once in New Zealand, a hedgehog was elected forcefully into the parliament. 
  •  Once Olympic hedgehogs games were also held. 
  • There is a fairy tale in which the main character is a half hedgehog. 
  • When they come into contact with strong and pungent smells they like to rub their saliva on their quills. 

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Question and Answers

Do hedgehogs smell bad?

Hedgehogs don’t have any certain scent glands. Therefore they don’t produce any strong bad odor. However, if they are not kept clean and safe they can be stinky.

Do hedgehogs smell as pets?

They don’t have a strong odor. Cats and dogs rather have a strong scent but hedgehogs don’t smell foul like them if kept clean.

Can hedgehogs smell food?

Yes, hedgehogs have a strong sense of smell. They can effectively smell food. However, they don’t have good eyesight.

Can hedgehogs smell humans?

Hedgehogs can become very fond of their owners. They can memorize the scents of their owners.

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