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Cashmere Lop

Lop series of rabbits are breed ones, and they come in different varieties. Up till now 5 to 6 lop rabbits have been discovered, and one of them is “Cashmere Lop”. Lop rabbits are known for their dropped ears. Honestly, I found its name interesting! Although, most of the rabbits in today’s world have upright ears whether they are domestic or bred. But, in the case of lop rabbits, it’s not the same. That’s why cashmere lop rabbit has dropped ears and not the upright ones. It is demonstrated that, of all the rabbits that are currently characterized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), 15% of their percentage consists of lop rabbits. Breeds have been done since the 18th century, but this species of the rabbit is not ancient. It was demonstrated in late 19’s. In 1980, Miss Turner of Wales discovered cashmere rabbits within the nest of a rabbit named Dwarf Lop, which “rings a bell” in our mind that before the cashmere lop was developed, other types of lop rabbits were present. Thus it was not the first lop rabbit to be developed. 

Mini Cashmere Lop:

While talking about this rabbit, we must know about the mini one.

Yes! These rabbits come in two sizes, big and the small one. People used to call the small one as mini or miniature cashmere lop.

History of Cashmere Lop

Even most of the people today are still confused about the discovery of this rabbit. Different people have different beliefs related to their development. It is considered by most of the young today that this rabbit was developed unintentionally, which means that whoever the scientist who was trying to demonstrate a breed, came up with this rabbit. People believe that it was bred as a result of the breeding ofHolland lop and Angora rabbit”.

However, when in the past, this rabbit got discovered, biologists started working on it to breed this rabbit in a different variety of colors and sizes. Lately, it was characterized by the British rabbit council

Order Lagomorpha
Diet Herbivores
Lifespan 9-10 years
Size 1.5-2 inches
Weight4 to 5 lbs. 
Gestation period 39-41 days
Length 5.8-10 cm 

Cashmere lop physical appearance:

As we said earlier, it comes in two sizes, but they both have the same appearance, the difference lies only in their size and weight. It has really, really long hair with a length of 1 to 2 inches. Believe me! If you have it as a pet, you need to groom it after a week or two to make sure its hairs are not converted into knots. It comes in different colors, but its main body color is a mix of white & brown. Sometimes, the structure of the ears does not support the weight of the ears; this is the reason why this rabbit has dropped ears. Whatever I personally find them really cute! However, it has a  body, along with it, it is also strong and powerful. It’s broad and has good muscles. It has a broad and deep chest. Like most of the rabbits, its front feet are short and thick, but the hind feet are wider and stronger. The tail this rabbit has is 1 to 2 inches long and is covered with furs; at the same time, it has some black furs at its tail.

Cashmere lop price

If you are curious knowing about the price of these rabbits, So you don’t have to wait anymore, I will tell you. So here are the prices, it will cost $20 to $40 if you buy them from breeders or pet houses. But the price will be different if you buy them for the purpose other than “as a pet”. Yeah! If you want this rabbit for a “show”, it will cost u more than 80 US dollars Now the Question is Where you can found these rabbits? Go to pet stores and clubs, or you can also have a private meeting with the breeders, and they will tell you each and everything about the rabbit. However, these rabbits are available in more than one color. So you can buy according to your choice you can go for the brown one with white eyes or the white one with blue eyes, it clearly depends on you! And also they make great family pets! Go for it!

Cashmere Lop 2

How big do Cashmere lop rabbit gets?

The standard size of this rabbit is 2 to 3 inch and weigh about 4 to 5 lbs. and in kgs. It has an average weight of 2 and a half kg. The female rabbit has even more weight than the male ones. Mini cashmere lop is even smaller than the standard ones, and they may weigh between 2 to 3 lbs. and in units of kg. It weighs about 1.5 kg. 

Cashmere lop lifespan 

If you keep on checking your pet rabbit and you take care of them and give them all the necessary diet and provide them with a non-confined habitat, they will live even more than they usually live. 

However, the average life span of these rabbits is round about 9 to 10 years. You must keep on checking your rabbit’s health condition so you would be aware of if there is any need for medication. Check on their teeth and their body temperature. 

Cashmere lop personality

These rabbits are just wonderful! They will get “used to” of you, and your family and they will even welcome someone at the door! They tend to enjoy being cared for and looked after. They became happier when you keep them with their belongings, like in a group of two or three rabbits. They love to be socialized, which is not common in most of the rabbits but these, they are just perfect! They should be provided with a wider cage where they are free to move, and also they would not feel confined. These rabbits when allowed to move freely they get more close to you, and they are intelligent, and capable to learn tricks, you can also teach them the use of litter box.

Cashmere lop baby

Most of the rabbits get mature in 4 to 6 months of age. The reproduction in female rabbits is different from humans. In female rabbits, eggs are released through sexual intercourse. The gestation period lasts 31 to 33 days. If you have a rabbit as a pet, then don’t forget to place nest boxes In their cage after 28 to 29 days of female rabbit pregnancy, Because they can give birth at any time. The mother rabbit makes a nest of furs inside the nest box before giving birth. The baby is born naked and deaf plus blind. Their eyes will be fully opened the past 10 days of their birth. In extreme cases, the female mother rabbit even kills its own baby due to not well-functioning nervous systems.

Cashmere Lop 4

Cashmere lop facts

Let’s know about some exciting facts and features of this rabbit:

  • Its long hairs all over the body, which makes it a charm! Is the reason behind its popularity in animal shows.
  • Rabbits do not sweat because of their ears which are responsible for the process of thermoregulation.
  • They make fabulous family pets and will even greet your guests!
  • After every 10 days, it needs to groom to avoid knotting as its body hairs are 5cm long.
  • It Is found in almost every color.

cashmere lop infographic

Cashmere lop habitat

Rabbits are lagomorph mammals which means they herbivorous and eats on green plants, grass, and shrubs. It also eats pellets, vegetables, and hay. Their digestive health and dental health are properly maintained only if they eat hay in a large amount. Hays such as timothy, oat, and orchard can be taken in any quantity but some hay types such as alfalfa are dangerous for health when taken in large quantities. Don’t forget to give your rabbit fresh food and a mix of spinach, romaine lettuce, and kale which are leafy greens.

How do you groom a Cashmere rabbit?

Cashmere Lop has long hairs and needs to be brushed well after a certain number of days. Otherwise, they all will get knotted into each other, and it will add a negative point to the beauty of the rabbit. You can groom your rabbit by taking a hair comb that has about 1 to 2 cm difference between its needles. Make sure to comb all parts of your rabbit, even its feet, and tail. If you found any knot, then remove it by using your fingers. 

Cashmere Lop 5

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