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American rabbit

This rabbit breed with a semi-arch body type has narrow ears. It is recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Their coat is very attractive and splendid fur gives very soft texture on touching. Let’s have a glance at some important features of this American rabbit.

Scientific name Oryctolagus cuniculus
Types  White American rabbits and Blue American rabbits
Weight  9-11 pounds
Size  Medium to large
Colors  white and blue
Temperament  Peaceful, loving, affectionate, tranquil
Lifespan  8 to 12 years
Similar breeds  Florida white rabbit, Polish rabbit

History of American rabbit

Lewis H. Salisbury of California crossed a few blue European rabbits i.e. Flemish Giant, Blue Imperial, Beveren, and Vienna, and developed the American rabbit in 1917. It was firstly named as German rabbit that was changed into an American rabbit after the 1st world war. Unfortunately, the interest in these rabbits decreased because the rabbit breeders desired about loving and smaller rabbits that grow faster and can be used for pet show purposes.

Due to this reason, only 200 known species of these breeds exist and have become very rare in the United States. Thanks to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy that have taken some important steps for the survival of these rabbit breeds.

American rabbit 1

American rabbit Physical characteristics

  1. These fully-grown rabbits appear to be medium to larger in size 
  2. The white and blue ones have shortened and flyback fur
  3. They appear to have two colors i.e. blue and white, hence are named as white American rabbits with red eyes and Blue American rabbits
  4. They have well-shaped heads and narrow ears that are proportional in length
  5. The good deep-colored coat is free from stray-colored hairs and molt
  6. The bucks are lighter than the American does 

Temperament of American rabbit

They also have some distinctive and unique features like other rabbits. Although these breeds show a calm, docile, and loving nature towards humans, they sometimes become skittish. They come in the category of hardy breeds and have excellent mothering abilities. These rabbits also hop for many hours and are full of energy. However, they can be made good companions because of their good temperament.

American rabbit colors

This rabbit comes in a variety of two different colors:

  • Blue 
  • White

The blue ones are of dark grey color while the white American rabbits have red-colored eyes and white-colored fur.

American rabbit Grooming and care

If you want to keep these bunnies as your pets, you must take good care of them. 

  1. It is required to groom your rabbit by brushing their teeth a few times a month. 
  2. The adult ones must be fed with high-fiber pellets every day. 
  3. Their diet also contains celery, mango, peach, carrots, fruits, and vegetables. The indoor rabbits must be exercised regularly because it will stretch their legs and will be a sort of playtime for them. 
  4. They can also be kept in indoor rabbit cages or in the enclosures that are built by yourselves. However, the outdoor ones are temperature-sensitive and must be kept aware of predators and outdoor temperatures.
  5. Also, keep in mind that their nails also need to be trimmed after a month just like their teeth when they are overgrown. If you are not giving proper attention to these points so start giving them because it may cause severe damage to the health of your pet.

American rabbit Coat 

Just like other breeds of rabbits this too has fur on its body, which makes them look more attractive. Its coat is very soft to the touch and has a silky appearance. Proper care is needed. 

Make sure to give your rabbit bath twice a week. Their coat must be dirt free and also these rabbits like to stay neat and clean. So, a bath is necessary otherwise it may problem for your rabbit. Your rabbit may go into stress and have a cardiac arrest. 

Keep an eye on your rabbit because when the shedding season comes, there is a need for more brushing during these days. Like dogs and cats, rabbits also shed a lot. 

American rabbit 2

Diet of American Rabbits

70% of their diet is based on pellets and hay. Adult rabbit eats hay for almost twice a day. Also, in addition to this, we suggest you give your rabbit fresh fruits, some grass, and vegetables. Vegetables like;

  • Carrot
  • Mango
  • Pear
  • Peach
  • Celery
  • Lettuce
  • Watercress

American rabbit Health 

If you love your pet, then it is your moral duty to take proper care of them. Monthly check-ups are required, vaccinate them on time. Also, when your rabbit is 3 months old don’t try to spay it because according to vets you should have spayed them when they are 6 months old. 

Particularly after doing some research, we have not seen any specific disease in them. But just like other rabbits either they are local or commercial they are open to health diseases like;

  • Tumors in uterus
  • Snuffles
  • Hairballs
  • Overgrown teeth
  • Myxomatosis
  • Calcivirus

If you are giving your rabbit proper food like hay they will not have these diseases. But if you are not taking proper care of its food then your pet is susceptible to these health issues. 

American rabbit facts

Every breed comes up with its own feature, facts, and attributes. For those who are in search of a pet must see this information before adopting them because it will help them to know what type of breed they are going to adopt.

  1. It is good for people of every age. Either you are single. Couple or have a family it fits best for every person.
  2. It has a very docile, calm. Tranquil, peaceful, loving, and affection in nature. 
  3. They love to play when they are out of their enclosures.
  4. Found in two colors as mentioned above white and blue. 
  5. It has a thick coat of fur on its body which has a very soft, smooth, and silky texture. 
  6. Dietary requirements are like other breeds of rabbits mainly based on hay and pellet. Some fresh fruits along with vegetables also help them healthy.
  7. Its coat needs grooming, which means you need to brush its coat on a daily basis, and more when they are shedding. 

american rabbit infographic

How big do American rabbits get?

Female rabbits are slightly larger in size than the male rabbits. They can reach up to 9-12lbs in size. They are just like normal rabbits. They came as a result of cross-breeding between a few rabbit species like Flemish Giant and blue European rabbits etc. 

How long do American blue rabbits live?

On average they have a lifespan of 5-8 years. But if you do proper care of them, like taking care of their diet and groom them properly, its lifespan can be increased. Give some time out of their enclosures so that they can have some time to play. Thus, by giving proper care in captivity you can increase its lifespan. 

American rabbit 3

Are American rabbits endangered?

Yes, in the year 2006 by the American Rabbit Breeders Association they are considered as extremely endangered. Experiments and cross-breeding are being done to save them.

If you wish to know more knowledge about rabbits goes to here we are working on every animal’s life. We are updating every content whenever new information came. We hope you have liked this article and found your information which is looking for because our only purpose is to provide our visitors with the best of information. 

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