Top 11 Lis of Animals that start from I

Animals that start from I

“I” may seem like a tough word and one may assume that there are not too many words that can begin with this alphabet. But see, life cannot be based on assumptions, and we are here to prove you wrong. Below is the list of animals that begin with the alphabet “I”. You may even come across many new animals and fun facts associated with each animal. Let’s jump into it:

Lis of Animals that start from I

  1. Ibex
  2. Icelandic sheepdog
  3. Impala
  4. Indian giant squirrel
  5. Indian star-shaped tortoise
  6. Irish Terrier
  7. Ibis
  8. Irish doodle
  9. Iguanas
  10. Indian Elephants
  11. Indochinese tiger


It is a wild goat native to the lands of South eastern Africa, Europe, and Asia. You may confuse this goat with a deer, but it is not. Ibex goats are habitual to mountainous regions, and they live at elevations as high as three thousand and two hundred meters from earth. You can spot male ibex at more heights like mountain cliffs and may be at the top whereas female ibex tend to stay at lower heights in green areas.

When night falls, both of them move into greener areas for feeding purposes. Their habitat includes temperate and terrestrial forests. You can differentiate between a male and a female ibex because they look different from each other. Males are more heighted and weigh around eighty to hundred kilograms whereas female ibex are shorter and weigh around sixty to eight kilograms.

Icelandic sheepdog:

It is a dog breed who was brought by vikings to America. This dog breed was primarily used for protection and managing sheep herds. Though it is strange, they still retain their past habit, and tend to become aggressive birds, and they also stare at the sky as if they were watching someone. This breed is also famous as “Icelandic Spitz.”

 As their name predicts, Icelandic sheep breed works well in colder climates and they are very social, hence a perfect choice for a pet dog. However, there is one con to this dog breed, if you are living downtown, and you own a little apartment then this dog breed may not be the right choice for you. Why? Because these dogs are full of zeal and are very energetic. So, they don’t fit well in smaller areas. But, if you are willing to make peace with your dog, and you can take him to enough walks, ensure enough physical exercise, then you may keep this breed.


These medium sized antelopes are native to African Savanna, and are also found in the forests of South eastern Africa. Like all other antelopes, impalas also tend to form huge flocks in the monsoon seasons, when there are a lot of food options. Impalas are herbivores, and munch upon grass, sherbs, herbs, and shoots.

The main reason why impalas make herds while they are munching, because they want to protect themselves from predators. All of their lives, impalas are in a continuous race of surviving from predators like lions, hyenas, cheetahs etc. In an impala herd, there will always be an impala on duty who will create an alarm call that will make all animals in the flock vigilant and to run at the right time.

Indian giant squirrel:

This squirrel is also known as “Malabar giant squirrel.” This squirrel can leave you in awe because it’s that big, and you may not even believe it to be a squirrel. Indian giant squirrels are different from every other squirrel in many ways. Unlike other squirrels they do not hoard the nuts and seeds in their cheeks or holes but they store them in the treetops. Now you may wonder why nature colored them purple, and put them at risk of being center of attention, and easy prey? Well it may seem odd but these squirrels inhabit huge leafy forests, and the purple pattern in fact helps them in camouflaging.

Indian star-shaped tortoise:

These tortoises are native to India, Pakistan, and Thailand, and are decreasing with each passing day. You have often heard this phrase from a hare-tortoise story that slowest ones win the race, so it seems like that this may be the tortoise in the story, because it is that slow. They are called star-shaped because of their star-shaped camouflage figure on their shell. They are tiny and have a reserve nature when compared to other tortoises. Though they are habitual of outdoor environments but if trained they can also accommodate internal environments.

Irish Terrier:

To make you aware, if you are thinking of having an Irish Terrier as your pet dog, then you may think twice. Why? Because they may not seem like it but irish terriers are aggressive, and they don’t even think before attacking the bigger dogs. They won’t stop until one of them is left with a serious injury. However, if they are well trained there are no other gentle terrier breeds than them. Irish terriers are not a fan of sprints, so do not think that they will accompany you to long runs, but if it’s a little jog then they will be okay.

Animals that start from I


Ibis is a bird and is related to the heron family. However, they are different from them because of their more slender, curvature bills that are bent in the downward direction. They can live for upto twenty years, and are known for their thin legs, and long necks. As soon as they hit the age of five, ibises become sexually mature, and mostly prefer to nest in heighted trees. Ibises are primarily native to the brittle and dry regions of Africa, and Middle East. Unlike other birds, both male and female ibis take part in the breeding and nurturing of their young until they are capable of defending themselves.

Irish doodle:

You may have heard about a “designer dog.” Well Irish doodle is the one, it’s an international level famous dog breed, extensively used in dog competitions. Moreover, Irish doodles are extremely affectionate and social, they love to be around kids and they consider them their pack members and stay very patient with them. However, keeping an Irish dog can be an expensive thought because it will cost you around one thousand to fifteen thousand dollars.


You may have wondered about keeping an iguana as your pet in your childhood. That big lizard, that has always been your fantasy, is actually the biggest lizard found in America. They can grow around six feet, and their weight can be unto eleven pounds. Iguanas habitat includes rainforest, and they are native to the areas of Mexico, Brazil, and Central America. They usually spend their life on treetops and seldomly observable on land commonly when they mate and have to lay eggs.

Indian Elephants:

Indian elephants are one of the most widely known animal species in the world. The thing that differentiates them from African elephants is that their ears are not big like the African ones. However, juvenile African elephants have shorter ears than the juvenile asian elephants. The Indian elephant’s trunk is capable of recognizing the temperature and surface of the object. Though elephants are huge animals, nature has not equipped them with extra clear eye-sight, in fact they suffer when it comes to eyesight.

Indochinese tiger:

This tiger species is a specific and unique breed which is now extinct in Asia. These tigers like to live solo, and are shy, therefore they don’t want to be seen much. Like all other tigers, they also have an orange-colored fur with black stripes, However, they have smaller eyes as compared to the other tiger species.

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