Tips for Grooming Different Pets at Home

With the recent Pandemic, everyone got the hang of doing things themselves and cutting expenses as much as possible. This includes pet grooming as well. To keep your furball clean and squeaky, you don’t necessarily have to visit a professional.

Be it bathing, nail clipping, or brushing, and you can give your pet a new and fresh look in the comfort of your home. Although Pet Grooming can be a piece of work at home, no matter how patient you or your dog is, for a fact, we can help you get it done most efficiently and safely.

Get the Right Tools:

Ask your vet about the right tools for your puppy. Every dog, according to its coat type and length, requires different kinds of brushes and combs. Get the most suitable one for your dog to make things easier.

Since Goldendoodle is one of the most popular dog breeds this year, we curated a list of the best brush for Goldendoodle just for your furball!

Bathe Works

A bath once every month will keep your dog free from mats, mange, fleas, and lice. Make a mental note that bathing more than they should only dry out their skin. But if your dog has much outdoor time, you can bath them more than once. Trust us! You would know when it is time for your dog’s bath.

Ask your vet if there’s a specific shampoo for your dog’s coat and length to promote healthy and shiny fur. If your Fluffy is hesitant, don’t worry! be patient and get lots and lots of treats for your dog.

Motivate them to get into the bathtub or bathing station, praise them or give them a goodie for every positive thing or step they take towards bathe. Keep all the shampoos and conditioners near you; so you don’t have to struggle with that later with a wet dog. Start with their feet, then make your way up to the body.

I cannot stress this enough but ALWAYS rinse your furball properly and thoroughly. A very crucial thing to care about while bathing your dog is rinsing products properly. Left outs can cause infections and itching, which is worse than not giving a bath (Is it time for a ”Who’s a good boy for taking a bath” treat?)

Brush your Plush

Brushing your dog in the right way and in the right amount of time is no different from art. You have to be gentle (do you like it when your hairdresser pulls your hair? Yeah, same for pets). If you find a mat, don’t pull it or cut it, it may harm your dog or yourself in doing so. Instead, get ta brush or comb specifically made to remove mats and tangles.

Conditioning your dog’s hair will smoothen the brushing, as well as using a pin brush that also prevents giving your dog a brush burn.

If you’re still with us, you’ve read the above two steps. Reading all this might make you nervous but so does the dog. Therefore, we suggest associating bathing time for your dog with something positive. This way, your fluffball won’t cause chaos every time they hear water running, and it would be a lot easier for you too.

Do you own a ferret and still reading this hoping you’d get something useful from this. (Dogs, Cats, Ferrets. They’re all the same when it comes to grooming experience). Then you’re at the right place, buddy! We got you covered about everything you should know about Ferret grooming.

Clip Clip Clip

Moving forward. Did you see your pet bumping into walls recently? It’s probably time for a hair trim. Or if you see fur flying around the house. Some dog breeds, like the Poodle or Shih Tzu, don’t shed their hair as much but have incredible hair growth. Hence a haircut around every six weeks would do the work. NEVER shave; always trim your puppy. Be very careful with your scissors around the ears.

Pweety Paws

For starters, when your dog’s nails touch the floor, you know you’ve to trim those nails. Long nails don’t cause discomfort only; but also increase the chances of nail breakage to a potential injury and infection.

Some dogs don’t like their nails being trimmed. Train them from an early age so it could be easier later to trim their nails on time.

Avoid cutting the nails too deep, as that’s where nerves are. If your dogs feel pain and discomfort, they may show signs such as growling, whining, drooling, and panting and will not let your get close anymore.

If you cut the nail too deep and it starts bleeding, apply corn starch to the wound and press it a little to ensure it sticks. If it still doesn’t stop, contact your vet ASAP.

Ear and Eyes Health

Check your dog’s ear regularly for excess wax, irritation, or Odor. If you see wax, dampen a cotton ball with an ear-cleaning solution and wipe it gently. (Yes, we remember ear swabs exist, but they are likely to cause injury, so better if you, too, forget about them).

As for eyes, they should be sparkly like a cute little puppy. If you see any dirt in the eyes or crust around the eyes. Damp a cloth and gently clean it to get a crust-free dog! Check the inner lining of your dog’s lower eyelid. It should be pink only! If you find anything unhealthy, get in touch with your veterinarian.

Dental Health

Just like a human smile, a dog’s smile needs maintenance too! (And after all this treaty grooming, they need it). And thanks to chewing on everything they have in sight, there are high chances of developing periodontal disease.

Brushing your furball’s teeth Daily would do the trick, but if your pooch is hesitant, you can switch to a few times a week. And yeah, to be sure, human toothpaste is harmful to your dog.

Dogs need to be groomed throughout their lives as it helps your four-legged companion lead a healthy life. It also allows you to spot any health issues before it’s too late. If you suspect anything unusual with your dog’s ear, skin, eyes, or anything in particular: it’s better to get in touch with your vet for proper care and assessment.

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