What is a Tabby Cat? 10 Fun Facts About Tabby Cat

A tabby cat is a domestic animal or a house cat that contains some unique patterns on its body. These unique patterns include dots, dark stripes, and some swirling lines. Usually, these patterns seem to make an M on its forehead. Tabby is not a breed of cat, however a coat type considered in almost all genetic traces of home cats, regardless of status. The tabby pattern is a characteristic which may even be associated with the coloration of the domestic cat’s direct ancestor, the African Wildcat, which features a comparable coloration

What exactly are tabby cats?

Many people assume that tabby cats are a unique breed, but certainly Tabby refers to the coat pattern, which can be present on lots of exceptional breeds. Tabby cats are categorized into different groups on the basis of their unique body patterns. There is the mackerel tabby with long narrow parallel stripes running up and down the edges that are said to resemble a fish skeleton from where patterns’ name derived from. The classic tabby is the most frequent of all the tabby cats. They have wider stripes that tend to curve to shape-round patterns and three massive stripes strolling from the shoulders to the base of the tail. Similar to the mackerel type, this pattern hasn’t escaped meal comparisons both as many human beings liken it to a marble floor.

What it means to be a tabby cat?

Let me say most of the people love to have tabby cats but they are not actually aware of them or even the word “tabby” itself. So the word tabby definitely is related to the coat pattern. But it does not specifically restricted to one breed only. The pattern can be confused with other breeds.

No one exactly knows that from where the name originated but some say that the word finds it roots to a to silk cat with stripes or a French sentence the core of which is “Tabis” meaning “highly ricked with silk”.

Tabby Cat History:

Tabby cat can be found in various varieties and colors. They have a specific gene which makes any creature to have stripes or patterned spots on their body. Their usual colors are brown, grey and orange.

The reason for having stripes is largely related to their forefathers about 10000 years ago which the research says that their spots and patches helped them a lot in camouflaging in wildlife from their predators.

Tubby Cat Specific characteristics:

The most distinctive feature is that they have a prominent M on their forehead and stripes and as a specific pattern around their eyes like an eyeliner.

8 fun facts about tabby cat:

  • Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was an utmost cat lover and he loves to have pet cats. It is said that when He placed is hand on the cat’s forehand M got imprinted on it.
  • Christian mythology believes that Mother Mary marked the cat with the first letter of her name in the gratitude of making the newborn Jesus letting him sleep.
  • Some research says that when a cat stares a mouth to eat it then M is developed as a set of Frown lines on the forehead. 
  • The ears of the tabby cat can rotate up to 180 degrees.
  • They are extremely loving and wants your attention, so you can enjoy cuddling with them.
  • The word derived from the silk patterns in the French language.
  • Their patterns and colors are very specific to their breed.
  • Tabby does not mean a cat breed, the word refers to the pattern and coat. 

Tabby cats and their colorful patterns

Tabby Cat Four patterns:

    1. The traditional or classical one is relevant to zebra stripes prominent on the shoulders and from heading from the shoulders to backward till they reach the tail.
    2. The tabby called with Mackerel stripes. Their stripes are a bit unusual, they have blotches that are not specifically patterned they are rather in a random fashion particularly prominent on the spine area.
    3. Tabby with spots. They have a lighter base coat on which there are round blotches which are of a prominent color.
    4. They are called ticked or agouti ones. They don’t have as such prominent spots on the body but rather have very thin stripes on the body and face.

Your guide to the tabby cat

Everyone loves to own tabby cats because off their patterns and specific coats and also there are a variety of coats and patterns available. However to pet them you have to be aware of their personality and breeds as well.

They widely vary in their sizes and colors making them attractive and also complicated to understand. Most of them have thin or tapered tails and usually have a lighter base fur with darker spots.

Usually, as compared to Bengali cats which are usually wild in nature and are quite curious, tabby cats, on the other hand, are more socializing and loving in nature.

Cats are usually clean creatures and like to groom themselves but it is recommended to brush them regularly particularly when they are shedding. Also when the cats get older they can develop many renal and liver diseases therefore you have to take them to a vet in a proper schedule.

Tabby cat personality and behavior

Let me make it very clear that tabby is not a type of breed it is just a coat pattern. This pattern is observed in so many cats due to dominant genetic behavior. Though every breed of the cat has specific characteristics and personality behaviors but the surroundings play a major role in explaining the personality of the cat.

What is a Tabby Cat11

Personality and behavior:

Generally, tabbies are generous, friendly and they love to socialize as well. But due to high evolution in their genes, they recognize their owners and the people of their homes so well that they can misbehave in front of strangers but with proper training.

Generally, they are loving in nature and they attack only once in a blue moon and that is well for their self-defense. They also have a lean body structure and you will hardly find an overweight tabby cat.

But they eat a lot even if they are not hungry so you have to give proper scheduled meals in order they don’t get fat. Tabby cats love to make bonds with the humans, in fact, some may follow you in order to get food, water, and shelter.

Hence because of their loving and cuddly nature, many alone people find tabby cats as their best friends a member of the family to share their life with.

Question and answers

What does a tabby cat look like?

As we all know tabby means coat pattern. So they have tapered patterns on their body running from their shoulders to the tail and they have a very prominent M letter on their forehead.

What is a tabby cat breed?

Tabby means “patterned coat”. They are a specific breed of the cat having stripes, blotches or patches present on their body and usually have a lean body type. They are also available in a wide variety of colors. The most distinctive feature is the presence of “M” on their forehead.

What color is a tabby cat?

Tabby cat comes in a variety of colors having a lighter base and stripes or patches of darker color. The prominent colors are brown, orange and grey.

What is a male tabby cat called?

The male cat of any breed of cat is called “Tom”.

What is a buff tabby cat?

Buff is a color resembling rust orange. Buff cat is basically an orange-colored tabby having lighter brown or darker orange stripes.


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