List of Animals starting from K Updated 2022

Animals starting from K

Hey there wondering the names of animals starting from “K”? Well worry no more we got you covered. Here is a comprehensive list of maximum animals starting from “K” with interesting facts and information. So, let’s get going:

List of Animals starting from K

  1. Kag
  2. Kakapo
  3. Kangaroo
  4. Kangaroo rat
  5. Katydids
  6. Keel billed toucan
  7. Keeshond
  8. Kestrel
  9. Killer whale
  10. King Cobra


Kagu is a bird only found in the forests of New Caledonia. It has long legs, blue in colour, and generally has a dim grey plumahe. Their beaks are orange in color. These birds can hardly fly and you will normally spot them on the ground. Their prey normally includes invertebrates like insects and worms.

It is a strange fact that Kagus also build their nests on the ground as they collect small sticks from the ground to build their nests. Both of the parents divide the parental duties and take one egg for the incubation as well as their rearing. They can’t perform well in every kind of habitat and may be prone to new predators if you do so. Also, they are endangered animals according to the IUCN red list of endangered animals. 


This huge bird resembling a parrot is native to New Zealand only. Though it’s very huge, they are still flightless birds, and this is the only parrot species that can’t fly. Kakapos are nocturnal and they live by dwelling holes in the ground. As they live in the dense forests, kakapo have an interesting defense mechanism, they freeze when they feel threatened. In this way, they easily camouflage themselves in the background.

Kakapos have an excellent smelling capability which helps them in their nocturnal lifestyle. They also have a sweet/sour odor that aids them while finding each other in dense forests. 


Kangaroos are marsupials, and their shape and size varies with their species. Kangaroos are so unique that there are continents that are identified via their presence. They are not just simple marsupials in fact they are the biggest ones on this planet. Eastern grey kangaroos are the largest species of this animal.

They are called marsupials because they have huge feet. There are some species that may not look like kangaroos but they are. Those species are wallabies, and wallaroos. There are also some kangaroos that inhabit trees and are known as tree kangaroos. To your amazement , most kangaroos use their left hand for their daily activities. Kangaroo’s hands are known for their precision due to its unique design and also for their strength. 

Kangaroo rat:  

As their name suggests these rats have kangaroo-like features but they are real rats.They are called kangaroo rats because of their remarkable ability of jumping up to nine feet, their remarkably long tail aids them in hoping right and left while jumping.This technique helps them from dodging and escaping the predators.

Kangaroo rats are only found in deserts, mostly in dry and humid habitats. As they live in such harsh environments, kangaroo rats have amazing mechanisms for storing food and water. That is why, they do not have to take water externally like other mammals. Instead, they fulfil all of their water requirements from their diet which consists mainly of seeds. Kangaroo rats are normally found in Arizona, California, Mexico, and Canada.


These are small to medium insects mostly green in color, One can also spot brown markings on their body as well. Katydids somehow like grasshoppers but they are more wide and lesser in length than the grasshoppers. Like other insects in their family, they are excellent jumpers and that is why their hind legs are stronger and longer than the rest of the legs.

They have leafy green color which helps them to blend in their environment and provide them with excellent camouflage. On the front they have a chewing mouth and two long antennae which can extend towards the bellies of their prey. There are some species of this insect which are capable of flying.

Keel billed toucan:

As their name suggests these birds are primarily known for their brightly colored and huge bills. They mostly have black plumage. Their face and throat is of yellow color, they also have a green hue between their eyes and ears, and their underparts are white with blue legs. As it appears, one may think that their huge bills are heavy but the reality is quite light-weight.

Like all other birds, their bill is made up of keratin protein (the one we have in our nails), and the beaks are hollow, having thin rods as bones for support. Though scientists are not convinced about the role of their big beak, they do say that their beaks play an important role in attracting female birds, and also as a defensive weapon.

Animals starting from K


If you live in Holland, you may already be aware about this dog breed, it’s an ancient dog breed. In ancient times, Keeshond was used as a security dog that usually watched the boats, and other stuff. However, today it has become more of a day-day dog which people prefer to keep as pets. If you are someone who likes social dogs, then keeshond is the best dog breed for you. They are extremely social, love to be around people, and ensure their participation in every task.

They can also perform well in closed spaces like flats and apartments, but they do bark sometimes. Keeshond does not like to be alone for extended time periods. So, if you can take care of this breed and fulfill its requirements, then it can make a cheerful family member.


A falcon famous for their hovering habit. A kestrel goes for their prey like any other falcon or hawk, they hover around their prey and suddenly grab them with their strong talons. They mostly eat large insects, small birds, small mammals, invertebrates etc. Kestrels are fast flyers, and they can travel at the speed of thirty nine metres per hour.

Above all this, nature has gifted kestrels with amazing eyesight, it is believed that their eyesight is about eight times more powerful than human eyesight. They have big dark colored black eyes which can spot prey movement two hundred feet above from the ground, and not only this they can also measure the accurate distance and position of their prey.

Killer whale:

You have seen several videos of this fish on National Geographic, and on the Discovery channel. It is also known as Ocra, and is a member of the dolphin family. It is the largest dolphin on the Earth and belongs to the Family Odontocetes.

They are called whales though they are dolphins because dolphins and whales have very similar attributes, and these were often found to be hunting bigger whales, and thus the name killer whales. Killer whales are very picky when it comes to their diet, it has been observed that what a specific family eats, all family members stick to their diet, and hesitate to shift to other diets. Collectively, orcas consume dolphins, small and big fishes, sea birds, sea lions, seals, penguins, other whales etc.

King Cobra:

As their name suggests, king cobras are the most venomous snakes on the Earth. They are most famous because of their capability to stand up like a grown person. King cobras when they feel threatened they can lift ⅓ rd of their bodies and can still attack in the forward direction. However, King cobras are hesitant and shy creatures when it comes to humans, and normally they avoid interactions with humans. 

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