Best 10 American Fuzzy Lop Facts, History, Care

American Fuzzy Lop

It is a breed of rabbits and looks like Holland Lop rabbits. It has fuzzy wool on its body that’s why they are named as a fuzzy lop. It is recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Its wool is like the Angora breed of rabbits. Let’s have a look at some main features of the American fuzzy lop rabbit.

Scientific nameOryctolagus cuniculus
Higher ClassificationEuropean Rabbits
lifespan5-8 years
Weight3-4 lbs.
Size dwarf
TemperamentActive, loving, playful
Color Brown, white, natural

History of American fuzzy lop 

Like every breed of rabbit, this breed also comes up with its own unique historical points. It came into existence when breeders, try to breed a Holland lop with an English spot to create a broken pattern. They successfully bred these two rabbits, and as result, these fuzzy lops with broken patterns came into being. But they were failed to have fur on its back. Then they decided to cross-bred Holland lop with French Angora breed of rabbits, which in return produced a fuzzy lop rabbit having wool on its back. People loved them, because of their soft fur, and smaller size. 

Fuzzy lop rabbit was presented to American Rabbit Breeder Association in 1985, by Patty Greene-Karl. These fuzzy lop rabbits are well-known for their cute, loving, and affectionate temperament. They are good as pets, moreover, people take these into pet shows. 

Physical characteristics of American Fuzzy Lop

  1. As it comes as a crossbreed between Holland lop and French angora, it has a smaller size just like the Holland lop. That’s why sometimes they are also known as dwarf rabbits. 
  2. It has a thicker body, covered in wool with short muscles, and rounded hindquarters. 
  3. Ears touch the head.
  4. Their wool is very soft to touch and is about 2 inches longer in size. In addition to this, its wool is used for other purposes like you can be made different types of clothes.
  5. Another name used for fuzzy lop is “The Head of Fancy.”
  6. Its wool is very rough and bristly, which means it will not tangle.
  7. It needs grooming like cutting, and brushing of the nails, and wool. 

The temperament of fuzzy lop

Like other rabbit breeds, American fuzzy lop has its own unique, and distinctive features. It has an active, and zestful personality. When it comes to competition this fuzzy lop has high competition among other breeds of rabbits. 

It doesn’t matter that you are a single, couple, or have a family, it is the best pet for every person. Its playful, affectionate, and loving nature make it even more loveable. 

Color of American Fuzzy Lop

It comes in a variety of different colors. Like as, 

  • White
  • Brown
  • Opal 
  • Lynx
  • Chinchilla
  • Squirrel

All the fuzzy lop rabbits have marked on its nose area.

American Fuzzy Lop Grooming and Care

Our pets are just like our children. we need to give them proper care as we gave to our kids. If you want your pet to be active, and healthy then proper care is required. On the other hand, it doesn’t need daily grooming. For that purpose, we recommend you to buy a brush that is designed specifically for the pets. 

Daily baths are not needed, just clean that area which is dirty with the cloth. 

American Fuzzy Lop Dietary Requirements

The major portion of every rabbit’s diet consists of grass and hay. Along with these give your rabbit some fresh fruits, vegetables, and green leaves. Make sure the availability of freshwater 24/7. 

Clean the cage of your rabbit on daily basis. Otherwise, it may get diseases because of dung in the cage. It doesn’t matter that your rabbit’s cage is indoor or outdoor, give your rabbit some free time out of their enclosure. Make sure the area where you are setting them free is fenced properly. Fuzzy lop rabbits have a very energetic personality, and it loves to run, play, and jump when outside of their cages. 

American Fuzzy Lop 3

Health of American Fuzzy Lop

After going through some research, we get to know that these fuzzy lop rabbits don’t seem to have any specific disease. But, their fur is so much wooly that they eat its owns wool. Just like the cats, they also eat its fur but cats after eating it regorge it. Rabbits, on the other hand, don’t vomit. If you see it from the body you think it doesn’t need food but in reality, they are hungry.

So, it is the duty of owners to take care of their fuzzy lops. An enzyme named papaya enzyme tablet is used which helps in breaking the furballs. 

One common problem which is seen in rabbits is that the development of worms in their stomach, so you need to give them de-worming paste two times a year. Make sure to trim the nails and teeth of your rabbit, because it may cause a problem if they are overgrown. 

American Fuzzy Lop Facts

Before buying or adopting a pet make sure to have some knowledge about that pet. So, here we will give some facts about fuzzy lop which will help you in knowing it. 

  1. Its vibrant nature makes it popular among people. Those who are searching for pets should have this one because they are friendly in nature.
  2. Fuzzy lop doesn’t require high maintenance or grooming.
  3. It has furry wool on its body, its wool on the other hand is also used for making different clothes.
  4. Food is the same as that of other rabbit’s grass, hay, and some fresh vegetables.
  5. Give some time to them out of their enclosures because the fuzzy lop has a playful nature.
  6. We recommend you buy a pair of rabbits instead of a single rabbit because it will give them some company and also increases the lifespan of fuzzy lop.
  7. The spaying process starts at the age of 4 months in females, but according to the vet’s recommendation, you should start spaying when it reaches the age of 6 months.

How big do American Fuzzy lops get?

Like Holland lop rabbits, fuzzy lop also known as dwarf rabbits. Their size is very small. They can reach up to 12 pounds of range. Whereas, if talk about its fur, which gets larger in size as time passes. Some have larger, some have medium to small size fur.

American Fuzzy Lop 4

Where do American Fuzzy lop come from?

As the name suggests that they are from America. Fuzzy lop came into being as a result of cross-breeding between Holland lop and French angora. Almost similar in size with Holland lop but has furry wool on its body. 

How do you groom a fuzzy lop rabbit?

It doesn’t require high grooming, just brush its fur one time a day. But, keep an eye on the nails and teeth. Trim them on time, because overgrown teeth may cause problems for your rabbit. 

American Fuzzy Lop 5

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