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Swamp Rabbit

We have, as of now, talking about different species of cottontail rabbits such as eastern cottontail and desert cottontail. Why I am talking about these rabbits? Because the rabbit, of which, I am going to give information today is related to cottontail rabbits and its name is “Swamp Rabbit”. Swamp rabbits are named so because of the swamp grassy environment where they used to live. 

Swamp rabbit vs cottontail rabbit

Some people confuse them with cottontail rabbits as they have a physical appearance similar to them, but people who hunt them say these rabbits are much, much bigger than the cottontail ones. 

Scientific NameSylvilagus aquaticus
Order Lagomorpha
SpeciesS. aquaticus
Diet Herbivores
Lifespan 1.8-9 years
Size 15-18 inches
Weight2.1 kg
Gestation period 37 days
Trophic levelHerbivores
Length 46 cm 

The Swamp rabbit is the largest member of the cottontail rabbit species. Although for most individuals, these rabbits are not from the cottontail genus. It has the scientific name Sylvilagus aquaticus”  and is a member of the family “Leporidae.” They are found in the southeastern United States and considers to be the biggest species of the rabbits living within the state.

Swamp rabbit physical appearance 

Swamp rabbits are brown in color, but they are not overall brown; its furs are dense and thick and have a mix of dark and rusty brown shade; they also have black spots on its body. It has small and round ears. Its furs thickness supports its skin to remain unaffected by water. 

When we see a rabbit, we feel kind of yellowish-orangish shade coming out of its furs at first sight. Likewise, the cottontail rabbits swamp rabbit tail is also small to see, but it is white in color. Its eyes are covered by a circle made of cinnamon color.

Swamp Rabbit 1

Swamp rabbit size

As I said earlier, the swamp rabbit is considered the largest rabbit out of the rabbits living within its range. Likewise its size, its weight is also bigger. It weighs between 3 to 6 pounds. And its average length falls between 16 to 22 inches. Unlike other rabbits, its males are heightened than female rabbits.

Swamp rabbit facts

What I found about this rabbit is that it has some special tricks and features than other rabbits and this thing makes this rabbit special and unique. 

Have a look at some of those features and facts:-

  1. These rabbit is a swimmer. Like seriously? Yeah! these rabbit is good at swimming and when do they swim? It totally depends on the situation.
  2. These rabbit is popular for being 
  3. these rabbit is popular for being adopted in several game shows such as Missouri’s Bootheel region.
  4. Several restaurants, cafe’s and trails have their name on the name of swamp rabbit in the city of Greenville.
  5. these rabbit is considered the largest of the rabbits living within its range.
  6. It has three teeth that help it to eat its diet.
  7. Male rabbits have more height than female rabbits of their species.

swamp rabbit infographic 1

Swamp rabbit swimming

Now let’s talk about its swimming activity. This rabbit has a very sharp mind. When a predator comes near to them or when they found themselves being stalked by a predator, what they do is; they jump deep in the water and swim far away from the range of its life hunter. So it’s an excellent trick for any animal who knows how to swim because not all the hunters and predators are swimmers.

In history, many incidents have happened in which we see how these rabbits swim to be safe. Let me tell you one of them. This is the incident that happened in Georgia in 1979, President Jimmy Carter was in a boat, and then a swamp rabbit chased by the pile of hounds jumped in the water and swam to the same boat where the president was sitting. By the splash of water, he shooed it away.

What do swamp rabbits eat?

Having a healthy diet of leafy greens is important to each mammal as it is their habitat source. Like all other rabbits, this rabbit being herbivore eats grass, shrubs, twigs, barks, and sedges. It eats different food patches such as blackberry and brushy fence rows, honeysuckle thickets, brush and slash piles are also their excellent source of diet. 

At night, more food is eaten by them than a day. These rabbits utilize aquatic plants and grasses as the source of water.

Swamp rabbit range

Likewise its name, it lives in swampy areas like swampy lowlands, cypress swamp and besides the rivers and creeks. These rabbits likes to live in the environment where water is accessible to them. They keep themselves covered within the nests made of leaves fallen from trees.

 Most of their time is spend inside the cover. They come out of their cover only when they are yearning and want to hunt. They are adaptable to different habitats. However, their population is decreasing due to the loss of habitat. 

Swamp Rabbit 2

Swamp rabbit baby

At the age of 23 weeks, these rabbits start to breed. Its breeding seasons befall between February and August. All the rabbits of its specie breeds within this period. It breeds two to three times in a year 4 to 6 young are born per litter. Their babies are born inside the cover where they live. Babies are born naked, but they fully recover after six to seven days of their birth. Young matures in about two weeks and leaves the nest.

Swamp rabbit trail

In Greenville, most of the things present there are in this rabbit’s name, such as swamp rabbit cafe’s & restaurants, and even there is a 22-mile trail whose name is a swamp rabbit trail. This trail lies beside the reedy river, railroad corridor, and city parks, which connects it with Greenville’s citizens. 

Since its opening in 2009, this trail is in use by people for multiple purposes. Most people come there to ride the bicycle, and some for a picnic. If you want to go there, you can get information about tracks and everything related to it by viewing its available maps on the internet.

Swamp rabbits dentistry

As I told you earlier! Greenville has many stores, cafes, and restaurants on the name of this rabbit. Also, add one more thing to it, and this time it’s a dental clinic. Yes! I am sure you are truly amazed to know that there is a dental clinic named Swamp rabbit dentistry in Greenville. You can get your medical checkup from there. There, Expert dentists serve you with modern dental technology. They have been serving Greenville citizens for more than 40 years. So, if you have any problem with your teeth, you can go and have your checkup there.

Do Swamp rabbits have webbed feet?

Yes! They do have webbed feet, and these feet are used for swimming, and since swamp rabbit is a swimmer, it needs such feet. Webbed feet are not common in animals. Ducks are especially known to have webbed feet. They are certain kinds of feet that are connected by a web or membrane.

Swamp Rabbit 3

Is the swamp rabbit trail safe?

Swamp rabbit trail is overall safe, but you need to follow certain guidelines. You can find them on the internet; there are certain maps available there, you will get every kind of information there. It opened at 5 am and closed at 9 pm. Be careful while riding on the bicycle..

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