Best 5 Ways, How to get rid of rabbits?

To all of us, rabbits are all cute shy animals but that does not mean they don’t pose any threat to your property. Though they are not rodents, they have that habit of chewing on all things. therefore most of the people are eager to learn about How to get rid of rabbits?

 Thus they can robustly destroy all the natural emerging roots in early springs. They do munch on a variety of things like weed, grasses, leaves, clover, fruits like berries and vegetables including carrots, peas, etc. 

In winters, rabbit feed or eat the bark of different trees and plants, twigs and bushes also make up their food list. Although they are quite damaging when it comes to vegetation and crops. The good part you can get rid of them.

How to know they are here?

In general, having lots of predators you will hardly find them to be active in midday. But it’s also not an uncommon thing to not see them too. As in the domestic area, there are not many predators except cats and dogs. They can be in the yard in the daytime as well. So, How to get rid of rabbits?

Apart from these, you may observe plant damage and rabbit droppings as well. Remember rabbit’s dropping are no larger than a pea. You may find them scattered or piled up like droppings of goats.

What kind of damage do they do to plants?

You have to keenly observe the remaining leaves and barks. As rabbits have very sharp main teeth, the residue of leaves and barks will be in such trimmed form as someone has trimmed them with scissors.

In winter as new and soft plants are generally lacking. During these harsh days, these bunnies prefer to chew or gnaw on trees’ bark. Younger trees have softer bark than adult trees. 

Therefore these barks are their favorite meal during these days. Adult trees have thick bark and they are hard to break and digest therefore they don’t come up on the rabbit’s winter diet list. 

From the ground, rabbits can eat a tree’s bark up to 20 inches. They may do that in intervals or can completely bald up the tree. Estimating the threat it is very important to learn about How to get rid of rabbits?

On twigs and shrubs rabbit trim them at an angle of forty-five degrees. If the damage is done above two feet from the ground then it’s not from the rabbit but deer.

The solution to controlling them and how to get rid of rabbits:

There are many methods and home DIY’s that you can employ to keep rabbits at bay. From preventing them from chewing upon your plants you can do the following things which I  have mentioned below. You can do any method according to your preference and finances.

  • Make your garden less attractive to rabbits. As they are prey animals they will come to your yard for the purpose of hiding and eating, if your hard has stuff like brush piles, grown-up grass, old sheds, etc. You have to take care of or eliminate those things which you can. 
  • You can also add those plants to your yard which rabbits are reluctant to eat.
  • Fence the young trees and your vegetation. The fence should be higher than 2 feet and deeper up to six feet (underground). Another solution is to use electrical fences. But that needs maintenance and dollars as well.
  • You can also set traps but you have to coordinate according to the trapping guidelines of your area. It is also time-consuming and costly.
  • Rabbits ran away from predators and that is their main purpose of life. Introducing a predator into your yard will simply scare them away and they won’t come. An example of a good predator is dogs.
  • The most effective and lighter on pocket technique is to use a rabbit repellent.

5 ways how to get rid of rabbits

  • The most common reason is that you are inviting the rabbits in your yard. You modify your yard and eliminate such things which attract rabbits like vegetation and grown-up grass. Trim shrubs and cut off the grown-up grass. Also, remove the stacked up pile of tree residue.
  • Use fences on vegetation and for young trees. Spread net on crops and vegetables to prevent them from being eaten up.
  • Rabbits do not like strong aromas. Therefore, they can be repelled by applying sprays and repellents.  Solutions containing ammonia and nitrogen make strong repellants.
  • Use electronic or ultrasonic devices to scare up the rabbits.
  • You can also use traps. But the method is time-consuming and if the rabbit’s population is high it won’t have any effect.

The above points highlight the importance of writing this article How to get rid of rabbits?

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Natural ways of How to get rid of rabbits?

Rabbits are mainly underground animals and they can build burrows and holes which can be damaging to your property. Employ the following techniques to avoid rabbits:

  • Seal all the existing holes.
  • Eliminate all the food and water resources.
  • Plant those trees plants which rabbits don’t like. They will keep at them bay and they wouldn’t prefer to come in your yard.
  • You can guard all the new young trees like grapevines through fences.
  • Though this is expensive now technology has become so developed that you can plant naturally repellent sprinklers in your yard. There are also some sprinklers which in addition to sprinkling also make scary noises that repel rabbits.
  • Keeping predators in your garden will help you scare the rabbits away. Animals like dogs and cats are much helpful in this regard.
  • Set traps for the rabbits. This method is employed when fences do not work. You can use live traps as well if you don’t want to kill the rabbit.
  • You can use hardware clothes as well to prevent the rabbits from digging up. Wrap the cloth around the bases of trees which are most vulnerable to rabbit attack and around shrubs to prevent them from damage in the first place.
  • You can also use spices to prevent rabbits. You can use vinegar, hot chili and peppers to keep them at bay. All these spices have a very strong odor and rabbits are very sensitive towards odors.
  • You can also sprinkle predator’s urine like that of a cat and dog to keep them away. It depends upon the predator’s species.
  • Rabbits also hate the odor of eggs. You can use the technique but they become habitual of this with time. Mix an egg with some water and spray it on plants and borders. They may invite ants but will repel rabbits.

Questions and Answers

How to get rid of rabbits in my garden?

There are several ways to prevent rabbits in your garden. I have mentioned several techniques including both commercial and DIY methods which can be effective in repelling rabbits.

How to get rid of rabbits in my yard?

To prevent rabbits in the yard use fences and traps and you can also use the electronic and ultrasonic devices which produce a lot of sounds. Though the rabbits may become habitual to them you have to pace up with them.

How to get rid of rabbits in the winters?

In winters as young plants are in lesser numbers, therefore, to survive rabbits prefer to munch upon the barks of new trees. To prevent that use fences around young trees which should be of 2 inches in height and should be six feet deep in the ground to prevent any attack from beneath the ground.

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