How long do ducks live? Updated 2021

How long do ducks live?

Ducks are adorable waterfowls but they do not live as much as their relatives geese. The average lifespan of a duck is no more than 10. There is a general rule of thumb which is used to determine their lifespan. The bigger size breeds do not survive for longer, they seldom live for five to seven years. If we talk about other factors for how long do ducks live?

Let’s talk about different ducks and their lifespans:

  1. Muscovy ducks: Muscovy ducks are the only exceptions when it comes to the lifespan of ducks. They can live upto 12 or 14 years.
  2. Pekin: As Pekins are larger ducks, therefore they have a shorter lifespan. First thing in their body which starts to run out is their legs. The main reason behind this is their weight, as they have more meat on their bodies as compared to other ducks. The useful life of pekins is almost three years. Here, useful life refers to the time period when they are beneficial for breeding.
  3. Caygus, Blue sweddish, Runners: Light to medium ducks have relatively more life span than the larger breeds. They usually live two or three years more than large-sized ducks. However, these ducks are primarily used for egg-production, but they produce only the optimal number of eggs. If breeders force the females to produce more eggs, it will reduce their lifespan ultimately.
  4. Bantam Ducks: Above all ducks bantam ducks are the ones that live longest. These ducks are small in size, do not carry too much weight and also do not experience rapid growth rates. That is why their bodies deteriorate very slowly. These ducks can live for upto 12-15 years. From a breeder’s perspective, the useful life of these ducks is also very handsome considering the male can be fertile for up to more than ten years. The female is also capable of giving eggs for more than 10 years making them an excellent duck breed.
  5. The foie gras debate: These ducks are an experiment of science and are breeded for their livers. Unfortunately, people give them a diet full of fatty acids in order to increase their liver size. These ducks do not live much longer.

How long do pekin ducks live?

People have been using pekin ducks as domestic animals for a very long time, from almost two centuries. Pekin ducks are white-feathered, large dabbling ducks. Their origin is controversial but most of the experts agree on South East Asia.

These ducks are mainly used for breeding and meat and egg production etc. Over the years people have been loving this duck because it is a pleasure to eyes and a feast to the tongue. Pekin ducks are white feathered ducks with orange beaks. They are very heartily and friendly ducks however a little bit skittish. However, they make excellent pets due to their unique personalities and overall durability.

Most of the people love these ducks as pets because they are the easiest breed to domesticate. They have a stronger immune system and can survive better in extreme conditions. The average lifespan of Pekin ducks is 9-12 years.

How long do mallard ducks live?

People living in the Northern hemisphere are usually more habitual of seeing mallard ducks than other people. The green heads and yellow beaks are a lovely scene to watch in a summer afternoon. You may get surprised by the fact that mallard ducks are one of the most commonly found ducks all over the Earth.

Mallard ducks are easily available in freshwater ponds and bodies in Asia, Europe, and Northern America. Though these ducks prefer very calm and shallow water bodies, they can adapt to different environments.

The male mallard has more vibrant colors than the female. The male has the classic green head with a white neck tape, and a brownish-gray  coloured body. Females have more patchy-brown colored bodies. However, they have  purple-blue wings that can be easily seen with a beautiful patch on either of the wings.

The average lifespan of a mallard duck is 5-10 years.

How long do domestic ducks live?

Duck’s lifespan is not more than its relative bird, geese. There is a general rule of thumb that is accepted worldwide, the bigger the bird species is, the smaller will be its lifespan. The most common duck that people love to domesticate are pekin and mallard ducks. Both of these ducks are best known for their eggs and meat.

That is the one of the major reasons why people love to domesticate them. Both mallards and pekin ducks are bigger duck species and they do not live for more than 10 or 20 years.

However, it also depends on the duck breed, you are domesticating. Some of them live for three years while others may survive up to seven years. So a variation stays among the lifespans of ducks.

How long do pet ducks live?

Ducks are amazingly wonderful, and amusing pets. They do not only make good pets but the reason why so many people can easily have them is due to their low price in the market. You may not know that! But, if taken care properly ducks can actually live up to for twenty years depending upon their breed. They make wonderful pets and can be best friends to your children.

Ducks are very gentle birds and therefore they are perfect to be kept as pets. You will hardly see them fighting. One thing to remember that ducks are not introverts and they are extremely social.

So, if you are thinking of keeping a duck or two alone, you should think of keeping a pack because they get bored and annoyed very easily, if they feel lonely.

Ducks are very intelligent and friendly creatures, one of the other aspects that make them excellent to keep them as pets. Like other birds, ducks will also follow your command, will give you kisses, snuggle with you in bed, and can also learn tricks with toys.

How long do ducks live in captivity?

If you are planning to get a new feline friend and are confused to have which one? Then surely ducks are an amazing option to begin with. Ducks are extremely friendly, social and fun pets to have. However, most of the owners believe that ducks and chickens are alike when kept as pets. But that’s not it. They are versatile by nature. Both of them have their own needs.

So if you’re thinking of having one, you should also learn how long a duck can live as a pet. Most of the pet ducks live for about five years and so, but not all of them are alike. The lifespan of ducks is determined by several other factors that include:

  • Vet care
  • Housing
  • Protection
  • Diet
  • Drake Exposure

How long do white ducks live?

White duck aka Pekin ducks are also known as domesticated ducks. Pekin ducks are originally from Mallard, China. All over the world they are used significantly for meat and egg production.

The American people became familiar with it in the 18th century, and now it is the most popular duck breed in American continent. One of the biggest reasons why people love pekin ducks so much is because of their friendly nature.

They can live for up to 9 or 12 years if they are not used for meat and egg purposes. It is a fun fact that the most popular Disney character, “Donald Duck”, was inspired from a pekin duck.

How long do ducks live

How long do ducks live in the wild?

Ducks are one of the most intelligent feline creatures, they are highly social and emotional. Ducks can be found on every continent of the Earth except Antarctica.

Ducks live both in water and on land and by nature they are fully equipped to adapt according to their environment. You may get surprised by the fact that the inner layer of duck’s feathers called “downy” remains dry even when they swim or dive into the water. Ducks are omnivores and so they can thrive both in plant and meat diet, this fact makes this species very competitive in the wild.

While most of the time we seem in the water, ducks are actually very good flyers. Each year when autumn approaches ducks migrate to warmer regions to save themselves from the wrath of the winters.

Ducks eat a variety of diets including plants and animals like worms, insects etc. On the other hand aquatic ducks, which survive in deeper waters rely on fish and crustacean diets like crabs and snails etc.

Considering the above facts depending upon a duck’s breed, they can live for almost seven, nine or maybe twelve years in the wild.

How long do Khaki Campbell ducks live?

 The average lifespan of a Khaki campbell duck is almost eight to ten years. However, the egg-laying process gets affected as the ducks get older or may even stop completely. But, the quality of the eggs remains the same.

Khaki Campbell ducks are not as social and loving as Pekin ducks. They do not readily accept and trust their owners. However, when kept in a flock, these ducks do adapt themselves to the people and their surroundings.

While most of the ducks being extremely noisy, this duck breed on the other hand is extremely quiet and does not love to produce noticeable noise.

They are a very good breed as free range ducks, because of their individual personality features. Khaki Campbells do not require a special treatment when it comes to their diet. You can easily feed them a beginner chicken non-medicated diet.

How long do jumbo pekin ducks live?

Jumbo pekin ducks are the larger versions of the same pekin duck, as it is evident by their name. When a jumbo pekin duck matures,it can weigh up to twelve pounds. The average lifespan of jumbo pekin ducks is between ten to twelve years.

Keep in mind that these jumbo versions of pekin ducks do not occur naturally. They are a result of genetic breeding which is majorly done for massive egg and meat production.

Pekin ducks are famous for their stronger immune system and amazing capabilities of survival. They are loved by people as pets because they are loving and friendly by nature.

How long do call ducks live?

Call ducks are comparatively quiet and very small in size. People usually keep them as pets or for domestication purposes. They are excellent layers of white eggs. As they are quiet people are not annoyed by them at all.

The average lifespan of a call duck is ten years, they may even live for more, if they are kept in a good environment. If you want to keep them as pets for a long time you have to make sure that you are capable of providing them with good food, housing, protection and plenty of water.

They make good pets because they are small in size and do not produce a lot of noise like other ducks. Whether they are friendly or not? It depends on their upbringing. If you raise them by hand they will be more friendly.

How long do mallard ducks live in captivity?

Mallard ducks are one of the most demanding pets as easter approaches. Mallards ducks are easily recognizable due to their green heads. The average lifespan of these ducks in captivity is 10 years. In the wild they live up to five or seven years due to predation and scarce food.

When spring approaches mallard ducks migrate to the North, for breeding. But, on the other hand mallard ducks that are bred in stores do not do the migrating instead they become habitual of the same place all year round.

Domestic mallard ducks can breed with the mottled ducks, and produce hybrid duck species.

How long do pekin ducks live as pets?

Pekin ducks are one of the most common breeds found all over Asian countries and also equally in America and Europe. Though the breed is originally from China. It was brought to America in the 18th century, and since then people are loving this breed both as pets and as a domestic animal.

Pekin ducks are primarily used for domestic purposes aka meat and egg production. But even as pets pekin ducks are one of the most favorable breeds. Because of their friendly nature, and amazing capability to survive these ducks make amazing pets.

When pekin ducks are kept as pets they can live for up to nine to twelve years.

How long do rouen ducks live?

 Rouen ducks are usually mistaken for mallard ducks but they are a separate breed, slightly larger than mallard ducks. According to the experts. Rouen ducks first originated in France before the 19th century and are categorized as heavy and bulky ducks. Rouen ducks are famous for their use in exhibition, decoration and for obtaining meat. The male rouen duck has a green head while the female has a brown feathery head.

The average lifespan of a rouen duck is about five or seven years depending upon the availability of resources.

How long do ducks live

How long do wild mallard ducks live?

Wild mallard ducks face many challenges in the wild. Constant fear of predators, habitat, and low availability of resources make these ducks prone to danger and thus their lifespan is less in the wild as compared in captivity.

The average lifespan of wild mallard ducks is five to seven years.

How long do wild aylesbury ducks live?

Aylesbury ducks make great pets, they are known for being as vibrant ducks, as they can play with you and can learn tricks as well. The average lifespan of aylesbury ducks is ten years. However, they can lay eggs for up to six years. They can live even more if proper food and care is available to them.

How long do farm ducks live?

Ducks are wonderfully amazing feline creatures. Both as pets and domestic creatures, they are just adorable. Ducks are very social, friendly, and hardy in nature. As compared to chickens they are relatively easy to take care of. People love to keep them as pets because they are relatively inexpensive as other pets.

Depending upon the breed and the living conditions like housing, protection, diet, provided to them the domestic ducks are capable of living for up to twenty years.

How long do mandarin ducks live?

Mandarin ducks are one of the most beautiful duck breeds. They are originally from China and are also found in Japan, and Siberia. Northern wood duck is a close relative of this duck. Like most ducks, the male duck of this breed has more vibrant colours than the female.

The male duck has a white curve over his eyes, and has a red or orange face with whiskers. The beak of the male ducks in this breed is red. The rest of their plumage is also very colorful and contains colors like red, orange, brown, green, and purple.

These ducks can live for upto ten or twelve years.

How long do wood ducks live?

Wood ducks are the only breed of ducks in America which can breed and make nests on trees. Adaptive to the environment these ducks also use the manmade boxes and spaces when there are no cavities present in the trees. They are fond of building their nest near a lake. Wood ducks pair up in January and then they breed in the spring season.

In the wild wood ducks are capable of living for about 4 years.

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