Best 10 Chinchilla Persian Cats Facts

Chinchilla Persian Cats

The Persian chinchilla cat is a subcategory of the Persian cat. Mostly they have green color eyes. They only come in one color, which is white or has some resemblance to silver. It is a specific type of cat. Just like other Persian cat’s chinchillas are also among favorite kinds of cats that have gained importance. Here, in this article, we will share all the facts and figures related to the Persian chinchilla cat. 

Chinchilla Persian Cats Origin:

Starting with the name “chinchilla,” which is very interesting. Chinchilla is named after a rodent in South America. This cat has some qualities just like the Persian cat, but faces have some differences. Moreover, this cat, according to some of the researchers, is a different breed. Either way, this breed came just to create a silver-white colored Persian cat.

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Chinchilla Persian Cats Color:

Moving forward, next comes the color of this specific breed chinchilla Persian cat. This cat usually has blue, green eyes or green color eyes. If we talk about the other facial features like eyes, nose, and lips, they are outlined either with the black or blue. Chinchilla cats have long hair, just like a Persian cat, which we have discussed in our recent articles. The fur of this chubby cheek cat is of silvery whitish. 

Average lifetime of chinchilla Persian cats:

According to pet insurance data from Sweden, Persian cats usually live up to 10-12 years. Almost 75% of the Persian cats (chinchilla, Himalayan, and traditional Persian) live up to 10 years. But in addition to this, 56% of these cats may live up to 12.5 years. 

Personality of chinchilla:

As a pet, this cat is very affectionate and loving. Most of the Persian cats, in contrast with other cats, are very calm and lazy. Following are personality traits of a Persian chinchilla cat:

  • Very still, quiet, and relaxed cats.
  • Having a friendly nature.
  • Like other Persian cats, this one also needs grooming regularly.
  • Non Hypoallergenic cat
  • It is a very independent cat 
  • Love to stay outdoors.

Chinchilla Persian Cats Regular grooming:

In our very first article related to Persian cats, we shared this information about grooming. Every Persian either is a chinchilla or Himalayan. Every subcategory of this cat requires proper grooming. This is important because these cats have a thick coat of fur on the body. The long hair may cause severe troubles for you. So, it would help if you started grooming your cat at a very young age, otherwise, it will be difficult for you to maintain it.

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Chinchilla Persian Cats Nutrition:

If we talk about the cats’ nutrition, then, we have to give them proper food for their balanced diet. All the cats are carnivores so that they can eat 41 different types of foods and nutrients. We need to feed them properly because growing cats need food, which is essential for their excellent health. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the nutrition of cats.

5 Reason why never adopt a chinchilla Persian cat:

In resemblance to the Persian cat, the Persian chinchilla cat also has some problems. This breed, just like other breeds of Persian, has a shorter head and flattened face. 

  • Because of this reason, there might be jaw deformities and cause severe dental issues. This problem may affect the eating process of cats.  
  • In addition to this, there are also breathing problems because of the small trachea. 
  • If there comes any type of problem regarding tear ducts, this may lead to a continuous wetting of face. 
  • Almost all Persian cat subcategories have a gene that causes kidney diseases, which we call “polycystic kidney disease.” 
  • Also, many other problems like these cats are very independent, and they love to stay outside.

It is quite difficult for you to keep a pet that loves to stay outside.  

It is quite difficult for you to keep a pet that loves to stay outside. 

  • One very important factor related to these cats, they are not best with the children. This breed of Persian cats is not the best one that loves to play with the children.
  • They are not adorable at all.
  • Never try to adopt a cat that has such problems.

Are chinchilla Persian cats Hypoallergenic?

The answer to this question is a big No. These cats have genes that lead to kidney diseases. But on the other hand, these are not hypoallergenic cats. 

How much does this cat cost you?

These kittens are not so expensive, just like the pure Persian cats breed. These may cost you up to $650-850. 

Are these cats good with other pets?

It’s a big No. If you have some other cat pet and think of adopting a Persian chinchilla cat, you are making a blunder. Because this cat is not friendly with other ones, unfortunately, those who wish to buy it along with other cat pets, please don’t buy them. They will create a mess for you.

Do these chinchilla cats shed?

Yes, like other Persian cats, chinchilla cats also shed. Usually, they dropped twice a year. You just need to do proper grooming daily. 

How long does a Persian chinchilla cat live?

Chinchilla cats have a lifespan of about 12-15 years. These cats, according to researchers, have an average lifetime of 12 years. Some live up to 12 years, and some may live up to 15 years. There is a meager ratio of those that live up to 15 years of age. 

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On concluding this, our advice to you is that these Persian chinchilla cats are good but not that best for those who have children. Also, you can check some other types of cat pets. Here at, you can find a lot of categories.

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