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Florida White Rabbit

Since Jay L.Lush, the father of “animal breeding”, breeding has been done by different expert biologists of the time to develop animals with desirable characteristics. “Florida White rabbit” is a result of one of the breed done by famous Biologist Judge Orville Miliken.

Scientific NameOryctolagus cuniculus
Diet Herbivores
Lifespan 5-8 years in wild
Size 4-5 pounds
Weight1.8-2.7 kg

How Florida White Rabbit was bred?

Every time a particular breed is done, a distinct set of characteristics is retained as an output. The time when Florida White rabbit has developed, the motive was to produce an animal who will be producing more meat with less proportion of bones in its body and to be used in experiments at the laboratory by the experts for certain demonstrations.

Thus in the 1960s, The realization of a new rabbit’s obligation by Mr. Miliken was done when he perceived that New Zealand rabbits used by experts to achieve certain demonstrations were not suitable because of their large size. Ultimately, an animal was bred by Mr. Miliken due to the selective breeding of an Albino Dutch, a red-eyed-white polish rabbit and a white New Zealand rabbit.

That animal was then named “Florida White rabbit” as it was all over white and developed in Florida. The animal that was developed for the concern of biological tactics became attractive to people. Literally! it became a charm! It’s fascinating whitish skin and pink ears evoked desire in people and children’s heart to keep it as a pet.

In 1967 Florida white rabbit as a breed was welcomed in American Rabbit Breeders Association  (ARBA). It also became an eye capturing cute kitten in several animal game shows. It was also awarded as “Best in Show” at a conference held by ARBA.

 White Florida Rabbit physical appearance

The White in Florida White Rabbit is due to its white skin color, and Florida is the place where it was bred for the first time. Its body furs are all over white and are thick; it has little pinkish eyes and pink spots in its inner ears.

It has a compact body, small legs, a not-so-long neck, and head and has 65% of meat in its body, which rings a bell in our mind; that why people consider it a good meal.

One more feature that enhances its beauty is its short round ears that stand upright most of the time. Unlike other rabbits, its skin color doesn’t depend on seasons; whether it is winter or summer, its color will always be white.

Florida white rabbit lifespan:

Unfortunately! Most of the rabbits don’t get to live a prolonged lifespan. However, Florida white rabbits live 5 to 8 years of their life. The lifespan can even be longer than this statistics if they are properly cared and look after and provided with healthy food they need to survive.

Florida white rabbit size:

Florida white rabbit is small in size and its average weight is 4 to 5 pounds and if you are interested to know the value in kg it would lie between 1.8 and 2.7 kg’s.. the adult Florida white rabbits weigh on average 5 pounds but when it comes to their young ones its size would be between 2.25 and 4.5 pounds.

 Florida white rabbit price:

If you are concerned about the prices of Florida white rabbits because you are willing to have them as pet or even as a meal it would be a good choice as their prices range from $25 to $100; which is not costly for the curious ones. If you want to buy one ; you can find them on Google ads. And other search engines and Surprisingly! on OLX too.

Florida White Rabbit 2

Florida white rabbit baby:

Research has proved that Smaller breeds reaches the maturity level earlier in the age than the larger ones; and within the same breed female breeds are even mature earlier than male breeds. Being smaller breed Florida rabbit starts to reproduce at the age of 150 to 180 days old.  However, certain variations are possible and that was the average one. Per matting, six to eight Florida white babies are born.

Florida white rabbit personality:

When we talk about personality we are usually concerned about the persons behavior and its nature. Surprisingly! Animals also has personalities and it varies in different species. Some animals are calm towards humans and some want themselves stuck at the same place , they are resistant to change. Florida White Rabbit; in general; is gentle, calm , relaxed and has good nature and not annoying at all! They likes to be socialized and not resistant to environmental changes.

Florida white rabbit facts

  • Many People confuse them with New Zealand Rabbits, both of these rabbits has similar physical appearances difference lies in their weight; New Zealand rabbits has 2 to 3 kgs more weight than Florida ones.
  • Florida rabbit due to its white color and pink eyes has been the attraction of pet house visitors and breeders.
  • One exciting fact about Florida rabbit is that it has won many shows at national plus International level.

Florida white rabbit as a pet

Having Florida rabbit as a pet is not a wrong choice! Go for it! But make sure they must be looked after and cared properly. Do you want them to interact and mingle with you? It can be done by treating them as a family and providing them a non-confined habitat and environment where they could breathe.

Please Don’t imprisoned them! They are supposed to live as they would in wild. Be careful about keeping them in a cage; make sure to place a soft mat where they could sleep and would not hurt themselves.

What do Florida white rabbits eat?

Florida White rabbits eat hay and it consists 80% of its diet. Leafy greens such as basil, kale, parsley, mustard greens are also eaten by Florida rabbits. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also part of their diet and don’t forget about fresh water.

Florida White Rabbit 3

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