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British Shorthair

British traditional domestic cat is the “British Shorthair”. They have a broader face, short tail and dense coat. Colour of these shorthair cats is “greyish-blue” with copper colour eyes and a shorter tail. This round face cat comes in a variety of colours. Their coats as compared to other breeds of cats are not dense.

There are many different coat patterns. Combination of all these things makes British Shorthair. This chubby cat is powerful and chunky.

Length:                                                       56-64 cm
Weight:                                                       3-8 kg
Height:                                                        30-46 cm
Size:                                                              1m(adult)
Lifespan:                                                     15-20 years
Age:                                                             live up to 20 years
Color:                                                         grey, dark blue, tabby
Scientific name:                                       Felis Catus

British shorthair history

British shorthair has its qualities and characteristics. Let’s have a look at the history of this cat. Just like the Maine Coon British shorthair is also the very oldest cat. This cat has Roman roots. When Romans invaded England, they came up with these cats to keep their meals safe from rodents. These cats for a significantly more extended period are street cats.

A man whose name was Harrison Weir has got the credit for becoming the first cat breeder. His major work includes the breeding of ordinary British street cats, and with the help of cross-breeding, a cat was created that we know today is the British Shorthair.

This cat has also survived the harsh times of World War II. Their existence due to economic losses was ceased entirely. But after cross-breeding with Domestic Shorthair, Persians, and Russian Blue breeds, their presence was saved.

The American Cat Association registered this breed of cat in 1967. Many of the cat foundations or organizations have also registered this cat. On an international level, this cat got registered in 1979. Also, a very famous cat organization named Cat Fanciers Organizations registered it in 1980. This is all about British shorthair history.

British shorthair breed

British shorthair cat size varies from small to larger. This cat, just like the Bengal tiger cat, is powerful and has muscles. If we talk about the appearance of this cat, she has a rounded face. Let’s have a look at some of the exciting features of this cat.

  1. British shorthair has its unique features. It has a broad chest, rounded neck, and significantly developed muscular body.
  2. This cat is going to help you a lot in keeping your lawn safe from rodents.
  3. Moreover, the British shorthair also protects your meal.
  4. It has a very thick and dense coat on the upper or outer part of the body.
  5. Eyes are like the small round balls.
  6. But in comparison to other cats, this cat has shorthair. The coat thickens more and more in the winters.
  7. The coat protects the cat.

British Shorthair Cat Breed Information

Further, if you need an entertaining companion in your life, then British shorthair is going to be the best partner. Very sweet and calm. This cat loves her owner and also attaches herself with all the family members. This cute and chubby shorthair cat is very loyal and has a loving nature. She loves to play with the owner. It all depends on the mood of the cat if she wants to play; she finds a companion and brings herself a toy.

Eye color:Grey, blue, brown, copper
Life span:17-20 years
Shedding tendency:Normal/moderate
Colors:Blue, grey, black, silver, cream, smoky, shaded, torbie
Pattern:Single or solid color, bicolor, tricolor, tabby, smoky
Allergic:Not allergic
Grooming needs:Sometimes high, and sometimes moderate
Recognized by:CFA, ACFA, FIFe, TICA

10 proper facts about British Shorthair bree

There are many interesting and exciting facts related to British shorthair cats. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. They have a fascinating history. They came into England along with Romans.
  2. Harrison Weir first created them with the help of cross-breeding with the typical British domestic cat.
  3. This cat has survived the era of World War II.
  4. There comes a time when this cat is near to extinction, but with the help of breeding techniques, this cat is created again.
  5. British shorthair has played a role in movie name “Alice in Wonderland.”
  6. They come in a variety of colours. They are not only available in grey colour but also in a variety of colour ranges you can see them in the above-given table.
  7. You will be shocked by knowing this fact that this cat has the world’s loudest purr.
  8. These cats are very chubby and cute.
  9. They love to play and are a perfect partner for those who are in search of a good companion.
  10. This cat can save your garden from rodents.

British shorthair personality

  1. This sweet shorthair cat has a very calm personality. British shorthair has a very majestic, kind, noble, lofty, and intelligent temperament.
  2. This cat is not as active as other breeds of cat. Usually, their playing nature depends on their mood.
  3. These are good as pets.
  4. Very humble and affectionate personality.
  5. Love to roam outside.
  6. It has an exciting point that it doesn’t need consistent attention from humans. Still, in comparisons to this other breed like Persian or Bengal they do enjoy continuous attention given by their owners.
  7. Moreover, one essential thing for those who have children; this cat doesn’t get offended by children. It can live well with them.
  8. It has a massive muscular body due to which it needs to do proper exercise.
  9. According to different researches, it has a lifespan of 15 years. Some have a lifespan of 12 years, but also some can live up to 20 years.

British Shorthair 22

British shorthair characteristics

Following are the characteristics of a British shorthair breed. You will come to know a lot more when you read these characteristics.

  • It is the most popular breed of cat in the UK. There are several coat colours. Although this is known from a hundred years ago, it was exported in large numbers.
  • There are many other different colour British shorthair cats created with the help of cross-breeding.
  • The country of origin of this placid cat in Britain. That’s why it is known as British shorthair.
  • Very unique and quite a cat. I have a gentle nature with humans.
  • As compared to another breed of cat’s British shorthair is a very affectionate and loving

Characteristics of British Shorthair Cats

There are a lot of characteristics of British shorthair cat. The never-ending features and qualities of this cat make you love her more. This breed, just like the other breeds, has its pros and cons. It is a curious cat, and it wants to take part in everything you love to do.

These cats are very warm-hearted, caring and devoted who want to make sure that you are being loved. One very significant part of the personality of British shorthair is that they can live with another breed of cats and also with the family dog.

They can deal with everything and in whatever condition they are.

British shorthair kitten characteristics

This kitten has a lot of attributes that you should know. After knowing all those features definitely, you are going to take it as a pet. Let’s share some aspects of it.

  1. British shorthair kitten is a definite cat, having a muscular body: very chubby neck and heavy body along with a shorter tail.
  2. There is a drastic difference in the size of male and female shorthair cats. Female has approximately 3-4kg weight whereas, on the other hand, male weighs more than 8kg.
  3. Its eyes are rounded and broad. Some of the cats have a grey colour, and some have brown colour eyes. Their different coat colours make them look even more colourful.
  4. You can see that this feline cat has no long hair, you can see it in the name of this cat “British shorthair”. Under this layer, there is a thick coat that protects the cat in harsh environments.

British shorthair physical characteristics

Physical attributes include their size, their coat qualities and the colour of this cat.

Size: These cats are known as the “Coby cats” what does the word Coby here means? It means that these cats are very short and thick. This word defines this feline very precisely, which includes, heavy or strong legs, sizable round-shaped head with more enormous eyes and a thick neck. Usually, these are considered to be the medium-sized cats.

Coat: Above, we have described some of the coat characteristics. Its coat is hefty and thick. It looks like a stuffed teddy bear.

Colours: in the upper column we have listed some of the coat colours of British shorthair cats.

  1. Black
  2. Grey
  3. White
  4. Cream color
  5. Tabby
  6. Bi-color
  7. Tri-color
  8. Tortoiseshell
  9. Smoke

British shorthair grooming:

Although it requires little grooming as compared to those that have long hair, it has short hair, so you don’t need to worry about its grooming. The only thing you need to do is brush its hair once or twice in a week.

But one thing that you should keep into your mind is that their coat sheds according to change in season. So, during this period, brush regularly or frequently, otherwise there is a lot of hair on your sofa and furniture.

Health of British shorthair cat:

Just like us, our pet’s health matters too. There are many diseases that they are coming up with. Mostly there are genetic disorders in cats. Go to your vet on a regular note and vaccinate your pet.

This feline incredibly has no severe health problems. This is quite a healthy cat with a strong muscular body. But, on the other hand, a disease known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy occurs in some of the British shorthair cats. This happens because of the cross-breeding with felines that have some genetic disorders.

Another disease Gingivitis, this disease can also be seen in some of the short haired felines.

Obesity, this disease can cause problems for this type of feline cats. It has a heavy body which can cause obesity. Long sleep doesn’t burn a lot of calories in it. So, regular exercise is necessary for this cat.

Price of British shorthair cat: 

In the UK this is the typical cat, so it is not as expensive, but if we talk about the United States then it is an expensive cat. Their price ranges from $1500-2000. You can find it at CFA.

British Shorthair Food

Just like us humans, cats do need food that is healthy for them. Their diet should contain all those necessary ingredients that can keep your pet healthy.

Not only for this shorthair but all those pets you need to be very careful with their diet. Otherwise, there comes a health problem which may lead to severe diseases or ultimately the death of your cat. So, to solve your problem here, we are with our recommendations of what is best for your cat or what is not.

Best food for British shorthair cat

The best diet is the one which contains all the animal proteins. We all know very well that cats are carnivores and meat is the central part of their diet. So, it would help if you gave your cat a meal. Please don’t give your cat vegetables because they are not vegetarians. Also, you need to avoid grains or dairy products.

Here, in this article, we have discussed each and everything related to a British shorthair cat. Now, we are trying to give you in-depth details about the diet of it. Moving forward, let me tell you that we are going to share these things:

  1. Processed food vs raw food
  2. Pros and cons of homemade and store-bought food
  3. One essential thing is how to select the best food brand for your British shorthair.
  4. There are some issues related to dehydration or hydration of British shorthair cats.

What do British Shorthair cats eat?

For a better answer to this question, you should go to the vet or towards a person who has it as a pet. These feline cats can eat anything. But meat is the best food for any breed of cats.

What Is the Best Food for British Shorthair Kittens?

Best food for this best kitten includes

  • Pro Plan Focus Kitten Chicken
  • Purina One Healthy kitten

These foods are preferred as best foods for this kitten.

7 Best Cat Foods for British Shorthair Cats 2020

Here is the list of those foods that are best for your cat.

Hill’s Science dietDry food
Merrick Purrfect BistroDry food
Blue Buffalo WildernessDry food
Nutro Wholesome EssentialsDry food
Instinct Ultimate Protein GrainDry food
Purina Beyond wild wet cat foodWet food
IAMS proactive health cat foodDry food

These above given names of food are best for British shorthair. This table contains a major portion of dry foods. British shorthair dry food also contains all the major portion of their diet.

British shorthair food allergies

In the above-given table, we have discussed that British shorthair cats are hypoallergenic. What does that mean? People are perplexed and don’t know about the term hypoallergenic. Let us help you in solving your problem. Hypoallergenic doesn’t mean your cat doesn’t have any allergy; it may have some allergies.

But, the risk of allergies is lower in British shorthair cats. With full assurance, we cannot tell you that this cat is not going to cause any allergy to you.

If you are allergic, you can choose this cat because there is a lower risk of causing allergy to these cats. How can you deal with these allergies?

British Shorthair 33

How to deal with allergies?

For people suffering from asthma-like problems, they need to stay away from cats. But, if you have no problem or you don’t sneeze by having cats, then you are a lucky person.

You can deal with these allergies just by going to an allergist. Tell all the symptoms and problems. The doctor will surely help you in dealing with these allergies.

Secondly, make sure that your house is neat and clean. If you have carpets, then try using a vacuum cleaner. Keeping your house clean plays a significant role.

British shorthair wet food

One of the best-wet foods for British shorthair is “Fancy Feat”. This is best for your cat because this food contains all the nutrients and proteins that are necessary for your pet.

British shorthair facts good to know

There are a lot of British shorthair facts that you need to know.

  1. These cats are solid muscular cats.
  2. Their jaws are very vigorous and robust.
  3. I have thicker and shorter legs.
  4. This breed of cat is known for keeping the rodents away from meals.
  5. Although it doesn’t have long hair, they do have short or dense hair on its body.
  6. British shorthair cats are good household cats; you can keep them to keep your lawn neat and clean.
  7. These cats come in a variety of colours. Like, concrete, bicolour and tricolour etc.
  8. Their length varies from shorter to medium.
  9. You can see different colours of the eye, i.e., copper, blue, grey.

 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the British Shorthair

There are a lot of things, qualities and features you don’t know about British shorthair. You will be amazed after knowing them. Above we have given you a bit of introduction related to this cat’s personality and characteristics. Here we will come to know all the interesting facts about them.

Variety of colors

Just like another breed of cats, this one also has a variety of colours. Most of the people know this cat because of its dark bluish grey coat colour. But, there are also many other coat colours. Because of cross-breeding, this cat comes in lovely and unique bi or tri-colours.

Almost this cat has 30 different color coats. Also one very expressive thing that you may notice is the color of eyes. With the change of body color eyes vary too. Their first name was British Blue because of its dark blue color.

Not a lap cat

If you are thinking of adopting this cat because you love lap cats, then you are making a huge mistake. British shorthair is not a typical lap cat as compared to Persian cat. Although, they love to be around humans. One very exciting fact, these cats love to hang out.

British cats are very intelligent cats; toys attract them the most. They love to entertain themselves. Very gentle with the children and dog-friendly. Another fun fact about them is that they don’t love to make noise instead you listen to their meow very often.

Long lifespan

Cat with a very long lifespan is the British shorthair one. Most of the cat breeds can live up to ten to twelve years. But, British shorthair is the only cat that lives almost 20 years. With proper care, they can live the life of 20 years. One essential thing is taking care of their eating habits. This cat has a habit of eating a lot because of which it gains weight and become obese. These cats are also known as the “bulldogs” of the cat world.

Among most popular cats

In the whole of Britain, these cats are among the most popular one. The United Kingdom’s governing council of the cat Fancy, has declared this cat as the central spot since 2001. After the most loved Persian cats, these are considered as a second popular breed.

Story cats

British shorthair cats are among those cats that played a major role in many of the famous movies as “Alice in the Wonderland”. You can also see them in the movie named Puss and Boots.

Fun facts about British shorthair

It has English roots, but there are many fun facts related to the personality of this famous cat. Let’s discuss them;

Romanian Origination

It has a fascinating history. Shorthair cat is known to be the oldest breed of cats in Great Britain. But, after some research, we have come to know this fact that their existence is from Rome. These cats were brought to Britain to keep the meal away from rodents.

Second favorite cat breed

In Britain, this cat is considered to be the second most favourite or popular cat after Persian, which is known as the kings and Queens. However, in the United States, it has the number 5.

Near to extinct

In the 20th century, after World War II, breeders had stopped breeding this cutest cat. Because of this reason, it becomes nearly extinct. But, British shorthair lovers have started struggling to keep this breed. They have cross-bred this cat with various Persian and some other feline cats to keep the survival rate of British shorthair.

Chill cats

If you are thinking of keeping them as your pet, then read this first. These cats love to hang out. They don’t want themselves to stay at home. Moreover, they do not lap cats.

Hunting cats

One very noticeable quality of them is that they are once known as the hunting cats. People keep these cats at their homes to keep the rodents away from their gardens or meals. These are very muscular cats. But, nowadays they lie around the houses and like to stay calm and peaceful.

British Shorthair 44


What is a British shorthair?

It is a cat, came into Britain in the Romans era. Romans use these cats to keep their meal safe from rodents. Having a healthy muscular body and thick neck this cat is brilliant. Unlike the Persian cat, they don’t have cosy nature. Available in a variety of colours.

Are British shorthair kittens naughty?

These cats are not known for their destructive behavior. These cats are very stable. Bengal cats do have a destructive nature. British shorthair cats are also known as the “bull-dogs of the cat world”. They are not naughty.

 Are British shorthair hypoallergenic?

Some say they are hypoallergenic and some say no, they are not. Unfortunately, still, we don’t understand this behaviour. Because some of the British shorthair owners have told us that they got an allergy from their thick fur, other cat breeds have long hair which leads towards allergy, but British shorthair has very shorthair. That is why it is called as British shorthair.

Can British shorthair cats jump?

Yes, they can jump. It depends on the body length and tail of British shorthair cat. According to research, they can jump up to 2.2 to 2.76 meters high. It is equal to 7-9 feet high.

What health problems do British shorthair cats have?

Generally, these cats are healthy as compared to other cats. British shorthair cats are prone to some diseases like HCM and Hemophilia B. These are genetic disorders. To produce healthy cat’s breeders, perform a DNA test to make sure that which cat is healthy or which one to breed.

Can British Shorthair be left alone?

Yes, these cats can be kept alone at home. These are strong and independent cats. We have asked some of the cat owner’s, and they told us that these cats could live up to 2-3 days alone at home. But, make sure before you leave your cat a proper meal and food, it is essential for the cat’s good health.

Do British shorthair cat’s meow a lot?

They have a very calm personality. British cats usually love to stay calm, but they do meow. When they need something or when they are hungry, they meow a lot. As compared to other cats, they are not as communicative or chatty.

british shorthair infographics

Why are British shorthair cats so expensive?

These cats are expensive because of popularity. After Persian cats, these cats came to the second number. Shorthair cats are more expensive in the US. Their price varies from $800-6000. Before buying, make sure you are adopting the right one.

Are British shorthairs aggressive?

No, these cats are not aggressive. If something wrong has happened, then definitely anyone can get angry. But these cats are known for their docile nature. They are not as aggressive as Bengal cats. With humans and other pets or animals, this cat is perfect and has excellent behaviour.

Do British shorthair cats cuddle?

It loves to stay reserved. Some of the people before buying it have asked this question that if these love to be cuddled. They are very friendly and social like other cat breeds, but when it comes to cuddling, they don’t like it. Also, these are not lapped cats.

Do British shorthair cats smell?

These shorthair cats are incredibly healthy from other cat felines. It has a strong body. They do smell but not more than other breeds. To avoid its scent, keep your cat neat and clean. For this, you can check our article “how to bathe a cat”. You will come to know unique and different tips and tricks. These tips help prevent your cat’s smell.

Do British shorthair cats shed hair?

As the name defines this characteristic. These cats have short hair on their body. Because of this reason they don’t shed a lot. The thick coat protects the body from any harmful effects. But on the short note, they usually don’t shed like other cats who have long hair.

Do British Shorthair males spray?

Yes, all of the cats have this feature. They usually spray when they are not neutered. To show the dominance, they spray that this is their territory. Also, it is a sign for others to not to come into that specific area. Other cat breeds also have this specific character.

Where are British shorthair cats from?

These are from Great Britain. These cats have a massive muscular body. You can see them in Britain as a typical domestic cat. But, in the United States, this cat comes at second position after Persian cats. They are very helpful in keeping your gardens and loans away from rodents and mice. Also, these cats can protect your meal. They had a very docile and calm nature. They can live with other pets too. It has good behavior towards children.

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