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Bengal cats are very sharp and bright cats. Its unique leopard-like qualities distinguish Bengal cats from other breeds of cats. This cat is known for its loving nature and playful behavior. If you are thinking of adopting a Bengal cat, then you need to see the following of these points, this will help you in choosing the right pet.

It is a modern breed of cats; people love to have pets like this because of dog-like qualities.

Bengal tiger cat personality/characteristics

Weight Coat features
Female: weight is > 12lbsColour: brown and seal
Male: weight is >12lbsEyes colour: blue
SizeMosaic: patches, tabbing
Female: 8 to 12 poundsAllergenic or not: No
Male: 10 to 15 poundsRequires Grooming: yes a bit (moderate)
Age: they can live up to 9-13yrs Recognition: ACFA, FIFE, TICA
Social or not: yes they are highly socialShed or not: the tendency to shed these cats is low.

Here, in this article, we are going to share some incredible features, characters, and personalities of Bengal cat. 

15 things you didn’t know about Bengal cats

This cat is basically from the US, originated by a Jean Sudgen Mill. This cat is the result of a cross-breed between a leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis, this is a type of small jungle cat) and a domestic cat.  Because of this, the Bengal cat personality is more like a leopard cat. A lot of people love to have a cat with “wild-like” qualities. Thus, due to this,  the Bengal cat is being created. People are attracted towards this cat more because of its both wild and domestic cat-like characteristics. 

4th generation of Bengal cat P

The first generation of Bengal cats was a big challenge for people to make it a social cat. People with a lot of excitement have accepted this challenge, and also they have raised this cat. In addition to this, the 4th generation of this cat is considered to be a very loving and affectionate generation.

Colour of Bengal cats

If you have seen this cat, you can see the leopard-like patches on the skin and skin or brown color. Because of this reason, we can also call them a snow Bengal cat. It is the result of a cross-breed between a leopard cat and a domestic cat. Variations in the genes as the changes in the “Seal Lynx Point” result in the Siamese gene’s albino gene. 

Bengal Cat Temperament

Bengal cats are very hyperactive. Because of their activeness and playing behavior, they are quite aggressive. There are many moods of your Bengal cat. You need to know how to handle them. For this purpose, you need to understand the temperament of your cat. Here we will share a few of the tips that will surely tell you about your cat’s mood swings.

The cleverness of Bengal cats

Above, we have mentioned this attribute of a Bengal cat personality that they are very sharp and witty. This trait of the Bengal cat has captivated the people. Bengal cats have a very brilliant memory. This quality of Bengal cats is good as well as bad. Useful in a sense, they never forget their home and wrong so that if you have locked the cat in a room for several hours, this cat will not go to that room for a few weeks. 

Bengal cat fierce nature

Indigenous characteristics of these cats make them very unusual or atypical extraordinary hunters. Mice are not the only one that became their prey; they are very nasty hunters just like the leopards. 

Training of Bengal cat

Training of cat, In contrast with intelligent nature, these cats can quickly learn all the tricks and tips. Just like dogs, it is elementary to teach them. For example, you can make them learn to “sit down” and “high five.” In many of the cases, we have seen that this cat is very highly active. They can quickly learn everything you want them to learn.

Bengal cat personality trait

The following are the incredible qualities or personality traits that you need to know about Bengal cats.

These cats are in love with water. Don’t be surprised people; you can see this side of Bengal cat as well. They love to play with the water. Usually, they drink water by dipping its paw into a bowl also by licking. 

Like the owner, they follow them for those owners who also have fish in their homes need to be more vigilant because of Bengal cats’ hunting nature. 

Understanding nature

Another perfect point regarding Bengal cat personality is that these cats are very subtle to their owner’s mood. Research has shown that Bengal cats can easily understand human gestures, emotions, and appearances. 

Bengal cat love to communicate.

Don’t be shocked after knowing this; these cats have a very chatty nature. Especially when they need something from the owner, they love to communicate. Listen to them as soon as possible before they get angry and become louder and louder. 

 Attributes of Bengal cat 

The most noticeable feature of Bengal cats is their outer coat. Their coat colors vary differently. Some have brown skin, or some have white along with different designs of patches or rosettes. Furthermore, some of the Bengal cats have a glitter gene, which gives these cats a shine like a look when they sit in the sunlight. Their coat is sparkling under the sun.

Bengal cats also can jump high. These cats are very active and can jump up to three times. This jumping characteristic of Bengal cats is the result of a cross between leopard cats and the domestic ones, which have led them to have a highly active mind. 

Bengal cats as pet

If you think of having a pet like Bengal cats, then first look at the price because they are a highly expensive breed. The price range varies from $400-7000. So, start saving your money to buy this fun-loving and cute cat.

Bengal cat They love to play

In addition to all those features, the one very fascinating and loving attribute of these cats is their playful nature. This is the most generous part of Bengal cat personality. Usually, most of the time, the thing they love the most will hide that thing in the home. So, we can also call them thieves. They love to play with toys.

Bengal cat For children

If you have many other pets in the home and your children, try not to worry about this because they can adjust very quickly. They also love to play around children.

Bengal cat personality traits

As we have described above in detail, all the personalized features of our favorite and the most exotic Bengal cat. But let me describe them in a few words. 

  1. Very affectionate and loving cat
  2. Not a wild cat
  3. They are not aggressive 
  4. Love to play 
  5. Athletics
  6. Jump high
  7. We also call them hunting cats
  8. Very active
  9. Easy to train them
  10. Water is love for them
  11. Don’t let your Bengal cat at home alone for a more extended period

All of these features are entirely telling you what a Bengal cat is. 

All about Bengal cat personality

Above, we have discussed all the fantastic traits of Bengal cats. All of those 15 points are describing thoroughly about Bengal cats. This breed of cats belongs to brilliant and active cats. There are many other cats out in our environment, but these cats are special ones. The most affectionate and loving characters make this unique, among others. This breed also shows some dog-like qualities which make it popular among all other pets.


The Bengal Cats Fascinating Character and Temperament

The most magnificent, superb character and temperament of Bengal cat will shock you. This positive attitude of Bengal cats towards people makes them love these cats even more. 

The following are the points that will tell you all about Bengal cats.

  1. In addition to all those characteristics shown above, there are many more to know. The never-ending list of the fantastic and marvelous nature of this cat will surprise you.
  2. There are people whose first Bengal cat died, and again they bought these beautiful breed cats. When we asked the owner about this, they told us that these cats are very entertaining, and just like the dog’s faithfulness, these too are very faithful. 
  3. In contrast to other domestic breeders, these Bengal ones have gained more and more importance. The beautiful coat of these cats, just like the leopards, makes them look more attractive.
  4. Persians are also very famous cats, but they are lazy cats. If we compare Bengal cats with them, we should say that there is no comparison between them because Bengal cats are very active.


There are a lot of characteristics of this cat. Bengal cats, as all of us are aware of them, these are brilliant and sharp-minded cats. In addition to all the cats, this cat is very active because it resembles wild cats. Here, in this article, we will discuss all their features, characters, personality traits, and everything you should know. 

The above table is describing all about Bengal cat characteristics that you need to know. 

Bengal cat characteristics behavior

In contrast to all of these traits, there are many other features too. 

  1. Bengal cat, as we have seen them, they usually have a big or more giant triangular-shaped head.
  2.  The neck of Bengal cats is thick, along with a thick tail. 
  3. Bengal cats have larger feet.
  4. Patterns that are visible on the skin are because of the gene named “tabby gene.”
  5. Bengal cats commonly have shorter fur on their coats.
  6. This breed of cats is very caring and warm-hearted. 
  7. We can also call them “athletics” because of their jumping quality. 
  8. From all other breeds of cats, the main feature of Bengal cat characteristics includes their activeness. If we compare them with the Persians, which are very lazy cats, then Bengal’s are on the top of the very active and social list.
  9. It is effortless to train a Bengal cat.
  10. Bengal cat requires low grooming.
  11. I love to play with water. 
  12. These cats, because they resemble the wild tiger cats, have hunting qualities.

Bengal Cat Breed Information

In our previous article, which is on the topic “Bengal cat personality,” you can check all the information related to this breed. Here, we will discuss their health and nutrition facts that are also very important. Every pet needs proper attention or time. Therefore, we are here to give you the natural and simple tips and tricks that will help you understand “Bengal cat characteristics.” 

Change  the behavior of your Bengal cat

However, some people may have complained about the wild nature of Bengal cats. So, when we asked some people who have seen Bengal cats’ worst face, that why you don’t love them or why they look wild towards you, they told us some reasons, which includes that they are mean towards them. After listening to them and concerning the vet, we conclude that these cats are not wild, but if you don’t understand the needs or wants of these cats, they do show some aggressive side. 

Therefore, to change this behavior of your Bengal, you only need the following tips. Below are some points which will inevitably inform you about how to change the behavior. 

  • You are giving your cat time. Time is money. We have all listened to this phrase. Just like us, these god created creatures also need time. Giving your cat the proper time will change its behavior. 
  •  Playing with your cats daily for almost 2-3 hours will give your cat a good sign of yours that you do care for them.

Sometimes, because of hormonal problems, it might be possible that they don’t change their behavior. So, in that case, you need to go to a vet.

  • Unfortunately, some people in our society have an abusive attitude toward animals. Due to this, cats don’t get a proper socialization factor. So, please don’t be harsh with them. Your politeness will melt their hearts.
  • Make a schedule for your Bengal cat. In this, try giving your proper attention and show them your loving side. It will surely help you in changing its behavior. 

All of these points are explaining a lot. If you follow all the instructions given above, you can easily change the behaviour of your cat.  

The health of Bengal cats

As an owner, it is my duty and responsibility to take care of my pet. Like other pets, Bengal cats also need a healthy diet and proper care. Above, we have told you that Bengal cats because of their low fur on the coat are less allergenic than another breed of cats. On the other hand, these cats may have heart-related issues called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. 

Nutrition of Bengal cats

Just like us, these cats also need a proper diet. Otherwise, you may lose them. If your cat is taking food regularly, then it is a good sign because she is outstanding, but on the other hand, if she denies eating, then go to the vet immediately. In our previous articles, we have discussed that cats are carnivores. Every breed has its likes and dislikes, just like those Bengal cats have their pros and cons. In addition to Bengal cat characteristics, there are many likes and dislikes too. Growing cats need more nutrition than the old ones. 

Feeding of a Bengal cat

Taking good care of your pet’s diet is very important for the health of your pet. It is essential to give your pet very healthy food. Every pet has its diet routines, but here we will share some points with you related to Bengal cat feeding. 

This breed of cats loves to eat poultry and meat. These two are their favorite foods. But on the other hand, Bengal cats don’t like dry food. 

We are going to share some points related to the food of Bengal cats. Their likes or dislikes. Let’s go and have a look at them.

  1.  The first thing you need to do is go to a vet and ask them about the diet and the necessary nutrients required for your pet.
  2. This specific and most exotic breed of cats, just like the other ones, love to eat meat. 
  3. One significant and foremost thing that you should keep in mind is that cats are carnivores and meat is their primary requirement.
  4. To keep your Bengal cat healthy meat is essential for the proper functioning. 
  5. Many factories are providing pet food. 
  6. Finding a portion of food for your Bengal cat, which has a higher meat content at the grocery store, is very difficult. But then how could you see it? You can go to a pet shop; there you will find the exact food for your pet.

Best food for Bengal cat

According to research, we have found these few things that are best for your cat.

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Poultry

bengal cat 3

Canned food vs dry food

Bengal cats usually hate to eat dry food. So, giving your dry cat food is not good. Dry food is cheaper than canned food. But you have to take the likes and dislikes of your cat under consideration. Thus, don’t give your cat dry food. 

Avoid these things

It is a great thing that you are taking good care of your pet. But on the other hand, you need to know what information you should give them or what should not. 

Avoid giving your cat these humanly related foods:

  • garlic
  • grapes
  • onion
  • chocolates
  • raisins
  • spinach

These things can upset their stomach and also destroy the healthy functioning of it. 

Must give these things

Give your cat these few things this will help in maintaining a healthy diet.

  • Bread
  • Bananas
  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Marshmallows
  • Carrots

Milk for bengal cat 

You must have watched the Tom and Jerry cartoons in which Tom usually doesn’t like to drink milk. Some cats don’t love milk when they become an adult.

Just like Tom, our favorite Bengal cat doesn’t like to drink the milk. Only newly born kittens love drinking the milk from their mother. 

Best for children or not

Researches have shown that these cats are not as much best for children as the other ones. Every cat has its qualities and features. If we train them properly, then it might be possible that they will prove best for children.

Snow Bengal cat characteristics

Like the Bengal cat features, there are other Bengal cat types known as snow Bengal cat. This snow Bengal cat has white fur with brown colored tabby patches. Here we are going to discuss some of the snow Bengal cat characteristics and personality traits. 

Life span The average lifespan of a snow Bengal cat is 8-15 years.
weightThe weight of these cats ranges from 6 to 15 pounds.
Size Size of male cats is larger.
Eye colourBlue and green

If we talk about a snow Bengal cat’s personality, then it is lovely, and they love to play. Usually, these cats are easy to train, just like dogs. 

In addition to all of these, you need to know that just like snow Bengal black Bengal cat’s characteristics are the same. 

Bengal cat physical characteristics

What is meant by physical characteristics, according to you? Physical features related to muscular activities. In our previous articles Bengal cat personality, we have told you the crossbreed of a tiger cat and a domestic cat. So, here are the following points which explain the physical traits of Bengal cats.

  1. These cats are usually long in size.
  2. Size varies from small to large. 
  3. It can do highly strenuous muscular activities.
  4. The Head of these cats, as compared to another breed of cats, is usually broader.
  5. We can also call them the jungle cats.
  6. They can jump high like the athletes.
  7. Not only this, but these cats also run very fast.


Bengal cats are very those that have been produced by cross-breed and domestic and leopard cats. This cat is a household as well as has some wild characteristics. The approximate life span of a Bengal cat is about 14-16 years. These cats, compared to other cats, are very healthy and fit. But, on the other hand, they do have some illnesses in their genes. 

Let’s explain all the details of a Bengal cat. You can find every little information here. Below, the table is showing everything related to Bengal cats. 

bengal cat 4

GenesisUnited States Of America
Scientific NameFelis catus(Prionailurus bengalensis)
Registered As“SBT”

How long do Bengal cats live for?

The main attraction point of Bengal cats towards people is their coat having a beautiful tab showing the merge of both domestic and wild like characteristics. The average Bengal cat lifespan is 12 to 16 years; on the other hand, this cat has some genetic diseases. 

If you want to know further about your cats’ life, then consult a vet. It is imperative to maintain the health of your pet.

 The health of Bengal cat

Taking care of your cat is as necessary as your child’s care. If you love them, then keep caring for their health. That’s how your cat is going to live long. Let’s discuss some of the critical points related to the health of the Bengal cat. 

Cataracts of the eye:

Just like humans, these cats also have a cataract in their lens. If it is not treated on time, then it results in loss of the eye. If you leave that untreated, it will cause blindness or call this glaucoma in cats. But the good news is that this can be treated both in cats and in humans.

PRA (progressive renal atrophy)

To maintain the Bengal cat lifespan, you have to take good care of your cat. As we have mentioned above, there are some genetic disorders found in this cat breed. This renal atrophy is a disease that leads to blindness. Rods and cones of the eye go affected in this disease. It is commonly found in kittens of about three months. Either one of the parents or both is carrying these genes, which ultimately appears in young ones. 

Regular exercise

Doing regular exercise daily is very important for cats, too, like us. Doing it daily makes these cats very active and also helps in increasing the Bengal cat lifespan.


Maintaining your pet’s health is as important as your health. Go to the vet every month and check for the vaccine. Health is not only limited to a medical issue or going to the vet, but also you need to keep your pet neat and clean. 

The Average Lifespan of a Cat

Bengal cats are quite active cats than other breeds of cats. If we talk about life expectancy, then these can live approximately 2 to 16 years. 

Sleep time, weight and total gestation period of a Bengal cat is almost:

Sleeping hours         12-16 hours

Weight                       3.6 to 4.5 kg

Gestation period       58 to 67 days

So, the average lifespan of a Bengal cat is 14 to 16 years. 


One of the most exotic and intelligent breeds of cats is the Bengal cats. These cats are adorable, affectionate, and have a loving nature. If you are thinking of having a pet, then Bengal cats are the best breed of cats. These cats are perfect house pets. To buy this breed of cat, you need to have $1500-$3000. The cost of this cat is very high as compared to others. Most people don’t know how much a Bengal cat is? So, just in order to give you that specific information, we are writing this. 

The average price of a Bengal cat is $2000 if you buy it from a good breeder. If you think that the Bengal cat, which has cost $1500 and the other cost $2000, is the same, then you are wrong. Breeding a Bengal cat is not an easy job to do. It is a costly method to produce a Bengal cat legally. 

Different rates of Bengal cats in the market

It is crucial for you to know because you will spend a lot of money on buying this pet. Before purchasing this, do some research first what are the qualities and characteristics of a right Bengal breed. Below, I will share a list of rates on which some of the breeders are selling this pet.

  1. Under $500: seriously, are you joking? The cat, whose average cost comes to be $2000, should be available under $500. No, the original Bengal cats are not very cheap. Someone is trying to scam you. 
  2. $500-$1000: be aware of scammers. Backyard breeds of Bengal cats are available at this rate. 
  3. 1500-$2000: this a reasonable average rate, as we have mentioned above. If you are buying a Bengal cat at this rate then most probably you are buying the actual pet.
  4. $2000-$3000: here comes the first Bengal pet. Breeders that are selling Bengal cats at this rate are selling the actual Bengal. 

Factors influencing the rate of Bengal cats

Following are the factors that are affecting the price of Bengal are as follows:

  1. Personality, quality, features, generation of Bengal cats, pedigree. 
  2. The rate varies according to the color. 
  3. Snow Bengal cats cost different from other Bengal cats.

As in the above-given table, we have described all Bengal cats’ characteristic features and personality traits. Make sure the cat you are buying has all those. 

One significant thing that you need to keep in mind before buying a cat is to check that there is no health problem. The kittens that come with genetic disorders are more likely to die sooner.

Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying a Bengal Cat

Everything has its pros and cons, just like all those things before having pets make sure that you know all the pet’s pros and cons. This exotic, most marvelous creature does have a dark side. In contrast to other cat breeds, Bengal has a darker side? 

We don’t say that all the cats’ breeds are wrong and have an evil side, but some do have. It is challenging to breed Bengal cats. It is tough to maintain that breeding process.

There is a Bengal cat named “thar” this breed is famous all over the internet. People love it. The beautiful brownish-orange color coat has dark brown or black patches on the body, making it look more adorable. We finally met a couple who have a bit of bad experience with this breed by doing some research. First, the couple told us they already have a dog pet, and they were searching for that particular breed that is good with the dogs. Then they decided to buy this cat “thar.” After some time when people have known about them, they don’t want them anymore. Their activeness sometimes is very bad. 

Costs of Keeping a Bengal Cat

Buying this beautiful kitten may be useful for you but not for your wallet. The price range will shock you. The approximate rate or cost of a Bengal cat is $1000-$3000. 

Savannah Cat Vs Bengal Cat

People usually get confused when they see savannah cats and Bengal cats. Let’s share some main differences between these cats.

Savannah catBengal cat
  • Usually, this cat has spots on the body.
  • Bengal cats have rosettes on their outer coat.
  • These are larger.
  • Bengal cats are smaller than savannah cats.
  • This cat, in short, is a sombre cat which loves to be cuddled.
  • These cats are highly active and intelligent.
  • Colour of this skin varies from brown to silver.
  • On the other hand, these cats have a leopard-like appearance. 
  • 40 pounds is the size of this cat.
  • Bengal cat’s size is around 15 pounds.
  • It does not need grooming.
  • Bengals also don’t need grooming.
  • Usually, this cat doesn’t shed more than the average house cat.
  • These cats also make good house pets and don’t shed a lot.

The temperament of savannah cat and Bengal cat

If we talk about these cats’ temperament, then make it very clear in your mind that.

  • Both cats are active. 
  • Both of these cats have wild features. 
  • They come as a result of cross-breed between domestic and wild leopard cats. 
  • Usually, these cats love to play and run around you instead of sitting in your lap. 
  • Savannah cats are known because of their loyalty. That’s why we can call this cat a dog-like cat.
  •  These Savannah cats in search of fun and enjoyment, rush themselves into problems.
  • On the other hand, if we talk about Bengal cats, these cats also need a massive amount of stimuli, though they are not like savannah, and we don’t say them as dog-like.
  • Bengal cats love to chat with its owner. These cats are very chatty and have specific meows that show about the mood swings of Bengal cats.

bengal 5

Bengal cat temperament with other cats

This breed of cats is quite different from all other breeds of cats. No doubt they are very loving just like the others, but these are not lap cats. Some people love to have lap cats so for those who are searching for lap cats go for a Persian cats because Bengal cats are not their type. Yes, these cats have some quarrelsome temperament towards other cats because they want to share the love of its owner.  

The health of Bengal cat vs savannah cat

Both of the cats have some genetic disorders which led them to severe health problems. 

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

There are some heredity issues in both of the cats that came along with the gene. In contrast to another breed of cats because of resemblance, both of them have this heart disease. In short, we can call this “heart failure” this is the primary cause of death in your cat. 

According to the vet still, there is no cure to deal with this problem. But, Proper screening of genes might be helpful. 

Sterility in males

In contrast to many other animals, the male of both breeds is sterile. Many of you don’t understand the term sterility; this means they are unable to reproduce. 

Those that have sterility lead very healthy lives. 

Progressive renal degeneration

Bengals cats have another health issue, which we call progressive renal degeneration. This is a genetic disorder and ends with complete blindness. 

PK Deficiency

Bengals come with a lot of genetic disorders. Another health-related issue found in the Bengal cat is erythrocyte pyruvate kinase deficiency. 

Proper screening can cure this. It is how we can save the kittens.

Savannah cat vs Bengal cat as pets

Both of them make good home pets. It depends on what you see in your pet. If you want a lappet, then Persian cats are best but, if you are searching for current ones, then savannah and Bengal both make good household pets. 

Question answers

Do Bengal cats love to cuddle?

Yes, they do. But most of the time, it depends on the mood of the Bengal cat. These cats love to communicate, and they do talk in some ways with their owners. Thus, having a very talkative nature. 

Should Bengal cats be kept indoors?

According to most vets, keeping these cats indoor is not good. Because of the tiger cat features, they love to move outside. Otherwise, keeping inside makes these playful cats very dull. 

What is a Bengal cat personality?

The most amazing and highly energetic breed of cats is the Bengal ones. These cats are the most popular breed. They have dog-like attributes. They are having playful behavior, and the most gentle and loveable nature makes them more famous among all other pets.

Do Bengal cats have personality problems?

The answer is a major no. Because of the most dynamic and energetic features, this cat doesn’t seem to have any problems. There are no issues regarding learning and behavior, just like the other ones. This breed is the most awesome one, which seems to have no type of problem. 

What are Bengal cat personality facts?

Many facts tell you about this breed. 

  • The very first is that they are affectionate. They were having joyful behavior. 
  • They can easily adjust to your children.
  • They usually love to play with water.
  • Good to have pets like Bengal cats.
  • These cats can be trained easily.

What are the Bengal cat personality types?

We can call this cat the wild cat because of their hunting qualities. This cat, on the other hand, is the athlete. Usually, they jump and run very high. Available in brown and seal color. The weight of this cat is more substantial than 12lbs.

How much is a Bengal Cat in Australia?

If you are living in Australia and want to buy this cat, you need to know all the cost ranges. Below the table will tell you about this? 

Second hand                                              $350
Medium quality kitten                                           $1000
High quality kitten                                           $1500
Breeder quality kitten                                           $2500
Bengal queen (aged female)                                           $1200
Bengal stud(aged male)                                           $1200

How much is a snow Bengal cat?

Bengal cats are a result of breeding a domestic cat with an Asian leopard cat. Some of the Bengal cats have brown, orange colors while some have a white color. These white-colored cats were having black or brown patches on the skin. The Eye color of snow Bengal cat is blue. The average price for a snow Bengal cat is $1000-$3000. 

How much is a Bengal cat worth?

The worth of this intelligent, cute, loving, and adorable cat is $1500-$3000. Because of the uniqueness and qualities, they are usually more expensive than other breeds of cats. Therefore, because of those factors and athletic attributes, this cat has a high worth rate.

How much do Bengal Kittens Cost? 

If you think of having a pet that entertains you and shows some exciting features, you should first think of Bengal cats. Although Persian cats are not a wrong breed to go for, they are lazy. On the other hand, Bengal cats are super active. Start your savings as soon as possible because this super active breed is going to cost you high. 

Average price                           $1500-$2000

Original price                             $3000

Is Bengal Cat the Same as a Savannah?

The answer is a big No because both have some similarities, but that doesn’t mean they are the same. There are some vital and significant differences between both of them. You can check them in the above given-table.

Savannah or Bengal, which is best for you?

The answer to this question depends on you, which type of pet do you want? Because according to us, both of these cats make good pets. They love to enjoy and play around you. Because of the wilder features like hunting and running, people love them. 

What is the average height of both savannah cats and Bengal cats?

Approximate height of these cats are:

Savannah cat                                 33-38 cm

Body length                                    51-56 cm

Weight                                             5-11 kg

Lifespan                                           15-20 years

Are Bengal cats violent?

Just because they have wild descendants doesn’t mean that these cats are very aggressive or untamed. They are very loving and affectionate house cats. The popularity rate of Bengal cats is increasing day by day. Think by yourself that if these cats have violent behavior, do people love them? So the answer is no, they are not. They want the attention of their owner and want you to love them. 

They do show some uncivilized behavior when you don’t listen to them and don’t complete your cat’s demands and needs, just like the other cats, which also have this aggressive point. These Bengal cats are domestic cats. Just listen to them, play with them, and give them your attention to make them happy.

Bengal cat temperament with dogs

The one very most asked question is this. 

Do Bengal cats have good temperament with dogs? 

The answer is yes. Some people have shared this information with us that their Bengal cats hate when they see some other cats but they show some friendly nature towards dogs. 

BENGAL CAT  infographics

How much food do you need to give your Bengal cat?

Half a can is pretty much the right amount of food to give your cat. This will keep your pet healthy. These cats, in contrast to other cat breeds, are very active. So if you are thinking the same thing just like me that they need a higher amount of energy, you are thinking right. Therefore, these cats need a bit of a more significant amount of food than the other ones.

What should I feed my Bengal cat?

Bengal cats, as we all know, are very hyperactive and energetic cats. The other name used for them is “athletes.” So, an athlete needs a proper requirement of proteins in their diet. Thus, you need to give your cat protein-rich food, i.e., Pro Plan Savor or Pro plan true nature, both dry and wet food. 

What is the best food for Bengal cat kittens?

In comparison to adults, Bengal kittens need more energetic food to maintain their diet and health. It is essential because they are growing kittens, and giving them proper food will help them in proper growth and development. Food for Bengal kittens includes Pro Plan Focus Kitten or Pro Plan True Nature Kitten Grain Food.

What is the worst food for your Bengal cat?

These few things will imbalance the diet of your Bengal cat. So you need to avoid them.

  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Cheese
  • Milk
  • Tuna
  • Walnuts

What is the safe food for Bengal cats?

Good food, good diet. The food that is safe for your Bengal cat includes;

  • Whole grains
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Avocadoes
  • vegetables

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