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Maine Coon

The very famous, oldest, and largest domestic breed of cat is Maine Coon cat. It has a unique physical appearance and exciting hunting abilities. This breed is found in the state of Maine in North America. In this state, this is the official cat.

Length:                                                       1 meter
Weight:                                                       6-8 kg
Height:                                                        10-16 inches
Size:                                                              1m(adult)
Lifespan:                                                     10-13 years
Age:                                                             live up to 15 years
Color:                                                         solid, smoke, tabby
Scientific name:                                       Felis Catus

History of Maine Coon cat

There are a lot of stories related to this breed of cat. However, nobody truly knows how it originated. This exotic cat breed is famous in New England and the United States. History of these cats is very mysterious, and there are many myths and hypotheses related to it. As this cat is first found in the Maine state where there are environment extremes. This cat can live in a harsh environment and also has hunting skills. Nobody knows how these cats got there. There are many different theories related to this cat. Let’s share some of them with you;

  1. Cat + wild animal theory
  2. Ship cats theory
  3. Captain Charles coon and His Cats
  4. Viking cats
  5. Marie Antoinette And Her Angora Cats
  6. Polydactyl Maine Coon Cats
  7. The Maine Coon show Cats

Cat + wild animal theory

According to this theory, Maine Coon cats are hybrid, and it is a result of cross-breed between a domestic cat and a raccoon, or some say that it is the result of cross-breed between domestic cat and bobcat. 

Cats and raccoons are entirely different breeds, and they cannot breed with each other, so this first theory goes wrong. The other one says about bobcats since we all know that both of the breeds are from the Felidae Family but both are different species, so they cannot be cross-breed. One of the major features related to bobcats is that these cats are lynx species which means they cannot be bred with other cats.

You will be astonished when you come to know about all the theories of this cat. Even if we talk about the Hybrid theory then according to science, it is impossible. When you look at the features and personality of this cat, you will get confused.

Ship cats’ theory

What does this theory say? This is the most powerful theory when it comes to Maine Coon cat because they are the descendants of some of the European Ship cats. Back in the old days captains of the ships would like to have these cats on the board of ship to keep the mice and rats away. This concept of placing cats on the board of ship was very famous, captains love to have kittens like these, and they fell in love with its long hair. Even the cats get so close to their captains that they look after the ship when the captain is not around.

About 200 years ago the state of Maine was known for the repairing of ships and sailors would love to rest here. Maine Coon this breed of cats is from those few cats that have long hair. 

Captain Charles Coon and His Cats

We are not sure about this theory because there is no proof. There was a Captain named Charles Coon, his name as we can see that is very close to Maine Coon cat. This story just like the other ones is also very exciting, Captain Charles, along with his long-haired cats when they come to New England, they breed their cats with the local feral cats. As a result of this bred, the kittens shown have long hair, and people started to call them Coon’s cats. 

Viking cats

Here comes another theory “Viking Cats”. Most theorists have believed that these cats are descendants of Norwegian Forest Cats. Some of the Nordic explorers came to the United States before the Europeans. Thus we can say that these Maine Coon cats are much older. 

Just like these there are a lot more myths that are included in the history of this most exotic Maine Coon cat. 


If we talk about the origin of Maine Coon cat, there is no record found. But according to some hypotheses or some research, it is suggested that it is closely related to a cat named “Norwegian Forest Cat” and the “Siberian Cat”. 

But, if you are the owner of Maine Coon cat then you have a very special pet. This cat is full of mysteries and marvellous myths that anyone could believe. 

These cats have won the hearts of people when they first appear in the cat show. But with time the popularity rate of these Maine Coon cat’s decreases and Persians have taken their place.

Maine Coon Breed

Maine Coon has its unique qualities and characteristics that distinguish it from another breed of cats. It is the very oldest and largest breed of cats in America. People love to have this cat as a pet because history related to Maine Coon is very complex and full of mysteries. This breed of cats has long-hair or a thick coat of fur on the body that makes it look more beautiful.

Maine Coon Cat Breed Information

This breed has a lot of things hidden in its personality. Let’s go through those features of this cat. 

  1. If you are looking for a pet that has friendly behaviour towards family, then Maine Coon is from one of those pets.
  2. Affectionate toward the children.
  3. The amount of shedding hair is high because of the large volume of long hair on the body.
  4. These cats love to play with you.
  5. In contrast to other breeds of cats, this breed is not friendly towards strangers.
  6. Because of the thick, long coat of fur on the body, it is essential to groom your pet. Maine Coon love to be groomed and also it is very easy to groom these cats.
  7. They are highly intelligent cats, just like the Bengal cats.
  8. If you have another pet in your home, then don’t worry about Maine, because it has friendly nature towards other pets.

Maine Coon Breed guide

It would be very helpful that we summarize all the facts of this breed, because it is easy to know about any pet.

PedigreeStill it is unknown 
Body typeheavy, muscular body
Coat colorsIt is available in variety of colors as tabby, bi-colors, smoke, and solid
Coat lengthvery extensive and bushy
Coat texturesmooth and shiny
TailMaine has a long tail just like its body which is very fluffy
Eyesbroad and slanting
Earshuge, sharp and lynx-like ears
Pawswider and tufted
Temperamentvery social, friendly and loving
Healthprone to any kind of hereditary conditions

Maine Coon Personality

In addition to all those facts and figures, if we talk about the personality of the Maine Coon cat which is very affectionate and lovely, you will fall in love with this cat.

Maine Coon Personality Traits

There are a lot of personality traits of this beautiful chubby cat. Could you have a look at all of them one by one?

Family friends

This breed of cats is very warm-hearted towards the family they are living in. You will make them your true friends. The gentle nature of these cats makes them famous among people. Usually, people love to have pets that are kind and lovely towards their family. So, Maine has a large list of its fans. They are great family pets. The social nature of this breed makes it look more soft-hearted. 

  • Moreover, another reason for the popularity of these cats is their behavior for the children. They love to play with them. 
  • You need to give proper time to your pet just like you give to your children; this thing will keep them healthy. 
  • Give your cat some stuffed toys so that he will play with them.
  • Some of the Maine Coon cats carry dog-like features and they show a lot of excitement when the owner comes home.
  • They usually don’t bite, but if you provoke them just like the other cats, they are going to bite you.

maine coon cat 2

Maine Coon Personality Characteristics

Some of personality features or characteristics are given as:

  • Loving
  • Warm-hearted
  • Devoted
  • Soft temperament
  • Human friendly
  • High hunting skills
  • Brilliant and sharp
  • Active like the Bengal
  • Lively and vibrant
  • Very social
  • They usually love to eat

Maine Coon Personality Male Female

Before buying a pet the one major question that confuses the people is “should they buy male or female?”

Here is the answer to your question; Male Maine Coon cats have high demand in the market because of its dynamic qualities and activeness. Female Maine Coon cats are not as active as the Male Maine Coons. Female, on the other hand, is very soft and elegant.

They have personality differences; male Maine Coon tend to have high personality traits than the female Maine Coon. 

Male Maine Coons are very social and active.Female Maine Coons are social but not as much as the male coons.
They are more loving and affectionate and make human friends.They too are affectionate but not good at making friends.
They want the attention of their owner all the time.They are also social and are close to all family members.

Maine Coon Personality Kittens

These little, cute, and chubby kittens have their personality features. They are good, just like their parents and want to make friends. After Persians, this breed of cat has become the second most wanted breed in the United States. If someone in the house doesn’t love pets, then these cute kittens change their way of thinking.

Maine coon tabby personality

As, we have mentioned above every feature of Maine Conn’s personality, but, some of the traits you must know includes their playing behaviour and brilliant characteristics. These cats, just like the other breed of cats, love to be cuddled. They are very good friends. 

Maine Coon Characteristics

A Maine Coon has significant, small size leg lengths, circular paws, hidden in the fur and makes itself the most unique and adorable breed of cats. People call them “snowshoes”. The thick fur of the coat is usually shorter near the shoulders, but large near the stomach area. Tail just like the body is covered with fur. 

List of Characteristics of a Maine Coon Cat

National cat of the state of Maine is the “Maine Coon”. It is considered to be the largest cat found in Northern America. This cat is the oldest known cat in America. The reason for the popularity is the myths and stories associated with its creation. 

If you want to buy a pet, then Maine Coon is the best choice. Following are the characteristics that you should keep under consideration before buying a Maine Coon Cat.

One of the main features is their size; this breed of cats have a larger size than the other ones. Puffy paws and furry tail are the areas that make them look different. These characteristics not only help you in finding a pure breed of Maine Coon but also helps you in taking care or nurturing of it. 

Body features of Maine Coon

The noticeable feature includes the ears of Maine Coon cats which are usually larger and have knots at their corners. This look makes them even more beautiful than the other breed of cats. 

Eyes: If we talk about the eyes colour, then it varies among Maine Coon cats. The most common eye-colours include green, gold, silver or deep blue colour. 

Size: In addition to all these traits the size of this breed varies from males to females. Males usually have larger size while the females carry a smaller size: 13-18 pounds males and 9-12 pounds of females. 

25lbs is the weight of the biggest Maine Coon Cat. This cat has slow growth and nearly reached its maximum size within three years.

Maine Coon Kitten characteristics

Over the last few years, the popularity rate of Maine Coon has grown. Because of some breeders who are selling mixed breeds of cats, people are unable to identify which The body size of Maine Coon kittens is much larger than the average size kittens. They have rectangular body shapes and require approximately 3-4 years to become an adult. Here, we are with few of the points that are going to help you in finding the purebred. 


Thick coat of fur is the obvious sign of this breed. From medium to large in size, they have tufts of fur on the paws. This breed of cat can easily survive a hard environment. From head to tail the whole body is covered with fur. 

Maine Coon diet

All cats love to eat meat. Just like those cats, Maine Coon also love to eat the meat. It is essential to give them plenty of nutrients and proteins in their diet. These will help your pet to grow effectively. As these cats are usually larger and are more energetic, so they need more food than the other breed of cats. Give your Coon quality food; this will help them to grow properly.

Do Maine Coons Need a Special Diet?

No, just like the other breeds, these cats are not specified to eat something special. They also love eating meat. Although they are larger, thus you need to give your kittens larger quantities of food than the average cats because a growing kitten needs more food. It would help if you fed them 3-4 times a day. They can usually need three years to reach their maximum age. 

Giving right type of food

It is vital to concern the vet before giving anything to your pet. Maintaining the health of your pet is important for its growth. 

Giving fish to your cat is not bad, but for Maine Coon you need to avoid “Tuna fish” because it contains higher amounts of mercury, which can be fatal for the health of cats. 

Further, don’t give your Maine grains, because they are not the essentials of its diet. If you try to give these to your pet then it will cause allergies in your cat.


Do you know what the word bowl means? Your answer is here, giving a good quality bowl also matters a lot. Giving food in a plastic bowl is not safe for your cat. The major reason for not giving food to them because they can lead to acne problems in the chin area. 

Our advice for you is to choose a stainless steel bowl which is safe for your pet.

What Do Maine Coons Eat?

It is good to give food that is rich in protein. This will help effectively growing pets. Make a diet plan for your pet after concerning with the physician this can save the health of your pet. Also, a good diet can prevent severe health diseases.

maine coon cat 3

Best Cat Food for Maine Coon Cats

By doing so research work finally, we have found these few cat foods that are a nest for your pet.

  1. NomNomNow Fresh Cat Food Delivery
  2. Taste of the wild Rocky Mountain
  3. American Journey Duck Recipe
  4. Instinct of nature’s variety original
  5. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Mature Chicken
  6. Merrick limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free
  7. Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Succulent Chicken
  8. Castor and Pollux Organix Grain-Free Organix
  9. Nutro Wild Frontier Real Salmon and Trout

These are the nine best foods for the Maine Coon. All of them are very good in quality. Quality food is very necessary because it helps in better growth of your cat.

What’s the Best Diet for Your Maine Coon Cat?

Though Maine Coon are a quiet exotic breed of cats than the other breeds. These are very intelligent cats. So, to take care of their health, you need to give your cat a healthy, wealthy meal. Just like us “humans”, these beautifully God created creatures also need a diet that helps them to grow well. As this is the second most famous cat in America so according to AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control officials), they have created a diet plan that is important for you to follow to keep your pet healthy.

The diet plan says that you have to give your cat a proper amount of proteins, nutrients, and fats. The companies that are making pet foods should follow all these basic requirements. Also, growing kittens need a larger amount of proteins; almost 30% of proteins are important to feed them. Whereas, for adults, you need to give them about 20% of proteins.

How Much To Feed My Maine Coon Cat?

Larger than another breed of cats, they require a larger quantity of food. So you need to feed your cat almost 3-4 times a day. Kittens usually need more food than adults. Below we are going to provide you with the essential points that help you in better understanding of pet food.

  1. A protein-rich food is the most vital and key ingredient
  2. 30% proteins for kittens and 20% are for the adults
  3. Fats are also required, so you need to give your pet almost 9% of the total amount of fats.
  4. A balanced diet is important for growing pets, so omega-3 and omega-6 are required to be balanced.
  5. Vegetables and grains include carbohydrates, in a very limited quantity give it to your cat.
  6. Don’t try to give low-quality or spoil food to your pet. This will lead to serious stomach problems.

Maine coon raw food diet

Recently, raw food has become the most famous food for Maine Coon cats, but the question that arises here is that “is it right to give raw food to your cat?” Here, we are given the answer of what to give or not. There are a lot of points regarding your cat’s diet, but whom you should trust? 

In this article, we are going to give you all the pros and cons of Maine Coon diet.

Maine coon Pros

  1. Raw food is a protein-rich food, so it helps in the growth of your Maine Cat.
  2. It also helps in improving digestion.
  3. It is a part of the natural diet.
  4. Most attractive part of Maine is its coat, so giving raw food to your pet can also result in a healthier coat.
  5. These cats are highly energetic, so, giving raw food to your cat can balance its energy requirements.

Maine coon Cons

Just like the pros, there are cons. Nothing is perfect in this world. You have to come up with every kind of situation you are facing. Here are a few disadvantages of using raw food.

  1. Giving raw food results in the formation of bacteria.
  2. Not everyone can afford that costly food.
  3. Further, it needs more work.

What does your cat eat in the wild?

All of us are well aware of the wild nature of Maine Coon. These cats can live in the wilderness. But, what they eat out there in the wild environment. Following are the hunting animals that they love to eat.

  1. Insects
  2. Rodents
  3. Birds
  4. Small reptiles
  5. Mammals

What are the dietary requirements of Maine Coon cat?

Cats are carnivores, just like other breeds of a cat this breed has also some of its requirements that need to be fulfilled. The basic dietary needs are:

  1. Nutrients
  2. Fats and Acids
  3. Proteins
  4. Carbohydrates
  5. Vitamins A, B, and K
  6. Arginine
  7. Taurine
  8. Niacin
  9. Arachidonic Acid

17 Foods NOT to Give Your Maine Coon Cat

Here, is the list of foods that you shouldn’t give your cat. Giving these may create health problems.

  1. Dry fruits
  2. Milk
  3. Chocolate
  4. Dairy products
  5. Too many treats
  6. Egg
  7. Caffeine
  8. Soda and drinks
  9. Raisins
  10. Grapes
  11. Raw fish and meat
  12. Avoid giving fat from the meat
  13. Onion
  14. Garlic
  15. Dog food
  16. Tuna
  17. Drugs

10 Best Cat Foods for Maine Coon Cats 2020

Top rated foods for your cat are;

  1. Instinct original
  2. Addiction Salmon Bleu
  3. Honest Kitchen
  4. Wellness Core
  5. Blue Wilderness
  6. Feline Natural
  7. Wysong Epigen
  8. Dr Elseys
  9. Vital Essentials
  10. Royal Canin

Maine coon HEALTH

The study obtained from pet insurance agencies in the year 200-2006 has told us about the health of this breed, your Maine Coon can live up to 12.5 years. 74% of the Maine cats can live up to 10 years, and the other 54% can live for more than ten years. This breed can survive the harsh environment, which makes them very strong. 

But following are the diseases that are found in Maine Coon cats. 

Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), This is the most common heart disease found in this breed. This disease is not only found in Maine Coon but also in many other breeds of cats. Either your cat is purebred or not. This is the most common disease. HCM leads to heart failure in cats, and also results in paralysis and sudden death of your pet. 

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), another health disease in Maine Coon. This disease is genetically inherited from parents to kittens. This disease results in the loss of spinal-cord neurons which are doing the work of activation in the skeletal muscles of the trunk and limb. This disease can appear in kittens of age 3-4 months which in turn face severe muscular atrophy, muscles get weak and ultimately lead to the death of the cat. 

Hip dysplasia, as the word hip is clearly showing that it is related to a hip. It is a deformity in the hip joints leading towards arthritis. This abnormality of hips is usually found in the large-boned males of both breeds Persian and Maine Coons. A foundation named OFA has tested Maine Coon cats and found that approximately 24.3% of the ratio of Maine Coons face hip dysplasia. 

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD), is a disease that leads towards the failure of kidneys in the cats. Almost found in every breed of cats. When a kitten is born, a cyst is found in the kidney. Usually, in the start, they are smaller in size, but as time passes, their size increases gradually—the larger size of cyst results in the malfunctioning of kidney or kidney failure. But you don’t need to worry; you can remove the cyst from the kidney at an early age by Ultrasonography. This is the current method that is being used to diagnose cyst in the kidney. 

Maine Coon Allergies

Cats for people with allergies There are many hypoallergenic cat breeds. Below we have mentioned the names of all those breeds that look lovely but are allergic.

  1. Balinese
  2. Javanese
  3. Devon rex
  4. Cornish rex
  5. Siberian
  6. Sphynx
  7. Russian blue

Are Maine Coon Cats Hypoallergenic?

First of all, what does the word hypoallergenic mean? It means cats with lower allergic reactions. The Fel de 1 proteins are produced in the saliva of most of the cats which tells us that this cat is allergic. Hypoallergenic cats are either non-allergic, or usually, they shed the lower amount of fur. 

maine coon cat 4

Fel de 1

This is a major cause of allergic reactions in the cats. Fed de 1 is a protein found in the saliva of most of the cats. But if you are looking for a hypoallergenic cat, then you should first look for a cat that produces a lower amount of this protein. Here are the names of some cats that are considered to be hypoallergenic.

Beautiful Balinese, a breed with long-hair, produces a low amount of protein. Likewise, there is another breed named Siberian breed, which is also hypoallergenic. 

Just like those Maine Coons are also from the list of those cats that produce Fel de 1 protein. So, we don’t consider it to be a hypoallergenic breed. 

Maine coon allergy sufferers

Almost 10% of the population of humans is from those that have pet allergies. Just like the dogs, the cat too has allergies. 20-30% of the ratio of people with allergies can face severe asthma attacks due to pet allergies. 

The major reason why those people suffer from this? Is that they are sensitive to the external environment. They have a weak immune system.

What causes allergy in cats?

If you think that allergy is caused by the fur of cats, then you are thinking wrong, because there is no concern of a thick coat of fur with the allergies in cats. In contrast to another breed of cats, Maine Coon can cause allergy because of its saliva and urine. Some of the cats that stay in the external environment are more prone to allergies. 

The major or we can say that the root cause of allergies is the protein Fel de 1. 

Maine coon food allergies

What is meant by food allergies? Some cats get allergic when they eat something which is not good for their health. Maine Coons as we have discussed earlier are allergic to dry foods, so we should avoid giving dry food to our pet. 

As, we all know that cats are carnivores and the artificial food that we give to our cats contains a larger amount of carbohydrates, so we should avoid giving them these foods. Recent studies have shown that 25-50% of the cat foods contain carbohydrates. 

Maine coon allergies Symptoms:

If your cat is showing allergic signs, immediately go to the vet. Common symptoms of allergies in cats by eating dry food includes;

  1. Patches on coat showing hair loss
  2. Itching
  3. Red bumps
  4. Lesions
  5. Biting at skin
  6. Ulceration on the skin
  7. Skin got crusty
  8. Neck dermatitis
  9. Changes occur in the behavior
  10. Chronic infection of ears
  11. Yeast infection or bacterial infection on skin

Maine coon skin allergies

Just like other breeds of cats, Maine Coons do suffer from various types of skin problems. These skin allergies are caused by the biting of parasites or by eating food that is allergic to your pet. All of these things cause fungal, bacterial, or viral infections that lead to tumours in the cat. 

Maine coon allergy-friendly

Since these are not hypoallergenic cats, but still, people love them. You can take precautionary measures if you are allergic to cats, but your love for cats should never be denied. You need to take proper care of your cat, make a friendly relationship with it. 

Regular check-ups of yourself or the pet because their saliva contains a protein that causes allergies. Regular cleaning of the pet and grooming may reduce the risk of allergic reactions. 

Maine coon bad for allergy-sufferers

Maine coons attract their lovers but the ones that love to have pets, but because of being allergic to them they don’t take them should take precautionary measures. 

Your love for Maine Coon kittens is unlimited but first, take good care of your health. You are allergic, which means you have a weaker immune system or you are weak towards external stimuli. Take a healthy diet and make your immune system stronger. 

Thus, in those conditions, you can have them and if you avoid all these things then very disappointingly Maine Coons are bad for allergy sufferers.

12 Huge Facts about Maine Coons

Following are facts related to Maine Coon:

  1. They are a gigantic breed of cats
  2. Their history is full of myths
  3. Different origin stories
  4. They can face severe winter environment
  5. They are different in colours
  6. Cats that have won the first show in America
  7. Official cats of the state of Maine
  8. These cats have seen the infamous Harry Potter series
  9. You can clone Maine Coon commercially
  10. World’s largest cat
  11. One of the oldest cat of history
  12. Love to play with water

Fun Facts about Maine Coon Cats

The most beautiful long-haired breed of cat is the Maine Coons. These cats are America’s Favorite cats. Not only this but these cats also have won the first-ever cat show in America. The reasons for the popularity of these cats are the exciting, fun facts that we are going to share with you. All of these facts have made these cats the most popular one and demanding cats. Available in a variety of colors this exotic breed have a lot of fun facts. Let’s share all of them one by one. 

maine coon cat 5

Officially declared cat

Maine is the name of a state in America. These cats have gained their name because they are first found in this state. That’s why these cats are considered as an official cat of Maine. This is the first-ever breed of cats that are officially declared.


In that state of America, there are a lot of extremities of weather. Severe winter can freeze everything. But, these strong-boned cats have survived these conditions. That’s why they are called survivors.

Biggest cats of history

Maine Coon are the largest or biggest breed of cats among all the breeds. They are huge. According to research, the largest Maine Coon was almost 48.5 inches high. 

Cat with myths

No cat has its origin stories just like the Maine Coon because the history of the origin of these cats is full of myths. Above in the history section, we have explained every myth that has a connection with it. But we don’t know whether they are true or not. 

Extra toe cats

Some of the Maine Coon cats have an extra toe. Polydactylism is found in almost 40% of the Maine cats. Cat, when born, has six toes, but, according to some vets, the majority of these cats have an extra toe which helps them to walk on the snow. With time this feature started declining and now there are Maine cats that have only five toes. 


Cosey was the name of a Maine cat given by his owner. Cosey has won the cat show and got a silver medal. The cat show was held at Madison Square Garden in New York. Cosey has won the show and got a name “best cat in the show”.

Love with the water

Most of the cats love to play with the water. Bengal cats also love to play, just like those Maine cats also love to play with water. Many of the owners have seen how much their cat loves to play with water. 


Maine Coon cats are known as the great hunters of all time. These cats love to hunt for the mouse. Because of the wilderness, there are a lot of hunting features seen in them. 

Dogs of the cat world

Another name given to these coon cats is “dogs of the cat world”. It is not given because of the size they have but also due to its personality. These cats are very loyal to their owners. 

Maine coon breed facts

This cat is full of fun and facts. The list of those facts is never ending. 

  1. These cats are known as the “gentle giants”, this means they may look giant but they are very sweet in nature. These cats are very warm-hearted. 
  2. They have a very hostile temperament. 
  3. Playful breed of cats
  4. Love to walk with the owner
  5. They like singing
  6. These coon cats can be easily cloned. 

Maine Coon Growth

How to Keep a Maine Coon Growth Chart You can keep the growth chart of your pet using these tips and tricks. This growth chart is going to help you whenever it comes to the growth of Maine Coon that is what is now the age and how much your coon cat has grown.

Follow these instructions:

For this you need 

  • Scale
  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Graph paper

By using these tools you can keep the track of growth of your cat.

When Will My Maine Coon Be Fully Grown?

Hardly, it will take 2-3 years for a Maine Coon kitten to reach its full height. Male coon cats are generally larger than the female coon cats. These coon cats are considered as America’s largest and biggest breed of cats. However, if we talk about the size of a fully grown male coon cat, then it is approximately 15-25 pounds. On the other hand, the size of a female coon cat is 10-15 pounds. 

Height of male coon cats is almost 10-16 inches, and length is about 40 inches. Whereas the height of female coon cats is 8-14 inches, but length remains the same just like the male coon cats.

Most of the people are very concerned to know how they got so big. But my friend, this secret is still unknown to us. This is the genetic linkage which makes these cats grow that much. 

Maine Coon Growth and Weights

Your pet needs to stay healthy. Good health helps them to grow well. Health can be maintained only when you give the essential diet to your cat. The proper amount of proteins, nutrients and fats help your cat to grow well. 

A healthy coon cat weighs about 0.45kg when it is only 3-7 months of age. These facts and figures may vary according to the health of every kitten. The average weight of a male and female coon cat is given as;

Male  15-25lbs (6.8-11.3kg)
Female8-12lbs (3.6-5.4kg)

Chart of average weight of Maine Coon kittens

AgeMale kittenFemale kitten
Newly born90-170 kg90-150 k
1 month620-820 g550-750g
2 month1-1.6 kg1-1.4 kg
3 month1.5-2.3 kg1.5-2.0 kg
4 month3-4 kg2.5-3.5 kg
5 month3-5 kg2.5-4 kg
6 month4.4-6.2 kg3-4 kg
7 month4.9-6.8 kg3.5-4.5 kg
8 month4.5-7 kg3.6-4.7 kg
9 month5-7 kg4-5 kg
10 month5-8 kg4-5.5 kg
11 month5.5-8.5 kg4-6 kg
12 month6-9 kg5-7 kg

Maine Coon Average Lifespan

Average lifespan of a coon cat is 10-13 years. 

What is the Average LifeSpan of a Maine Coon?

Just like other breeds of cats that can live up to 10-12 years, just like those breeds a coon cat’s lifespan varies between 10 to 13 years. 

Recent studies have shown that almost 54% of coon cats can reach the lifespan of 12.5 years. But, 74% is the ratio of those coon cats that live up to 10 years. 

Maine coon cat’s Life expectancy:

The secret of long age lies in the fact of good health and exercise. If we follow these two main points then definitely our Maine Coon cat is going to live long. 

Regular vaccination also helps in maintaining a track of a healthy life. But, on the other hand, disorders or diseases in this breed of cats, as mentioned above, may cause serious damage to your cat. Because these are genetic disorders you can try to cure them, but still we have not found the cure of all disorders and diseases. 

You can prolong the life of your cat with the help of regular exercise.

main coon cat 6

How Long Do Maine Coon Cats Live?

After doing a bit of research on this, we came to this conclusion that Maine cats can live up to 10-12.5 years. But in some cases, you can see that some coon cats have reached the age of 15 years. 


Can you walk a Maine coon?

Walking or exercising are vital things to stay healthy, wealthy. To keep your coon cat from getting bored by sitting at home all the time, you can walk with your cat. Go to the nearest park and walk with your cat. These cats love to spend time with their owners and also love to follow them.

Can you shave a Maine coon cat?

Think carefully before taking this step because your cat is going to look different. Yes, you can shave your coon cat but if you are thinking of doing it by yourself, then do it carefully. But, our advice to you is that go-to professional and shave the long coat of your cat. The coat will come back within six months.

Can you let a Maine coon outside?

Maine Coon can be kept both outdoor and indoor. They love to walk or do exercise. This will keep your pet healthy and active. But, due to long hair, most of the owner’s prefer to keep the cats indoor. Otherwise, their coat gets dirty and can be a cause of several diseases or problems.

Can a Maine coon be an indoor cat?

Yes, these are indoor cats. It is the most beautiful breed of cats after Persian Cats. Owners of the cat mostly prefer to keep the pet to stay at home. It is good for the health of Maine cats. Another factor of keeping the cats at home is to save them from thieves. Because of the beauty of these cats, people stole these cats. 

Can I buy a Maine coon cat?

Yes, you can buy this exotic breed of cats from the pet agencies or the pet shelters near you. There is a place named “Cody Cats” here you can buy Maine Coon cats and kittens. Both male and female you want to buy are available here. 

What is the temperament of a Maine coon?

Just like another breed of cats Maine Coon cats are also very loving and warm-hearted cats. They love to play with their owner. They are very friendly and affectionate. Also, they love to play with their children. They have some dog-like qualities and come immediately when you call them. 

maine coon cat infographics

What is the personality of a Maine coon cat?

Very social, affectionate, and loving breed of cats is the Maine Coon cats. The most beautiful feature of their personality is that they love to interact with other humans and pets. They are a very intelligent breed of cats. Its hunting abilities make them unique among others. 

What is the cost of a Maine coon cat?

A healthier Maine Coon cat can cost you from $400-$1500. It depends on the health of the cat. If the hair or coat of a cat is healthier, it will cost you approximately $1500. Otherwise, there are some coon cats whose prices range from $400-$800.

What is the largest Maine coon cat?

Largest among all feline cats is the Maine cat. Also, one of the very ancient living cats is coon cats. This cat has won the title of the longest cat in 2010, whose length is 123cm.

How big are Maine coon cats?

Length:      1 m

Weight:      Male (6-8kg) Female (3-6kg)

Are Maine coons cuddly?

Maine coon cats are a very affectionate and loyal breed of cats. They want the attraction of their owner every time. Female coon cats are more outgoing cats than the male. They are very cuddly cats; their sweet fur makes them look more elegant.

Are Maine coon cats smart?

Yes, these cats are very smart and intelligent just like the Bengal cats. Your coon cat is very entertaining. You are not going to face any kind of boredom with your coon cat. This cat has dog-like skills. Its hunting skills make them even smarter than other breeds of cats. 

Are Maine coons hypoallergenic?

Most of the breeds of cats are hypoallergenic, but if we talk about these coon cats, then they are not hypoallergenic. But, some of the cats do have this allergy. 

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