Best 10 Ways How to get rid of sugar ants?

As winter season finishes and summer approaches, you will see different ants kinds of insects roaming in your home. Apart from being amazing creatures they are cringe as well and trust me no one likes to see them roaming around your kitchen at your dashboards and near your food. Though they are not some kind of threat or their sting is not even venomous but still, they are not for indoors. Therefore, they are treated as pests that should be removed permanently.

What are sugar ants?

As the name is depicting these ants are attracted to sugar resources including sweets and other stuff. They do not just rely upon sweet content only they are also attracted to and eat proteins and fats as well including the plant pollen too.  Do you want to know about how to get rid of fire ants

Sugar ants are also called “banded ants”. Their origin lies in Australia but they are found all over the world. People mostly associate the word when they listen to the term sugar ants to pharaoh ants or carpenter ants. They resemble very much but are specific in their characteristics. The food collection and disseminating principle remains the same; they collect the food, eat some and take the rest back to share with other colony members.

Categories of Sugar ants:

Some of the ants do prefer to live outdoors managing all their food resources while staying in the wild whereas some ants prefer to search for food in your house rather than outside. It also depends on the particular specie of ants we are talking about. We can categorize the sugar ants into two broader categories:

  • Indoor ants
  • Outdoor ants

Outdoor ants include mostly ants like acrobat ants, honey ants, and rover ants whereas indoor ants mostly include the pharaoh ants, carpenter ants, and pavement ants.

Carpenter ants black and reddish in color whereas pharaoh ants are generally pale.

From where they come?

The point which has to be pondered is how these ants come in your home all of a sudden, particularly in such a huge number. The major characteristic that differentiates them from other ants is the “Aroma Receptors” which are almost double or triple in numbers as compared to other ants. Therefore they can catch the scent of any food resource much quicker and faster than other ants. They are so sensitive to food odor that they can catch it even though small cracks, holes, and openings which you even didn’t know about. Only one ant has to catch the scent the rest will come simply by following the pheromones which the prior ant had left. Pheromone is a basic scent trail through which ants communicate and follow the way towards the food resource.

How to get rid of sugar ants?

There are several ways to get rid of ants in your home but knowing just the method won’t do the job. You first yourself has to locate the places from where they are coming and then have to devise and select a method that suits best to your situation. Here are the few methods to get rid of sugar ants:

Suspend garlic in your buttery or kitchen:

Due to the strong scent and aroma of garlic ants can easily be distracted from the food resources. Also by rubbing garlic on the pathways where there is maximum walk though of ants will remove their pheromone trail easily. Also, you can hang garlic on your drawers and dashboards to keep them away.

Recycling your used coffee:

Ants hate the scent and acidity which caused to them by coffee. Therefore, they are reluctant about it. Also, it’s a great of recycling your trash a well. Just dust or spread the used coffee grounds on ant’s passageways as well as outdoors to keep the ants at bay.


Sanitation is extremely necessary to keep insects away from your home and getting into tour food. Vacuum regularly places where you eat more and where there are fair chances of sugar resources and also to remove their memory trail as well.

DIY insect deterrent:

You can use your homemade DIY insect repellent to get rid of ants.  Mix some peppermint oil with water and spray it on the places you see ants. 

Use ant baits:

Ant baits are one of the most effective ways to kill ants permanently because as soon one ant eats the bait it takes the bait back to the colony and it kills the rest of the members too.

12 natural ways to get rid of sugar ants

There are several ways to get rid of sugar ants. Sugar ants mainly refer to odorous ants that can pop anywhere in your house any time so here are the few techniques mentioned to get rid of them easily:

How to get rid of sugar ants 11

Using silicon dioxide:

Silicon dioxide is a type of silica that you may found in your shoe boxes as well that keeps the moisture out. We can’t declare silicon dioxide as some kind of venom but instead, it dehydrates the insects extracting all of their oils and water content. As ants breathe through their external surface, so they can’t do so in the presence of silicon dioxide. It is easily available in the market.

Dishwashing detergents and glass cleaning liquids:

Ants find their food in the form of rows by following the pheromones left by prior ants and they follow their trail. But when you combine the glass cleaning sprays and liquid detergents they remove that specific scent or chemicals which the ant would have to follow. In this way, you can block the passage of further ants to come. Use this method in the areas where you observe maximum ants.

Using soap:

Some people are not comfortable with liquid detergents and their scents so for those people, you can use your favorite scented soap. The technique remains the same use the soapy water on the areas where you observe ants so that their trails or pheromones can be removed.

Using spices and peppers:

Ants are really repellent towards peppers and they can suffocate through it as well so therefore by using this technique you can stop them by visiting your places.

You can dust black or red pepper around the drawers or boards to keep ants away at their maximum.

Mentha piperita:

Mentha piperita also known as peppermint can be used to repel ants and other insects as well. For this remedy to work, you have to make a homogeneous mixture of peppermint oil with water and sprinkle or dust the mixture on windows, drawers and kitchen boards. Keep the solution out of the reach of the children as well as pets particularly cats because they can become very ill.

By using tea tree oil:

Like peppermint oil tea tree oil also act as a repellent and keeps the ants away. You can use tea tree oil by mixing it with water and spraying it in all necessary areas. There is also another way of using the technique by dipping the cotton ball in the solution and placing it on the places where you see ants. If you are irritated by the scent you can also mix peppermint oil along with tea tree oil.

By using lemon eucalyptus oil:

It is an excellent and as well as beg repellent. This oil is specifically extracted from the plant and is a natural insect repellent. It contains an element defined as citronella. It is also used in making those candles that keep the mosquitoes or the bugs away. To use it dip cotton balls in oil and place it on the desired places.

By using acetic acid:

Acetic acid or white vinegar can be used easily to avail the facility of keeping ants away. Vinegar just only keeps the ants at bay but also kills them. Use a solution of 50% vinegar and 50% water to remove them directly and you can also use them for later but ants can only smell the vinegar when it dries off.

By using Cornstarch:

If your home is infested by a large number of ants you can use this technique. Just dust a large amount of cornstarch over the group of ants and then you can wash them away with the water or you can also use vacuum after dusting the cornstarch to avoid any kind of a mess.

By using oil extracted by Neem oil:

Neem is a leaf found particularly in India. It can be used effectively. You can use strong Neem as well as diluted Neem both works perfectly as an insect repellent.

By using boric acid:

Borax or boric acid is a specific kind of venom particularly used for killing and repelling ants and other insects. You can use a different kind of boric acid solutions to kill them.

  • Mix boric acid solution with sugar and water.
  • You can also mix borax with corn syrup or maple syrup etc. to make it an attractive bait for the ants.

5 ways to kill sugar ants

Apart from using the home techniques, these are the 5 best methods you can use to get rid of ants:

  • Using a bait 
  • Pouring insecticide in their nest and places where they are in the maximum number
  • Using a solution of boric acid mixed with sugar
  • Using baking soda
  • By using a solution of vinegar mixed with water.

How to get rid of tiny ants?

First look for the sources from where ants are coming and then you can apply the techniques to remove them. The most common and effective methods are faking baits, using insecticide, using essential oil sprays and there also options available in your kitchen as well as cornstarch, vinegar, borax, etc.

Sugar ants infesting your home?

You may be surprised by the fact that you yourself invites ants in your house in bulk why? The main reason is poor sanitation and due to discarding your food remains properly. Odorous ants mainly come from outdoors and invest tiny dark places in your home like your kitchen drawers where they find butter, sugar, honey, and other sugary stuff. To permanently remove them find their mound or nest where they are multiplying and use strategies of baits and pour insecticide in their nest to remove them permanently.

How to get rid of sugar ants 33

Question and answers

How to get rid of sugar ants naturally?

The most effective way of getting rid of ant permanently is to fake a bait. You can also use homemade options like garlic that removes their trail or to use a boric acid solution mixed with sugar or 50/50 solution of vinegar and water.

How to get rid of sugar ants with borax?

Mix some boric acid with water and sugar and make a homogenous solution. Spray the mixture onto them directly as well as on ant’s passageways to kill them.

How to get rid of sugar ants in the bathroom?

Make a solution of water and your soap or shampoo. Spill the mixture directly on ants to kill them.

How to get rid of sugar ants in the car?

To keep ants away in the car it is necessary to get your car sanitized properly. Use direct insect repellent spray on them to immediately kill them.

How to get rid of ants in the kitchen?

Use a solution of vinegar of 50/50 to remove them from the kitchen. Spill the solution directly onto the ants and also spray it on the passageways as well because their scent disturb them and also remove their pheromone trail.

How to get rid of sugar ants with pets?

If ants are in the minor quantity you can use the trick of dipping the sponge into sugary water and place it onto the places where ants are maximum. Ants will come to them and they will become dead. You can squeeze the sponge than to see dead ants.

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