Best 10 Ways How to get rid of fire ants?

You may get amazed by listening to the name of fire ants and immediately after acknowledging the term you would like to know why fire ants? They got this name because when they bite or sting you, as a result, you will get an immediate burning sensation, that’s why they are named “Fire ants”. The burning sensation may vanish after a few minutes but at the place where the ant bit, there is a probability of forming a pustule filled with white matter.  Red ants either residential or imported can cause significant damage not only to humans but as well as animals and plants. Red ants, in particular, are known for their aggressive behavior and they can bite which can lead to severe allergies and nausea, etc. Fire ants get their name because when they bite someone there is an extreme burning sensation to the person therefore, they are termed as “fire ants”.

Get rid of fire ants treatment and control guide

Out of all the methods that work best for getting rid of fire ants are these two which are explained below:

  1. Faking a bait
  2. Drenching or pouring insecticide into the mound

Faking a bait:

In the market there are several kinds of baits are available depending upon the infestation. Mainly they consist of two active ingredients “insecticide” and a “growth inhibitor”. For a low infestation, the bait only with the insecticide works effectively but for high infestation, you may have to use the bait with growth inhibitor as well. Growth inhibitor as the name suggests inhibits the reproduction of new members in the colony along with killing them. Do you want to know about How to get rid of black ants?

Advantage of baits:

Baits are the permanent solution of removing ants as they do not only focus on the viewable ants but destroys the whole colony.

Disadvantages of the bait:

Bait takes more than 3 weeks to work because the active ingredient takes that much time. Baits can be washed away with rain or drainage.

Drenching or pouring the insecticide in the mound:

For this method, you will need a concentrated solution of an insecticide as well as a hand sprayer and a big bucket. First, spray the solution around the infested area to avoid the foraging ants and then pour the insecticide solution into the mound deeply to kill the queen. You can also make a hole in the center of the mound so that the solution can easily seep down.

Advantages of drenching:

They give you instant results removing the ants within 24 hours.


For the method to work you have to go near the mound and if there is an even little of carelessness the ants can bite you easily hence there is a danger of ants getting the good out of you.

4 ways to get rid of fire ants using home remedies

These are the four best methods to get rid of fire ants:

  1. By using baits
  2. By using insecticides and pesticides
  3. Applying liquid sprays
  4. Using some natural ingredient available at your home

Rat Baits:

No matter how many procedures are out there? This one has to be the most effective strategy you can use to get rid of fire ants. Though it may take some time to work but its efficiency of getting the work done is maximum. In this you have to place maximum amounts of the bait at the places where ants frequently visit and they can easily eat the bait as well as take back to the colony as well. The purpose of this strategy is to kill the queen and wallah!! Checkmate.

It can approximately take three or seven days to work but the bait will start to work after the 48 hours of the contact. To make this strategy successful look for the baits that ideally contain Borax and Advion.


Pesticides or insecticides:

Using this technique is easy as they kill the ants immediately but the only drawback is that what to do about the colony because they will produce the new members just in a matter of hours. So the problem is not treated permanently

If you found the mound in your backyard the use of an insecticide is the best option. Remember you have to pour or inject the liquid deep down in the mound in order to kill the queen. While doing the process make sure you have taken protective measures because we know fire ants are very aggressive.

Liquid sprays:

As far as sprays are concerned they are quite a better option than liquid insecticides why? Because they are long-lasting and also available in waterproof. Also, they can be used for many insects in any kind of circumstance. 

Using any natural ingredient:

Homemade ingredients are not as effective as those that are available in the market. Cinnamon is known as the best ant repellent remedy. Researches have shown that due to the very strong aroma of cinnamon as ants inhale the scent is so strong that the ants choke and die.

Likewise, vinegar and lemon juice are among the other options to keep ants away from your home.

How to get rid and kill fire ants?

The techniques as mentioned above are used to kill ants. Using baits, pouring liquid insecticide or using spray dust are among the most common and most successful ways of killing fire ants.

How to get rid of fire ants 22


Ant’s memory is extremely remarkable and they remember the places they have inhabited before and to eliminate them permanently may appear like a dream but it can be done by taking proper precautionary measures:

  1. By taking proper sanitation measures.
  2. By removing mounds

Sanitary measures:

Trim the tree’s branches and shrubs properly because the ants can use them as a runaway path to get rid of the pesticides you used upon their mound or then can inhabit your home. Make a “dry area” six inches below your building to avoid any kind of moisture and soil because they need moisture food and a place to live for their survival. Remember to change the material of bedding you used to create the dry areas to avoid catching any kind of moisture. Eliminate any rotting logs to destroy all the places where they can inhabit. Do not leave ripe fruits that are fallen on the ground it’s tasty food for the ants and will help them grow.

Removing mounds:

Eliminate the mound or colony members by using the technique of bait or by injecting the liquid pesticide into the mound. After taking necessary precautionary measures carefully remove the mound from your yard. 

Controlling fire ants what works and what does not work?

Fire ants are the major threat to the plantation and to the infrastructure as well as damaging the electrical objects by infesting them. Unfortunately, there are many remedies out there but to be honest most of them are least effective and just cause wastage of money. The things which are effective are hardly natural and organic in nature rather than they are chemical in nature

What does not work?

Gravels: Yeah you may listened about them. Sprinkle small gravels or grits over the ants and all the moisture of ants will be gone drying them out. Yeah, I tried it does not happen. So from me, it’s a big no to this remedy.

Silica: Yes it’s the same thing that you may found in your shoe boxes that keep the moisture away but does it really work? It is mainly extracted from the seashells that destroy the exoskeleton of the insects but the problem is it hardly reaches the queen giving a temporary solution for the problem.

Pouring hot water: Again this technique seems to be easy like you just have to roast those little suckers but again the solution is superficial unless and until the queen is there you can’t say that the problem is gone because new members will keep on coming up if the queen is there.

What works best?

Options that are available in the market that contain the chemical potential to destroy the colony, as well as the queen, are among the effective methods. Products like Acephate which is an insecticide solution and a bait called Amdro works best for a yard with medium infestation.

How to get rid of fire ants in your yard?

The following are the effective methods to kill and prevent the ants:

  1. Faking a bait
  2. Liquid insecticides
  3. Liquid pesticides
  4. Spraying dust 
  5. Using peppermint
  6. Lemon juice
  7. Vinegar
  8. Cinnamon

Question and answers

How to get rid of fire ants in the house?

Sanitation only does not serve the purpose of getting rid of ants. Use a 50/50 solution of vinegar or use cinnamon to remove the pheromone trails.

How to get rid of fire ants without chemicals?

There are several other options available rather than those that are available in the market. These are hanging garlic, using black peppers, solution of peppermint oil and 50/50 solution of vinegar with water.

How to get rid of fire ants in potted plants?

First, safely remove the plant to avoid it from destroying than drench the liquid insecticide in the pot it will probably take 24 hours to work and then you can place the plant again in the pot.

How to get rid of fire ants in the garden?

Use bait treatment or drenching an insecticide to the mound works most efficiently to remove ants permanently.

How to get rid of fire ants naturally?

You can use ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen like lemon juice, cinnamon, and vinegar if the bait or insecticide is not available.

How to get rid of fire ants with borax?

Mix the boric acid solution with sugar and water to fake the bait so that it eventually kills the whole colony.

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