Best 10 Methods How to train a cat?

How to train a cat?

For thousands of years, man has captured the animals and had made a bond to live happily. But no matter what an animal is an animal and their behavior and their habitual nature will not change but it can be modified in the ways you want your cat to behave. But I must say praise your cat to be just itself. Like we treat babies where they are supposed to do little cute things but they are mischievous too because that is their innate behavior and that’s what cats going to do to because that is their natural behavior.

Training a cat or kitten

Before we learn the training techniques we must have to learn and observe our cat behavior. Remember your cat is not a human and there is no specific tongue you can speak to them to give a lecture to do this or not to do this. They learn their behavior by their memory. If the memory of some chore is satisfying and making them happy they will repeat that behavior. If the memory was not rewarding and did not make them happy they will usually refrain those behaviors from repeating.

Cat Crucial thing:

The most important factor in training your cat or kitten is the way you treat them. You have to be active and careful before making any activity their habit. It might be the negative side but there are some activities that you made them habitual of. For example, you came after from office and your cat jumps and meows on you and you feed them or cuddle them, they will repeat it every single time because you are fulfilling their need. Therefore, the activity you meant to train them should be rewarding only and the activity you do not want to repeat them should be not rewarding and must be dissatisfying.

Cat Punishments:

Punishments and scolding your cat do not work in the training session. Most of the cats do no participate in the act and the owners usually punish them at the spot which will just lead to bad behavior when you are not around he will only behave well when you are around. Some owners punish the cats later for a specific act and the cat does not associate the punishment with that specific act. To learn the fine line that makes a distinction between punishment and discipline. Do you want to know about how to pick up a cat?

Stop abusing your cat:

Consider all kinds of punishments prohibited and even when your cat is extremely irritating and annoying be patient and act accordingly. Make your time with your time a good memory which is pleasant for both of you. This is only a minor change in your behavior but can lead to solving all your training problems. If cats do not get the attention they seek they will feel very unattended and will show a weirs behavior. So, schedule time slots with your pet with the least distractions.

Rewarding leads to good behavior:

Praise your cat and call them in a baby tone to show your affection. Whenever they behave or the way you wanted them to praise them with their favorite treats so that they develop a memory of that behavior and they will repeat it.

Behavior according to the surrounding:

Your cat’s behavior is extremely affected by the setting and environment as well. For example, if your cat is peeing outside his litter box than it may does not like the litter box you have to study your cat and you have to make the litterbox according to its requirements.

How to train your cat the easy way?

While training your cat you have to be aware of the fact that your cat is a cat, not a dog. Therefore, it won’t behave like one or will not do the tricks as well which a dog does. But that does not mean that a cat cannot be disciplined or cannot modify behavioral wise but it just does other activities rather than sitting, standing and rolling on the floor, etc.

How to train a cat11To pee in the litter box:

  1. Make a litter box nice and comfy which cat can easily use. Do not cover the roof. Place a lot of water and food.
  2. Cats generally naturally has the habit of burying their waste. Therefore, if the cat does not use the litter box place the litter in the box. You will have to bear the smell, my apologies but the cat will get habitual.
  3. After 2-3 days a memory has been developed in the cat to litter in the litter box.

Training their instincts:

We really do not like that nails on the furniture, don’t we? But what to do? We first have to analyze the reason why the cat is doing that. The next thing which you should keep in mind is the one that some instincts are innate they can’t be just shredded away from the cat.  For example, if your cat scratches the furniture that because she likes to do it. So try to provide her any other alternative like a scratch box on which she can fulfill her desire of scratching other than the furniture.

Training aggressive behavior:

Scratching and biting are the natural defense mechanisms of the cat. If they will feel scared at any point or are frustrated they will do that. So, if they do that to you try to distract with something really big or by making a shrill noise. It will amaze them and they will not do the same. Repeat every time when they do that and they will learn.

Common cat behaviors

Jaw movement:

You may have seen your kitten crushing her teeth in a specific way whenever they see something disturbing or see their natural prey like the mouse or any chick. It is a completely normal behavior of your kitty and is mainly because of the natural instincts oh hunting their prey.

Leaving scent:

Your fluffy friend maybe sometimes become over-affectionate and licks you. This is not just that he is trying to get your attention but it is a specific kind of behavior telling you that he has submitted herself to you and you are the owner. They may rub themselves with the household times to mark their scent on them to declare their sovereignty.

Sharing their hunts:

Well, it might be cringe for you but your cat is showing a sense of satisfaction by sharing her hunted items with you. It means that by taking care of her you have declared yourself a good member of the family. And he completely trusts you by sharing his most precious items with you.

Chewing on non-edible items:

Though it can be a nightmare for you. But kittens will chew things like sofas dolls or any other items other than food which they are not supposed to eat. Well, there are not very clear reasons for this behavior but this behavior is termed as “pica”. And can occur due to several reasons like vitamin deficiencies or other diseases like thyroid problems etc.

I do what I please:

Entertaining it must be but your cat won’t rest on that luxurious cat bed you bought for her. Instead, they would like to hide or rest in places we can hardly imagine. For example, beneath the bed in the boxes or kitchen drawers, etc. this is because your kitty friend has the natural instinct to do this. They have an innate behavior of hiding at small and cozy places away from the sight of their predators.

Staring contest:

Your cat might stare at you like insanely. And most of the time they do not want anything, funny right? Remember do not stare them back or if the staring contest goes on for long they are probably very alert about your next move. Because they might feel some threat from you. Do not stare straight in their eyes because they will take this aggression and can scratch and bite you.

Basic training of the cat

The following are the basic tips for training your cat the basic do and don’ts:

  • Learn the difference between punishment and discipline
  • Never give physical punishments as they can injure you and your cat.
  • For litter box training make the litter box according to the cat’s environment and you may have to put the litter in it for a few days to make her learn that this is the place to pee.
  • Reward them for their positive behavior every time.
  • Make a schedule time for training and immediately give the punishment for a specific behavior like time out etc. so that cat can associate the punishment with that specific behavior.

How to teach cat tricks? 

You have to understand the difference between the cat tricks and the dog tricks because the cat won’t learn those. taking out the newspaper for you, peeing in the litterbox, jumping from the hop can all be learned by a cat but it requires time and patience. The key is to praise the positive behavior and discourage the unwanted behavior.

How to train a cat66

How to train a cat?

Yes, you can train your cat to come on your order and to do different things. Some of the cat owners usually ask the question “How to train a cat?” So here we are with all the facts that will help you in training your cat. Follow these few points, and you will have your answer.

  1. Always keep this thing in your mind that if you punishyour cat on not following your command, she will never going to learn anything. Set a surprise for her when she learns new trick; this will encourage her to listen to your orders.
  2. Secondly, you can hire a person who knows how to train a cat and teach her to learn things.
  3. Repeat daily so that your cat gets used to it.

Question and answers

How to train a cat at home?

Training them like a pro requires some patience and effort because our feline creatures can be real moody at some times. Therefore, you have to make this process mutual. Praise for the rewards and discourage the aggressiveness.

How to train an aggressive cat?

You have to very vigilant with an aggressive cat like a “Bengali cat” because they are naturally wild in their behavior. So, make the process of training quite simple and make her do the tricks in which is he is comfortable.

How to train an adventurous cat?

“Bengal cats” usually like to do every other activity except your desired one. Therefore, you have to put a little more effort into grabbing her attention and you may have to make the reward game stronger.

How to train a baby cat?

Kittens are more soft and subtle to train. They can even be trained by cuddling and affection easily.

How to train a cat from biting?

Use a loud noise or clap when a cat tries to bite you. Also, bring them those toys on which they can chew on because the cats usually like chewing other than edible items.

How to train cats for the washroom?

Make a litter box nice and comfy and place water and food in it as well. After some time, they will learn to pee in the litter box.

How to train cats for a harness?

Your cat will eventually learn to wear harness ultimately and will get comfortable with it in 10 -15 minutes.

How to train misbehaving cats?

Set the environment according to your cat’s requirements discourage the bad behavior. Praise them for positive behavior and give them their favorite treats.

How to train a cat, not to scratch?

Cats usually like to scratch; the cause of the behavior is still unknown but you can provide alternatives like a scratch sheet so that she can fulfill her need rather than destroying your furniture.

How to train a cat not to bite?

For an aggressive cat maintain a distance while training them. Keep their favorite treats on hand and use a fishing pole to keep them away from their body. There are several reasons for biting you like if a tour cat is scared or frustrated by any kind of your behavior it can attack you. Do not look straight un their eyes as they can get aggressive by this behavior.

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