13 Famous Animals that start with G

Animals that start with G

Below you are going to read an extensive list on various animals that start with the alphabet “G.” It’s an amazing thing that there are so many animals out there whose initials are “G” but we are not aware of them. But, don’t worry if you’re struggling with finding a list of animals that start with G you are at the right place. With each animal, we will also provide some world-known facts particularly the interesting ones.

List of Animals that start with G

  1. Galapagos penguins
  2. Garden Eel
  3. Gentoo penguins
  4. Gerbil
  5. German sheppit
  6. German spitz
  7. Giant African snail
  8. Giant panda bear
  9. Giant Schnoodle
  10. Giraffe
  11. Giant salamanders
  12. Golden Dox
  13. Glass lizard

Galapagos penguins:

Galapagos have a unique biogeography and due to which they are able to live at the scorching seasons of the equator. As their name suggests they live on the Galapagos islands, whose currents come from the cold waters of Antarctic and Humboldt. Like all other penguins present on the equator, galapagos penguins are also capable of breeding throughout the year. Unlike the Antarctic penguins, they have no issues that their eggs will be frozen instead, they worry about the extreme heat and predators 

Garden Eel:

 Found at the ocean floor, garden eel is unique and a true wonder of this planet. They generally inhabit the coral reefs, near the ocean bed. These eels start to burrow themselves throughout the tail and they do not camouflage completely. There are two famous garden eel breeds, one is Heteroconger cobra native to the Galapagos islands, and the other one is Heteroconger hassi. These eels produce slime from their bodies that help them to stick with the burrowed hole. 

Once they have burrowed the hole they almost never leave that hole throughout their lives. The two-third of this eel remains outside for feeding and breeding purposes.

Gentoo penguins:

Gentoo penguins are close relatives of Adelie penguins, and Chinstrap penguins. They were first known scientifically in the seventeenth century. Gentoo penguins can dive a lot, they can do four hundred and fifty dives per day to forage for food. Gentoos normally remain close to the seashore but when they forage they can also go as far as 28 knm in the sea. They are found in Antarctic and Sub- Antarctic islands, and their conservation status is of least concern. They feed on crustaceans, krill, and squid. Gentoos are social penguins and they tend to live in colonies even after the breeding season.


gerbils belong to the family Muridae, which is a sub-family of the rodent family. Family Muridae contains these species including gerbils, sand rats and jirds. This family was once categorized as sand rats and contained one hundred and ten species of Indian, African, and Asian rodents. All of these rats were habitual of arid environments. However, gerbils are extensively used for scientific purposes and are great as pets as they can provide hours of entertainment for the kids.

German sheppit:

Well you may be aware about german shepherds but you may be missing out on German Sheppit. German sheppit is a hybrid dog breed resulting from the cross breed of German Shepherd and the Pitbull. The main features of this dog include huge muscular bofu, thick dense fur, and a relatively small nose. They have folded ears and the coat colors can vary from black, white, fawn and tan grey. Though they are not aggressive, they are extremely affectionate and loyal towards their family members.

German spitz:

These dogs are full of zeal, adaptable and are highly loyal and social, but they still maintain their independent personality as well. You may have probably seen this dog in local parks, where you may have assumed that this is a Pomeranian or Keeshond, but you are not entirely wrong. The toy German spitz is known as Pomernian. They can grow about twelve to fifteen inches and can weigh almost about twenty-six to thirty pounds.

Giant African snail:

Scientific name for these snails is Lissachatina fulica. They belong to the sub family of the family Achatinidae, called “Achatininae.” In the U.S these snails are marked illegal because they are considered as pests to the agricultural lands majorly because of their size. However, these large snails can be great as pets as they require little to no care, these snails are most active during the night.

Giant panda bear:

The panda carries a distinctive image with their unique black and white coat. As they are less in number and are native only to china they are considered as Chinese treasure. Panda also has inspired WWF because it has been in their logo since 1961. Pandas inhabit temperate regions of southwest China and their habitat primarily includes mountains. Pandas love to munch on the Bamboo and that is the only thing they feed on the entire day. They have to eat around Twenty-six to eighty-four pounds of bamboo each day. They utilize their huge wrist bones for eating the bamboo.

Animals that start with G

Giant Schnoodle:

Giant Schnoodle is a hybrid breed of Standard poodle, and Giant Schnauzer. It has the personality mixes of both like vigilance of the Standard poodle and the boldness of Schnauzer. This dog breed is wonderful to be kept in the family as they are extremely social and friendly. They love to hike and play in the ground all day long. Though they are very cute and cuddly, and do not bark much, they may react strangely in front of strangers, and may turn into a watchman.


As we know giraffes are the most heighted animals in this world due to their extremely long legs and neck. A human cannot even compete with a giraffe leg because it’s even taller than a human, they are almost six feet taller than a human. With such sturdy legs, giraffes can run for up to thirty-five kilometres for short distances and can even run ten miles an hour for long distances.

Giant salamanders:

They are known for their remarkable ages, once a salamander is born he can grow as much as your grandparents. That is why it is also termed as “Living fossil.” It is one of the animals that have acknowledged the presence of dinosaurs and are still surviving. It is the largest amphibian living on the earth, and all of these giant type salamanders are the descendants of salamanders of the Jurassic era. The Japanese one is smaller than the Chinese salamander. It is a highly unique and strange animal as it lives under the water but does not have any gills, as it absorbs oxygen through skin.

Golden Dox:

This dog breed is a hybrid and a cross between Golden Retriever, and Daschund mix. It is a medium-sized dog breed that can grow to ten to twenty-three inches, and can weigh around thirty to sixty pounds. They can live for ten to fourteen years. It is surely a fancy breed that has been famous for its remarkable lineage for centuries in Germany and in American clubs. It is no doubt that people love Golden dox, as it has got this amazing personality to pack with humans, they are highly social and extremely cuddly. Thereby, they are the best choice for the people who want traits of a Retriever, and Dachshund in a single dog.

Glass lizard:

These lizards do not possess any legs. It has a snake-like appearance, and due to that they are often taken as snakes, But they have joints and fractures on their lower side which they use for escaping. It is extremely difficult to find a lizard with its original tail because this lizard’s tail can mysteriously break into several pieces similar to a glass, thus the name. You can recognize them by their pointy snout, small head and a lengthy cylindrical body. It can grow from eighteen to thirty-six inches. 

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