Best 10 Animals that start with S Updated 2022

Animals that start with S

There are many animals whose names start with “s”. It is used for their identification. Approximately thirty animals are present having names beginning with “s”. This blog post will share some exciting and interesting information about these animals such as Salmon, Sheep, Sea Lion, Silver Dollar, etc.

List of Animals that start with S

  1. Sea Lion
  2. Scorpion
  3. Snake
  4. Shark
  5. Swan
  6. Salamander
  7. Sheep
  8. Squid
  9. Saiga
  10. Skink

Sea Lion

They are primarily present in the Pacific waters and are seen on land than in water. These animals with longer flippers and sharp teeth feed on penguins, octopus, squid, crustaceans, etc. They get water from their diet; hence don’t need to drink water separately.  The sea lions are excellent divers that can dive up to 900 feet. They are dark brown-colored and seem black on getting wet.

Class Mammalia
Phylum Chordata
Order Carnivora
Weight Males (200 to 1,000kg), Females (50 to 270kg)
Length Males (2 to 3 meters), Females (1.3 meters)
Predators Sharks, humans, whales, etc.


These animals with the scientific name of Scorpiones have a close resemblance to ticks, spiders, and mites. They are seen in tropical, temperate, and subtropical environments like forests, grasslands, and savannas. The scorpions seem like crickets and use their legs to sing. The sound produced by this song appears to warn mates instead of attracting them. Some of them have toxic venom that can cause health problems, including death.

Phylum Arthropoda
Subphylum Chelicerata
Life cycle Five to twenty-five years
Diet Carnivore
Size 2.5 to 8.3 inch.
Weight 60 grams (Average)


About 30,000 species of these animals are present on this earth. These reptiles are also called Serpents and have enlarged tails and bodies. They get rid of parasites by shedding their skin via a process known as ecdysis. Some are poisonous, while half of them only do biting. These are the cold-blood animals that have scaly skin. However, research has shown that a snake can also hear you talking.

Phylum Chordata
Order Squamata
Suborder Serpentes
Diet Frogs, Lizards, Insects, Snakes, Squirrels, Birds, Frogs
Life cycle Varies by species
Habitat Deserts, grasslands, salt and fresh water


According to various authorities, approximately 400 species of these animal species are present. They come in the subclass category of fish called Elasmobranchii. Each side of their heads contains five to seven gill slits. Their skeleton is not made up of bones but of cartilage. They have pointed fins, cartilaginous skin, and upturned, asymmetrical, muscular tails. These animal species get feared by dolphins.

Phylum Chordata
Scientific name Selachimorpha
Weight 11,000kgs
Habitat Coral reefs, open ocean, under the Arctic ice and deep sea
Lifespan 20 to 30 years
Diet Invertebrates, smaller fishes


These are dignified, beautiful, and attractive animal species that show close resemblance to ducks and geese. They are present across the Southern and Northern hemispheres. They have big feet, heavy bodies, and beautiful long necks. They do the migration in V or diagonal formation at greater heights. These animals don’t feed by diving but by dabbing for aquatic plants. These intelligent birds are very loyal to their mates.

Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Height 1.2 meters
Weight 11.3 to 15.88kg
Lifespan 12 to 30 years
Feathers 25,000


These amphibians have tails, moist skin, four legs, and short bodies. They can neither make sounds nor hear them. The largest salamander in North America is The Pacific Giant Salamander. They use to hide in the daytime and feed at nighttime. In addition to this, these animals can lay almost 1 to 450 eggs. They hibernate in those regions where the temperature is below freezing point. Some people love to keep them as pets.

Phylum Chordata
Scientific name Urodela
Habitat Moist locations, ponds, creeks, brooks, near water
Lifespan 20 to 50 years
Size Largest (head to tail length up to 1.8 meters), Smallest (1.7 to 15 centimeters)
Diet Snails, worms, insects and other animals

Animals that start with S


People raise these mammals for various purposes, including wool, milk, and meat. They also love to keep these mammals as livestock. Male sheep are known as rams, and the female ones are called ewes. They get 270 to 320 degrees field of vision via their rectangular pupils. The flesh of immature sheep is known as a lamb, while mature sheep is called mutton. They do cattle after grazing plants that are closer to the roots.

Order Artiodactyla
Family Bovidae
Length 4.26 feet in adults
Treaty Oats, pears, pumpkins, carrots, apples, Grapes, Alfalfa Cubes (only for females)
Lifespan 10 to 12 years
Gestation Period 152 years


These animal species with the scientific name of Decabrachia have short compact heads and enlarged tubular bodies. They are present in both oceanic and coastal water. Some squids have light organs that they use to attract and recognize prey. Their skin has unique chromatophores that help them blend in surroundings by changing their colors. These molluscs have soft bodies and acquire an active predatory lifestyle.

Class Cephalopod
Size 1.96 to 43 feet
Diet Crustaceans, fish
Lifespan 3 to 5 years, large (up to 15 years)
Habitat Oceans
Weight Giant squid (150kg for males, 275kg for females)


These animals are primarily seen in the harsh conditions of Central Asia’s semi-desert grasslands. Furthermore, they can travel up to one thousand kilometers during winter and summer. They are called hoofed mammals that use to live in herds. Moreover, they have the large noses to filter dust during the dry summer season. Sadly, their population is rapidly decreasing. Hence, they are considered endangered species.

Species S. tartarica
Order Artiodactyla
Diet Lichens, low-growing shrubs, grass, herbs
Predators Feral dogs, foxes, birds of prey, wolves
Lifespan 10 to 12 years (in the wild)
Size 30 inches


These reptiles have the scientific name Scincidae. They are present in Australia deserts, North America temperate regions and associated islands of Southeast Asia. Such animal species are known to have long tails, cone-shaped heads and cylindrical bodies in cross section. Their small-sized legs help to recognize them in comparison to other lizards. Some other species common to this genera are Mabuya, Scincus, and Tropidophorus.

Order Squamata
Class Reptilia
Diet Small invertebrates, insects
Size 8 to 30 inches
Weight 10 to 18 ounces
Lifespan 2 to 3 years


Some of the frequently asked questions about those animals whose names start with “S” are as listed below:

Is a sea horse an animal?

The seahorses with the equine shape are unique. As they are monogamous, hence do mating for life. They are the only known species on earth, with males bearing unborn young ones.

Where do we find animals?

The wildlife is present in all ecosystems, including grasslands, plains, forests, rainforests, deserts, and other areas.


This planet is full of many animals, all having their own identifications. But some of them have their names starting with “S,” which is described in this article. It will provide you with enough information about their characters.

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