Top 10 Animals that start with M Updated 2022

Animals that start with M

About 80 different animals are present whose names start with “m.” These names help them in their identification. Here, we will discuss some exciting and interesting information about these animals, including monkeys, mice, mules, mink, etc.

List of Animals that start with M

  1. Magpie
  2. Mayfly
  3. Macaw
  4. Mule
  5. Mink
  6. Mouse
  7. Markhor
  8. Mudi
  9. Milkfish
  10. Macaroni penguin


These are the animals with the scientific name Pica. They are brilliant birds that are known to have seventeen different species. Magpies have long tails and white-colored chests. Its diet includes small vertebrates, insects, and seeds, young of other birds, fresh carrion, and eggs. They come in the category of those animal species that can quickly identify themselves in the mirror.

PersonalityIntelligent and bold
HabitatEdges of forests, meadows, grasslands
Weight200 to 250 grams
Wingspan52 to 60cm
Lifespan25 to 30 years


The mayfly belongs to the order Ephemeroptera. Its other names include drake, fishfly, dayfly, sandfly, and shadfly. They have transparent wings, of which hindwings are smaller than the forelimbs. These animal species with short antennas use nymphs for energy transfer in the freshwater. The life cycle of these birds whose name start with “m” include four phases: egg, nymph, subimago, and imago. Moreover, the process of mating occurs after the final molt.

HabitatStill water, streams, edges of lakes, shallow streams
PredatorsAlderflies, dragonflies, leaches, water beetles, crayfishes, triclads, caddisflies
DietDetritus, insects, other plant materials
Size0.6 to 2.8cm


These are the birds with the scientific name Psittacidae. They have curved, strong, and large beaks, which they use to crush seeds and nuts. These animal species make people know their presence in dense rainforests by creating squawking, loud, and screening voices. They are categorized into two groups; mini and large macaws. These social and intelligent birds show gathering in groups of almost 10 to 30 individuals.

HabitatNorth, South, and Central America, woodland, rainforests, savannah-like habitat
Size12 to 40 inches
Weight 3 to 3.5 pounds (Hyacinth macaws)
DietLeaf buds, berries, fruits, nuts, a variety of seeds
PredatorsMonkeys and snakes
Lifespan50 years (Hyacinth macaws)


These animal species have the scientific name Equus asinus and Equus caballus. Mules are the hybrid offspring of a female horse and male ass. They show close resemblance to the horses in croup, neck shape, and coat uniformity. They are cleverer than donkeys and are less stubborn. They also show whimpering sounds other than braying like a donkey and whinnying like a horse. Furthermore, these animal species are considered sterile.

HabitatGrasslands, pastures, agricultural areas
ColorsGrey, black, bay, sorrel
Height50 to 70 inches
Weight600 to 1500 pounds
DietPlants, small shrubs, grain, food, grasses
Lifespan35 to 50 years


These species with the scientific name Neovison vison come in the category of animals whose name start with “m”. They are primarily present in the Northern Hemispheres. They have broad heads with rounded and short ears, thick and long neck, and short legs. In addition to this, these animal species are dark-colored carnivorous and semiaquatic mammals. They show a link to weasels, ferrets, and ermines. They communicate by making noises such as barking, squealing, screeching, hissing, growling, and chuckling.

HabitatLakes, ponds, streams, rocky or brushy cover, near water
Size30 to 50cm
Weight4.5 pounds (females are small-sized)
DietBirds, frogs, snakes, fish, chipmunks, mice, rabbits, muskrats
Lifespan10 to 12 years


They have the scientific name Mus. These animal species have long tails, pointed scouts, rounded ears, and small bodies. One of the smallest known mouse is the Pygmy mouse (M.minutoides), while the largest is the Peninsular Indian flat-haired mouse (M.Platythrix). Researches have shown that the animal species of this type can transfer up to two hundred human pathogens, including Salmonella and Hantavirus.

HabitatTiny gaps in foundations around garages and doorways
Size2.4 to 4.3 inches
Weight12 to 30 grams
PredatorsFalcons, hawks, snakes, large lizards, mongooses, owls
Lifespan2 to 7 years

Animals that start with M


These animals with the scientific name Capra falconeri are also called Shakhawat or screw-horned goats. The type of these animals whose name start with “m” have different colored long hair such as white, tan, grey-black, and silver. Their legs are of white and black color. In addition to this, males have heavy and long fringes on their chests and throats. In contrast, females have short black-colored beards, red-colored hair, and no mane. These animal species come in the category of critically endangered species of the world.

HabitatHimalayan mountains’ steep dry Hillsides in Central Asia
Height2 to 4 feet
Weight32 to 110kg
PredatorsBrown bear, Himalayan wolves, snow leopard
Lifespan12 to 13 years


This animal has the scientific name Canis lupus familiaris. It is considered a very faithful and energetic of the dogs. These animal species have a shorter coating on legs and face while the wavy, curly, or medium coating on the body. However, their coating requires little grooming as it repels debris and dust. People love to keep Mudi as pets because of their loving and devoted behavior.

Origin Hungary
Height38 to 44cm (Females), 41 to 47cm (Males)
Weight8 to 11kg (Females), 11 to 13kg (Males)
DietHealthy fats and proteins, vegetables packed with minerals and vitamins
Lifespan13 to 14 years


These animals with the scientific name Chanos are also called bangos or bandeng. They have a forged tail with a long, muscular, silver-colored body. These species having their names starting with “m” have cycloid scales, a sharp snout with a terminal mouth, and large-sized eyes. Their habitat depends on age; for example, adults live in tropical coastal areas, and young ones live in the oceans. Humans are using these species as their food sources.

Size180 to 124cm
TasteMild, sweet
PredatorsTen pounders, Indo-Pacific tarpons
Lifespan3 to 12 years

Macaroni penguin

The macaroni penguins have the scientific name Eudyptes chrysolophus. They adopt black-colored chins and faces, yellow or orange-colored feathers, and a large reddish orange-colored bill. These animal species can waddle as well as hop. Some people confuse these penguins with the royal ones; hence classify them as s single species. They can swim up to speeds of 15 to 24kph.

Height28 inches
DietSquid, small fish, krill, other crustaceans
PredatorsKiller whales, leopard seals, fur seals
Lifespan8 to 15 years


Sometimes people get confused and raise some questions. So, the answers to some of those questions are as listed below;

What sea animal starts with the letter M?

Manatee that is also called sea cows, starts with the letter M.

Is monkey a mammal?

Yes, monkeys come in the category of mammals.


More than eighty different species of animals whose names start with “M” are present. However, some of them are described in this blogpost. It includes enough information about these animals to help you identify them from others.

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