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Black German Shepherd

They are not a separate breed from other German shepherds. According to the American Kennel Club, they are the 2nd most popular dog breed of a total of 194 breeds. They are named black German shepherds because of their black fur. It is also said that their black fur is a fault or mutation. But, this is not true. They are striking, stoic, and elegant. Their black fur is shiny. They have sleek muscles, and a long, lean body. They are playful and love to stay with their owners.  They are less active only about one hour per day. This one hour is enough for their brains to stimulate. 

Black German Shepherd classification

Let’s have a look at its classification: 

Scientific Name Canis lupus
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order  Carnivora
Family Canidae
Genus Canis
Species C. lupus
Diet  Carnivores
Lifespan  9 to 13 years.
Weight 50 to 90 Lb
Trophic level Omnivores
Height 24 to 26 inches

Black German Shepherd puppies

All shepherd puppies come in different colors including black, white or gray. As they grow, they may change their color. Their true coat color is determined after 8 weeks. Puppies of black German shepherd are always born black and stay black throughout their lives. If you want to buy a black German shepherd puppy then the best option is to buy a puppy after

eight weeks of its birth. Black puppies are not only born by black German shepherds. A simple German shepherd that is tan and black and carry the recessive solid black gene can also produce a black puppy. For this, both parents should have the recessive solid black gene. 

Black German Shepherd 1

Black German Shepherd price

They are quite rare and for being rare are costly. When they have a luxurious, long coat then they are more expensive. The price of a dog can be defined by different things such as their parents, pedigree, and breeder. Their puppy’s average price ranges from $700 to $2000. However, Breeders might charge from $750 to $1500. Their starting price could be around $500. Their medical costs could be $500 and non-medical costs could be $1000 per year.

Black German Shepherd dog 

When we think about German shepherd, we also think about black German shepherds. They are loved because of their shiny black fur. They look mystical and intimidating. They have black saddles, black masks and tan coats. They are extremely intelligent, alert and energetic. Their black fur has no impact on their health. They are adaptable and versatile. They are military dogs and perform various duties due to which humans trust them.

Black German Shepherd baby

Black German shepherds are also produced by other German shepherds because they also contain recessive solid black gene. The babies show their true color after eight weeks of their birth.

Black German Shepherd female

The females are beautiful and have a lovely temperament. They have a straight back. They are good with children. They try to save themselves when they are in the sea or pool. They remain friendly with other pets and follow people around them. They are protective.  

Black German Shepherd adoption 

They offer loyalty, security, and great companionship. They easily get along with their owners and other family members. If you are looking for a loyal dog then they are best for you. However, adopting a puppy may be a difficult task because you have to socialize with them. Adopting them at an older age is easy because they don’t socialize at a later age. You

must consider a few things to have a pure black German shepherd. Adopt a puppy after eight weeks because they show their true color after eight weeks. You can adopt them from any local animal shelter. 

Black German Shepherd attack

They do not attack quickly like other dogs. It is a significant quality of them. They require training, exercise. If they don’t get trained, they attack. To avoid attacking, start their training at a younger age. Start their socialization and allow them to spend time with other individuals and other pets. Let them associate with various pets in the house so that they develop companionship. 

Black German Shepherd 2

Black German Shepherd aggressive   

They are not much aggressive as compared to another typical breed standard. They are not aggressive by nature but they develop behavioral problems. The reason for their behavioral problems is their lack of socialization. If you want a well-behaved and well-rounded black German shepherd then socialization is the key to this. If you succeed in making a bond with them, they are great companions.

Black German Shepherd blue eyes

Blue eyes are rare. It depends on situation. Blue eyes can occur naturally in German shepherds. Blue eyes are the result of a mutation or recessive genes. Some kennel clubs do not accept a black GS with blue eyes. However, a black GS can have blue eyes at the time of birth. When they get older, they attain dark or piercingly orange or amber-colored eyes. 

Black German Shepherd characteristics

Let’s have a look at some of its characteristics:

  1. They are medium to long and have a straight coat that is dense or wiry on the outer layer
  2. Their black coat is sleek and shiny
  3. Their coat is shorter on legs and head and is longer on the body
  4. They quite shed a lot because they have a double coat
  5. They have a black nose, erect ears, almond eyes, and a bushy tail
  6. They are 22 to 26 cm tall
  7. They weigh between 50 and 90 Lb
  8. At a later age, their coat may develop tan color
  9. They feed three to four meals per day
  10. They have an average lifespan of 9 to 13 years

Black German Shepherd facts

Let’s explore some of its interesting facts:

  1. They are rare and only 6.8% of all GSs have completely black fur
  2. They are more muscular and taller as compared to other GSs
  3. Their head is proportional to the head of their body. You can easily recognize your black GS by this quality
  4. Males have a height of 24 to 26 inches and females have a height of 22 to 24 inches
  5. Their eyes are large and almond-shaped
  6. They are born with floppy ears 
  7. They are confident, loyal, and protective
  8. They are great companions and have a calm nature
  9. They are brilliant and easy to train
  10. If they are not given the opportunity, they become bored
  11. If they are left alone, they become stressed and develop destructive habits
  12. They have friendly nature but do not desperate to make friends
  13. If they are socialized from their younger age then they are good with other dogs and animals

Questions & Answers

Is a Black German Shepherd rare?

They are the most popular breed among all dogs. According to American kennel club, they are quite rare. In fact, only 6.8% are entirely black among all German shepherds.

Are Black German Shepherds aggressive?

They are not aggressive by nature. However, there are some situations that make them aggressive. For example, if they are not trained from the early age then they become aggressive. If they are left alone for a long period of time then they develop destructive habits and become stressed. 

What should I name my Black German Shepherd?

There are many names you can give to your black GS. Some of their names are Ash, Ember, Knight, Moonshine, Midnight, Panda, Bear, Tophat, Jet, Pebbles, Pumice, Vulcan, Twilight, and many more. 

Black German Shepherd 3

How can I tell if my German Shepherd is purebred? 

Their coat lies close to the body and is typically short and dense. A purebred German shepherd has three varieties of coat including, plush coat, double coat, and long-haired coat. You can easily recognize your purebred GS by these characteristics.

Black German Shepherd

The Black German Shepherd dog is pure German dog breed and is not a seperate one. But what makes them stand out is their 100% pure black color. These dogs are very unique and rare and are not found in every part of the world. That is why they are valued very much and are very expensive too.

However, there are few things which you may not know about German Shepherd dog:

  1. The Black German Shepherd is the same breed as German Shepherd.
  2. There are few physical differences between the German Shepherd and the Black German Shepherd like solid black color, large size, straighter back, longer coat, and flowing mane.
  3. The Black German Shepherd puppies are born black.
  4. The Black color of the dog does not cast any negative effect on the dog.

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