Top 10 Animals That Start With A Updated 2021

Animals that start with a

Do you have any idea how many animals that start with “a” alphabet. Isn’t it crazy right? Well if you didn’t know about it it’s okay. We are here to present you with a comprehensive list of all animals whose name begins with “A.”

All of these animals are available globally from Australia to Africa, America, Aisa, Europe, and also from Antarctica. With each animal, there are some interesting facts about them so everyone can have an estimation about life diversity on Earth.

List of animals starting with A along with facts:

Below is the list for the animals that start with “a”. They are:


 It is a domestic breed cat with relatively short hair. The distinctive feature about this cat is it’s “Ticked” tabby coat. In this coat the fur colors are beautifully transitioned into one another. The cat is named after the place “Abyssina,” which is now known as “Ethiopia”.

Animals That Start With A 1

Adelie Penguin

This penguin is inhabitant of the coldest region of the world that is “Antarctica.” The Antarctic coast is the only place where this penguin lives. Adelie penguins are one of the most abundantly present southern species of penguin. These penguins are also aggressive and attack their predators, and intruders with their flippers.


It is a toy dog breed also known as “Monkey terrier.” Known from the seventeenth century, and originated in Germany, it was used for killing pests and rodents like mice, rats and other vermin. Like all other toy dog breeds, Affenpinscher is also very cheerful, lively, and playful

Afghan Hound:

The Afghan hound is famous for its shiny silky and fur-like coat, and it also has a very beautiful ring-shaped tail which also distinguishes him from other dog breeds. It is a very popular and expensive breed and is extensively bred in the chilly valleys of Afghanistan. Locally it is known as “Tāžī Spay or Sag-e Tāzī”

African Bush Elephant:

It is also known as “African Savanna elephant.” Out of two African elephant living species, it is one of them. African bush elephant is the biggest territorial animal currently on earth, havin bulls that have a shoulder length of four meters. They also are the heaviest animals on earth weighing almost ten and a half tons.

African Civet:

 It is a huge viverrid that is found in sub-saharan Africa. In Africa, this viverrid is a common animal and has a huge population in woodlands and surrounding forests. On the IUCN Red List 2008, it is of “least concern.”

African clawed frog: 

It is a member of “Pipidae family”, relating to the African aquatic frogs. This frog species has three claws on each of its hind feet, that’s why the name ‘clawed.’ It is also known as “Xenopus Laevis”. Xenopus means “one with strange feet,” and Laevis means “Smooth.”

  1. African forest elephant: This elephant is also one of the two living species in Africa. It is found along the Congo Basin and humid dewy forests of West Africa. There are a total of three living species of elephants in the world. Out of these three, this is the smallest one reaching a shoulder height of 3 meters.
  2. African Palm Civet: Also famous as a two-spotted palm civet, found in the sub parts of Sahara desert. It is a little femiform mammal, omnivorous in nature and is of least concern according to the IUCN red list.
  3. Ainu Dog: Ainu dog or also known as “Hokkaido dog,” is a Japanese dog breed. There are several names for this dog species called Seta, Ainu, Ainu-ken. Japanese address these dogs with a shorter version of its name and that is Do-ken. It is a rare breed and mostly kept as pets. It is hard to find this dog outside of Japan. 
  4. Airedale Terrier: Airedale terrier belongs to the terrier dog breed, and is also known as Bingley Terrier, and Waterside terrier. This dog breed first originated in River Aire, which is present in England towards the West riding of yorkshire. Though terriers are small, this breed is the largest among all terriers and that is why it is also known as “King of terriers.”
  5. Akbash: Akbash is also famous as the “Shepherd dog,” because it is primarily used for livestock, and maintaining sheeps. This dog breed is native to Turkey. Akbash dogs are good pets, and they love to socialize with children but they do need early training for that.
  6. Akita: It is found in the mountain ranges in Northern Japan. There are two main types of this dog breed; one is Japanese Akita, and the other one with the American strain is known as American akita. Akitas are remarkably loyal and will not attack their owners unless they lack socialization or they are provoked.
  7. Alaskan Malamute: This dog breed was primarily used for its endurance to carry heavy weights and freights, and thereby was extensively used in ancient markets as a hound or sled dog. Alaskan Malamute look similar to the famous breeds like husky, arctic, spitz breeds,  canadian Eskimo, Siberian Husky, and the Greenland dog.
  8. Albatross: Albatrosses are large seafowls, found widely in the Southern Ocean as well as in the Northern Pacific ocean. Albatross is the only bird with such a huge span of eleven feet. It is believed that if you see an albatross in the ship it brings bad omen, as it indicates the arrival of storms. 
  9. Aldarba giant tortoise:  This tortoise breed is only found in the Aldabra Atoll, located in Seychelles. This tortoise comes under the list of largest tortoises in the world. There are only two hundred thousand Aldabra tortoises left in the world. 
  10. Alligator: The alligator is a type of crocodile that comes under the genus Alligator, and belongs to the family Alligatoridae. There are two species of alligators; one is the Chinese alligator, and the other one is American alligator. Alligators and crocodiles can be differentiated on the basis of their jaw size, shape, and also by their colours. 
  11. Alpaca: Alpaca is a very cute camelid mammal, found in South America. People often confuse Alpaca with the Llama. Both are different mammals, however they are closely related to each other and can have successful cross-breeding. 
  12. Alpine Dachsbracke: It is a type of hound dog found in Austria. Alpine Dachsbracke is a smaller dog breed that is used for tracking purposes. They are extremely useful in finding wounded deer, boar, fox, and rabbits. This dog is extensively used by special forces as it has the capability to catch a trail even if it’s long gone cold. 
  13. Amazon River Dolphin: This dolphin is also known as “Boto, pink river dolphin and Bufeo. ” It belongs to the family Iniidae, and is categorized with toothed whales. These dolphins are extremely rare and there are only five left in the world. 
  14. American Alsatian: It is a dog breed first spotted in California, in 1980. This dog breed resembles the dire wolf dog breed. It’s a huge dog breed with a height of thirty-two inches, and weighs almost hundred pounds. They are aggressive digs and can live for up to nine to thirteen years. 

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