Best 16 List of Animals start with F Updated 2022

Animals start with F

We are going to present to you an ultimate list of animals beginning with the letter “F”. You will be amazed by the number of animals whose initials are from “F.” So if you are struggling with the query of finding animal names with “F”, then do not worry we’re here to serve you.

List of Animals start with F

  1. Falcon
  2. Ferrets
  3. Fiddler crab
  4. Finch
  5. Fire ant
  6. Fire belly toad
  7. Firefly
  8. Fishing cat
  9. Flamingo
  10. Flea
  11. Flounder
  12. Flying squirrels
  13. Fossa
  14. Fox
  15. Fox terrier
  16. Frigate birds


It is the fastest animal not only in air but also on land, and even cheetah can’t beat it. Falcons are birds of prey, and are famous for their speed and accuracy. Falcons are also known as symbols in poetry. They belong to the genus Falco and there are almost forty different species of falcons present in the world.


Ferrets come under the category of weasels and are relatives of ermines, stoats, and polecats. It is believed that the domesticated version of ferret that we see these days is most likely to be a descendant of European polecat. The word “Ferret” is derived from the Latin word “furritus” that means little thief. It is probably because of its habitual behavior of hiding small things.

Fiddler crab:

Fiddler crabs are one of the several million marine crabs found in the world, These are tiny crustaceans with an incredibly big claw. Fiddlers crab munch open bacteria, algae and fungi while sifting through the mud and soil. Females have shorter claws then males, and hence they have more advantage when it comes to feeding.


Finches are small to medium sized passerines and belong to the family Fringillidae. They are easily recognizable due to their extremely colorful plumage and cone-shaped bills. They use their bills for eating seeds, nuts, and fruits. Finches are extremely adaptable and can live in diverse habitats, they usually live and die in one place and not prefer to migrate.

Fire ant:

By this time you may have been in contact with a fire ant but may not know, fire ants have tangerine red appearance. They built mounds of plushy soil as a shelter. However, their worst trait is their aggressive behavior and stinging nature. Fire ants may not be lethal but their sting is very painful and itchy and can cause you a lot of trouble. In a fire ant mound you can easily spot at least twenty thousand ants. They are extremely hardworking and work for several months to build a noticeable mound usually eight centimeters in diameter.

Fire belly toad:

They are also known as oriental fire bellied toads. They are amphibians and omnivores. Their size is almost equal to the size of a teacup. These are poisonous toads and secrete toxins from their body when they are provoked or when they feel threatened. They also reveal their true colors when they want to threaten their predators.


Their scientific name is “Lampyridae” and are invertebrates. Most of the people are unaware about the fact that fireflies are actually beetles and can grow upto the size of a paper clip. Fireflies are distinguishable from their other family members due to their wings. There are other luminous insects in the family “Lampyridae” known as glowworms.

Animals start with F

Fishing cat:

The fishing cat is a wild cat of medium size, and is native to central and south-eastern parts of Asia. According to the IUCn red list, the fishing cat is a vulnerable species. Their habitat includes wetlands, rivers, mangroves, streams, and oxbow lakes. It’s tail has seven bands that are incomplete. This factor distinguishes them from leopards. It is called a fishing cat because it is an excellent swimmer and catches fish like a pro. 


Flamingos are extremely unique birds and are one of their kind. They make their nests from mud. It is strange but flamingos are pink because of their feed. Flamingos are unique and eat their food by filtering that is why they have to move their head upside-down. A flock of flamingos is known as “Flamboyance”. Overall there are six flamingo species present in the world. 


fleas are little bugs that you normally see on dogs and cats. Fleas are parasites and they host on the skin of dogs and cats. Fleas may not live on you but they surely can bite you. These are pest and can infest multiple areas inside your home like mattress, rugs, beds, and carpets. If you want to stop a fleas infestation it is necessary you know about the host because they always need a host to flourish


it is a group of flat fishes. These fishes are demersal and are located usually at the bottom layer of the oceans. Flounder fish are considered extremely healthy as it carries uncountable nutritional benefits. The flounder’s fish is flaky and more delicate than halibut. 

Flying squirrels:

There are fifty different types of flying squirrels belonging to the family Sciuridae. Though they are not capable of flying in the same manner like birds, they still can cover great distances through their jumps. They can hop from one tree to the other with the help of patagium. It’s a membrane like parachute that continues from the wrist to the ankles. They mostly inhabit woodlands, and coniferous forests. 


Fossas are carnivorous animals, and are endemic to the lands of Madagascar. They are closely related to the Mongoose family. They can grow upto six feet from nose to tail,and can weigh upto twenty-six pounds. It resembles a cat but has a slender body structure. Fossas are sure enough to scare someone but they haven’t seen to kill any human. The fossa population is declining continuously and has become an issue. The major causes are deforestation, habitat loss, and diseases. 


Belonging to the family Canidae, foxes are omnivore mammals and are of medium-size. They possess a flat skull, with conical ears, a snout that is slightly uplifted and an extensive fleshy tail. The true fox belongs to genus “Vulpes” and there are twelve such species. Foxes though are not aggressive  and can be friendly but you can’t be sure, they may follow their wild instinct and can always attack when they feel provoked. 

Fox terrier:

There are two different types of fox terrier breeds:

Smooth fox terrier These dogs are believed to be the descendants of the British terrier breed, around the nineteenth century. Besides this, there are several other dog breeds that have been descended from this dog breed like Jack Russell, Miniature Fox, and Rat terrier.

However, both of the smooth and wire fox terriers have almost similar properties but, you can differentiate between these two breeds from their coat texture and their markings. It is strange that though they are the European breeds, they have been more popular in America than their native homeland.

Frigate birds:

Frigate birds are large sea fowls known to have huge wing span. They are mainly identified via their forked tail that looks like tongs from a distance. They have heavy and firm beaks with a sharp prominent tip. Talking about their size, they are bigger than the Brown Pelican and smaller than the American Felican.

Like most seafowls American frigate birds are black in color. However, males and females can be distinguished on the basis of the color as the females have less amounts of black in their plumage. Young frigate birds also have limited amounts of black markings.

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