10 Best ways How to give a cat a pill?

How to give a cat a pill

Giving pill to your cat be really challenging even for the specialists as well. From simple antibiotics to other medicines cats make this an egoistic issue of eating any pill and are usually experts in spitting it out. Therefore, you have to precautionary measures as well. Apart from spitting out some cats totally refuse to eat the pill at all. So what we can do in this to determine: “how to give a cat a pill?” to answer this I am going to mention some tips and tricks from some renowned specialists as well as from personal experience. Before telling you how to give a cat a pill I am going to mention some of the facts which people ignore while pilling their cat:

Cat Facts:

  1. Some cats cannot eat or they do not have the tendency to be pilled.
  2. When doing the process at home some people think they are capable but they are not emotionally and mentally to give their cat a pill.
  3. Early setting of medication routine is necessary because your cat will get used to the meds in one form or the other.

Give the pill when she is willing:

To give a cat a pill it is necessary to get and develop a trust level between the person who is giving the pill as well as the cat. For a right-handed person, it is easier to grab the cat in their left arm and insert the pill in their mouth with the right hand. But it can vary from person to person. Never forget to cuddle them before and after the process.


Every person should follow his own vet while giving any kind of medication. But here is a summary of a study provided by Washington state university college of medicine:

  • Take your non dominated hand and cup your palm on the top of his head.
  • Move his head to the back. Usually, when you do this they automatically open their mouth if they do not you have to open the lower jaw as well.
  • Hold the pill between your thumb and index fingers of your dominant hand and place the middle finger on the incisor teeth, not on the canine. Ou have to be quick because the cat can bite.
  • Quickly place the tablet on your cat’s tongue.
  • Close the mouth and give a gentle stroke to her throat to get her to swallow the pill. If she does not blow air in her nose.


Be very careful and vigilant when giving any kind of cat any oral pill to avoid the bite because their bites are mostly punctures in the skin and also their mouth contains many bacteria.


  1. Never try to hold the cat promptly. Cats usually don’t like the way if you are grabbing them and if they feel any stuffiness. Always grab them in your arms making them feel warm and nice. And then try them in your arms gently.
  2. You have to manage your stress if you want to give a cat a pill. You have to figure out what works out best for you as well as your pet. Make it a quick process. If you fail do not try again because this myth will not work on kittens and try considering a vet.
  3. Make a routine like medication first, then a teat and then like spending some playing time with your cat. This will take some time but it will work if it’s done consistently and passionately.

10 ways to give cat a pill

These are several strategies you can implement to minimize the stress between you and your pet and you can easily give a cat a pill.

How to give a cat a pill 33

Have proper information about the medicine:

Carefully read the prescription available with the medicine and carefully determine the dosage and how frequently you have to give the medicine and how long it is going to take? If you have any further questions ask your vet. There are some tablets that take time to release their active ingredient so be careful with them and do not give them like normal medicines. Also, there are also some medicines which should be taken on an empty stomach and cannot be taken with or else they will lose their effectiveness. So hiding the pill in the food does not remain applicable in this situation.

Cat Holding process:

If you have help available to give a cat a pill the process will get easier. However, it can be done both ways. Grab a towel or a clean sheet in which you can hold our cat. This will provide you a firm holding as well as also prevent cats from slipping on the table. Place the wrapped cat on the table, it should be wrapped like a baby so that you remain safe from scratching. Ask your partner to hold the cat while you pen the mouth and administer the pill into it.

If you are alone?

If you are alone bent down in a kneeling position and place the wrapped cat between your thighs. So that cat is in your complete control and you can easily use your both hands.

Opening the Cat mouth:

Grab the cat in your non-dominant hand and administer the pill with the dominant hand and vice versa. Make a U-shaped figure with your thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand such that your fingers are cupping the mouth of the cat and your fingers are resting on the cheekbones of the mouth.  Slightly open the upper jaw by carefully holding the upper lip of the cat. Make your fingers secure and give the pill with your dominant hand.

Cat Pill giver:

If even after following the above techniques you have any sort of fear about putting your fingers in the cat’s mouth. Use a pill giver. A pill giver is sort of a tool that makes it easy to place the pill in the mouth without putting your fingers inside the mouth. For this load, the pill giver with the pill and gently insert the end of the pill giver inside the moth. Use the plunger to insert the pill finally.

Liquid medications:

Liquid medications can be quicker but you have to be very careful in handling them. You don’t have to open the mouth wide open for the liquid medication and never tilt the head of the cat so that it can go into his ear or nozzles. Try to put the drop on either side of the cheek which one is suitable for you. If your cat is lost and does want to find it then Read the complete article related to how to find the lost cat

Hiding tablet in the food:

It’s the simplest way of giving medicine to your pet without him knowing. There are some tablets available in the market that are smaller in size and are very easy to hide in the food. If the tablet is big it can be crushed down to bits and can be mixed with the food. But some tablets have to be taken on an empty stomach and if not taken their efficiency is affected.

Pill pockets:

Pill pockets are little surprise packs filled with treatment along with the pill.it is made up of very tasty material that outcasts the bad taste of pill and your cat will not even know either it is a clever way of giving me medicine.

The easiest way to give a cat a pill

The easiest way to give a cat a pill is to use a pill giver. As mentioned above pill giver provides the safest way to administer the pill in the cat’s mouth and provides you the ultimate safety from scratching and biting.

Pilling your cat

See pilling your cat is not an easy task. Therefore you have to be very efficient in doing the process and even a little mistake made can damage you and your cat as well. First thing first always consider asking your vet first. Not everyone can do the process. Though it seems easy but a hand of a doctor and the hand of a layman are not the same. Do thorough research every time before starting the process. 

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Best way how to give a cat a pill

A lot of cat owners have asked this question of how to give a cat a pill. If your cat is suffering from any infectious diseases, go to the vet urgently. Proper medication is necessary because it is a matter of health. To give pills to your cat follow these few instructions given below:

  • first of all, read the prescription or dosage given by the vet properly. Please read all the instructions and follow them.
  • Put the pill into the candy, then give it your cat. If you directly give pills to your cat he will throw it. So, you need to give it by covering in candy.
  • Third, put the pill into the favorite food of your cat and like this he will take the medicine.

Question and answers

How to give a cat a pill in food?

You can ask from the vet to suggest some specific medicine which is made just for the cat and are smaller in size so you can hide them in the food or you can crush them in the food as well.

How to give a cat a pill after dental surgery?

Try to use liquid medications as it can be hard for the cat to chew.

How to give a cat a pill alone?

Use a pill giver or if not available wrap the cat in a towel like a baby to avoid scratching.

How to give a cat a pill with a syringe?

Insert the back end of the syringe carefully and inject the medicine on either side of the cheek.

How to give a cat a pill with a pill gun?

Pill gun or pill giver are the same.

How to give a cat a pill by yourself?

Follow the complete guideline as mentioned above and you can efficiently administer the pill.

How to give a cat a bitter pill?

Hide the pill in the pill pockets. By doing this work you can give 

How to give a cat a pill with peanut butter?

Mix the pill in the scoop of peanut butter and give it to the cat.

Best way to give a difficult cat a pill?

Use a pill giver or some aid from another person to handle it.

How to give a cat a large pill?

Break it into pieces and mix it with the food.


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