20 Siamese Cat Facts

20 Siamese cat facts

Being very popular and having a Royal background,  Siamese cats have a lot of reputation globally. Regarding this popularity, most of the people are concerned to know about their personality and behavior, and also about siamese cat mix etc. So here we have compiled Siamese cat facts, for you people to deliver every single piece of information, you are looking for siamese cats. Here are some quick facts you must have to know about these feline buddies:

  1. Siamese cats are one of the most ancient breeds of cats the world has known.  They were first discovered in  Thailand, where the Royal and wealthy families keep them as pets due to their unique appearance. There are two types of Siamese cats now, the traditional Thai cat and the new modern one, which we know as Siamese.
  2. The old one has distinctive features as compared to the modern version. The facial features were more in a round shape. On the other hand, the modern Siamese cats have more triangular features and slender bodies.
  3. The name for Siamese cats was derived from a Thai word called “Siam” which means “Moon diamond”, or “Gold and diamonds”. They got a really poetic vibe to their name. Probably, it is because of their beauty and uniqueness so therefore they ended with the name “Siamese”.
  4. In the late 1800’s when the Siamese cats were introduced in the west, they quickly became famous and were kept by the golden people of the era. They used to call them “Cat of Siam” or “The temple cat”. In many manuscripts it is found that these cats actually protected their kings or their owners.
  5. Siamese cats were first brought to America in 1884. They were given as a gesture of kindness to the American President Rutherford B. along with his wife Lucy.
  6. Siamese cats along with their other affectionate features, are very loyal. They do not leave your side no matter what.  Maybe it’s because of their legacy and historical background. These cats are found to make bonds with their owners quickly and so are very emotionally connected with them.
  7. Siamese cats show extra affection to juvenile members of a family household. These cats are so intelligent that they immediately identify if a child is in the home and will start to act like its protector.
  8. Siamese cats once after making the bond, will never get tired of the cuddles and affection. They are very social too and they also like other Siamese cats or some other cats as their partners as well.
  9. To your amaze, that siamese cats when born their kittens are pure white and the pointings which the adult Siamese cats have developed after some time. This is because the coat pattern in Siamese cats is not because of genetics but a specific enzyme.
  10. Siamese cats are temperature albinos, when they are in the womb the temperature is too warm which is not enough to develop any kind of pigmentation. On the other hand, when the temperature of the Siamese cats drop down to level of thirty-eight to thirty-nine degrees, the enzyme in the colder areas responsible for albinism gets stopped and the modifier gene produces the pigmentation in these parts.
  11. People have this misconception that being the expensive cats, they also require high maintainability. Well, that is not true, like other cats Siamese cats are also very grooming and clean. Hence, they are also one of those cats which do not shed much.
  12. Siamese cats are also available in a variety of colors. We all are aware of the cream colored Siamese cats, which are also known as Seal-point siamese cats. Apart from that, they are also available in Blue, chocolate and lilac colours.
  13. Siamese cats in addition to having an amiable nature, slender body shape, attractive blue eyes, they are also very long-living animals. These cats can live for fifteen and twenty years.
  14. Siamese cats are able to develop specific calls to specific actions like if they like a food or not,  when you come home etc. These cats are very talkative and social.
  15. Siamese cats tops every list if you search about the talented cat breeds. That means you can easily train them a lot of tricks, like jumping, rolling, catching the ball etc.
  16. Siamese cats are excellent with getting along with other animals. So if you have other pets in your home as well Siamese cats will not be a trouble for you.
  17. Siamese cats are very living and therefore demanding sometimes. They tend to make strong and firm bonds with their owners and they do have a habit of following you everywhere.
  18. Most of the cats are gravitated towards the sound of running water however most of them do not like to be in the water. However, the siamese cats love water and hence they love bathing as well.
  19. Initially the Siamese cats used to have not-normal tails and crossed eyes. However, with the time people stopped breeding  cats with these features and now we do not see such features in Siamese cats.
  20. Due to their popularity and expensiveness, Royal families and famous personalities owned them for a long time. People like Frank Zappa, Marylin Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor etc owned Siamese cats.
  21. It is necessary for a cat to be a siamese that it must bear blue eyes. We are aware that Siamese cats bear with albinism , and that also affects their eye colour as well. The color of the eyes is determined by two layers in Iris. Siamese cats have the ocean blue eyes because these cats lack pigmentation in both layers in iris.
  22. Siamese cats are also quite helpful to the police. There are many movies, and serials as well in which they helped in a kidnapping case or a robbery. But, they have actually seen their owners helping in several security measures.
  23. Siamese cats are one of the most active cats. They love to inquire and are anxious about everything happening around them.

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Siamese cat facts characteristics

Siamese cats are easily and quickly recognizable by their slender, firm bodies, pointing pattern and the deep blue eyes. However, there are some siamese cat facts and characteristics which everyone needs to learn about.

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Friendly and troublesome:

Siamese cats are friendly, amiable, short-haired, medium sized cats. These cats are social and engage with their owners and other family members in no time. Therefore, in addition to being friendly they are demanding as wekk, therefore, they can become very vocal at times.

Rare and ancient cat:

Siamese cats are one of those cats which can be found in manuscripts. The cat was first found in Thailand and from there it distributed in the whole world. However, west remained deprived of this cat for a long time. And in the late 1800’s the western people were able to pet this cat.

Sparkling personality:

The overall look of the siamese cats is quite poetic and angular. These cats have a remarkable athletic body with firm muscles, deep blue eyes, and intelligent personality,

Behaviors and personality of Siamese cats:

One of the most important siamese cat facts is their personality. Siamese cats are highly intelligent, social, anxious, discovering and bonding cats. Any owner which tends to love a cuddly and supportive pet partner will surely love these. However, these cats are rare. So do not leave them on their discovering nature and always keep an eye on them.

Siamese cat fun facts

There are some amazingly astonishing facts associated with Siamese cats. Here is a little sneak peek about some of them:

  1. Siamese cats are the most ancient cat breeds.
  2. Siamese cats have a wedge shaped face which quite looks like a leopard. They also have triangular ears and other features.
  3. True Siamese cat breeds are medium sized, having more round features. Their coat is also silky and soft to touch.
  4. The “Pointing pattern” in siamese cats is determined by a particular enzyme.
  5. The  Seal point Siamese cats have brown pointing patterns on a cream coat.
  6. Blue point siamese cats bear a greyish blue coat with deep grey pointing pattern.
  7. Siamese cats are people lovers, they easily make bonds and engage very easily.

Siamese cat information facts

  1. Modern siamese cats actually originated from the Oriental cats.
  2. Siamese cats were not introduced in Europe and the USA until the 18th century.
  3. Siamese cats are one of those cats which are extremely popular across the globe.
  4. Siamese cats are categorized into two groups depending upon their physical and facial features: The traditional Siamese cats and the Show siamese cats.
  5. Siamese cats are short-haired and normal sized cats.
  6. Siamese cats do not do a lot of shedding as in the case of other cats therefore, it is a better option for those people which have allergies regarding cats.
  7. People in the past, particularly the royal people of Thailand, respected the Siamese cats because those people believed that the souls of their loved ones entered the Siamese cat.
  8. The word siamese originated from “Siam”, meaning “Diamond Moon”.
  9. Siamese cats are also very helpful aiding in the crime scenes. That is why they are also filmed in several movies.
  10. Siamese cats are very gentle, affectionate, and loyal cats despite their expensiveness.

Flame point Siamese cat facts

Siamese cats have several mix breeds, one of which is Flame point Siamese. The following are the important facts about the flame point Siamese:

  • Flame point siamese has a cream color coat.
  • Their pointings are not grey but golden-yellow in color.
  • Like all Siamese cats, they also have deep ocean blue eyes.
  • They are a very pretty Siamese breed, with nose and paws pink in color.
  • Their stripes are bright dull gold colored present on ears, nose, and tail.

Lynx point Siamese cat facts

Lynx point siamese cats are a blend of tabby and Siamese cats. They also have other names as well like “Tabby short haired” etc.  following are the facts about the lynx point Siamese cats:

  • Lynx point cat breed is very much similar to the traditional Siamese cats. However, they do not have that much rounded facial features like traditional Siamese. They are quite slim.
  • Male cats of this breed are huge in size when compared to the females and that makes them gender distinctive.
  • The pattern of the Lynx point cats is very scattered and very different from the pointing pattern of siamese cats.
  • Lynx point Siamese cats come in several varieties and colors including apricot, cinnamon, chocolate, and seal blue colors.

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Siamese cat health facts

Despite being pretty and friendly cats, they are also prone to several health problems. Some of the facts that you must know about Siamese cat’s health are:

  • The common health disorders that Siamese cat suffers from are retinal atrophy, which progresses slowly.
  • Diseases related to their gut like urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal issues are also very common health issues observed in Siamese cats.
  • Siamese cats can become obese easily and their slender legs are not made for holding up such weight.
  • It is better to be variable in the Siamese cat diet, mixing both dry and wet diets is a very better option, instead of sticking to the same type of diet for longer periods.
  • You should be extremely cautious of your Siamese eyes. You have to take care of the proper hygiene of Siamese cats because they are susceptible to developing several eye infections.

Siamese cat personality facts

Siamese cats are quite a sight for cat lovers. Some of their personality traits are:

  • Siamese cat breed is famous for their amiable, friendly nature. 
  • These cats engage with their owners like magic and also these cats are long-living which satisfies their owners.
  • Siamese cats are very curious and anxious about any movement happening around them.
  • Due to their bonding nature, these cats are sometimes very demanding and for the busy owners, they are tough pets.
  • Siamese cats are very  intelligent and they learn several habits and tricks quickly.

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