Top 15 Best Types of Tarantulas

Tarantulas are such amazing creatures that despite making most of the people frightened, most want to pet them. As they have so many colors and variations they have become the main attraction to several arthropod lovers. More than 800 tarantula species have been discovered till now. Most are terrestrial and are of shy nature and with proper care and love, these creatures can live up to 10 years and more. Today we learn about the types of tarantulas.

10 best tarantula species you can keep as a pet

Below I am going to mention a list of tarantulas that can make excellent pets. Before mentioning them most people will be concerned about tarantula bite. So, let me tell you a few things that tarantula bites are venomous only when they consider something or someone as their prey. 

On the other hand when they bite due to fear those are usually dry bites with no venom. These bites are similar to that of a strong bite and hurt the same as a sting bite. Ok now with no more discussion let’s get straight into the list.

Mexican red knee tarantulas:

This is probably the most famous tarantula among spider lovers. They are often found in one color only which is black with a bit of orange hair and their knees are covered in orange hairs. In these species, females tend to live more than males. Females can live up to almost 20 or 30 years. Whereas, males can live only up to 10 years. These tarantulas are very shy in nature and it is very easy to take care of them as well.

Chilean rose tarantulas:

It’s a more terrestrial kind of tarantula and loves to stay in warm and humid environments. Mostly they are black and brown in color. They have rose-colored hair on the upper part of their bodies and are of 4-5 inches in length. They live and hide in burrows. They are also very docile and are also known as Chilean fire tarantula. These females also have a longer life tenure than males. Females are found to live at a maximum of 20 years. Whereas, males are found to live for 5 years. They are quite sober and make excellent pets.

Costa Rican zebra tarantulas:

They possess a black body with white stripes on their legs. As their name depicts they got the name zebra due to these white stripes. Their length varies to 4 and 5 inches. These tarantulas are very calm natured and love to dwell. One important fact that these tarantulas can move at a very fast speed. So those pet owners which physically want to handle their tarantula, it may not suit them. They love to live in warm and humid environments. 

Mexican red leg tarantulas:

Personally, to me, these are one of the most beautiful tarantulas. Like other tarantulas, they also possess a main dark body with orange, pink and red-colored hairs on the legs. They also bear a black triangle on their head. They are larger up to 5 -6 inches and can weigh up to 1 ounce. Their females can survive for 30 years whereas males live for only 5 years. They are also terrestrial and live in burrows but they can get threatened very easily. The one thing difficult for pet owners to handle this. Tarantula requires a much higher temperature. The ideal temperature for this tarantula is 70-80 degrees with maximum humidity.

Honduran curly hair tarantulas:

These species are of length almost 5.5 inches in length. They are also referred to as wooden curly hair tarantulas. These spiders grow very rapidly. They are also quite shy and don’t move frequently. They are ground-borne terrestrial animals and need 5-10 gallon tanks. Females can live for up to 10 years while the male can survive only for four years.

Pink zebra beauty tarantulas:

These are larger tarantulas with 5 -6 inches length and can weigh up to 1 ounce. They usually do have brown and yellow patches on their bodies. They originally originated from America. They have a very silent and sober personality. Sometimes these tarantulas are mistaken for Chaco Golden knee. Female life tenure is about 25 years whereas males live for only 10 years.

Pink toe tarantulas:

Like most of the tarantulas, they also have a dark body. They possess pink-orange hairs at their legs. They have furry legs. Their weight is about 1 ounce and their length varies for 4-5 inches. It’s a tree-loving tarantula so, if you are looking for one it’s a go-go for you. It can be easily kept in a tank of 5-10 gallons with some tree branches in it. Females can live for 10 years whereas male survives for only 5 years.

Brazilian black tarantulas:

They are pitch black in color and possess velvet hair. They are quite large up to 7 inches and can weigh up to one ounce. They have wide legs and due to their attractive furry hairs, they attract most tarantula lovers. But one thing that can irritate the owners is that they have to maintain the temperature which they require in 70 degrees Celsius with a humidity level of 60.

Mexican red pump tarantulas:

They are black colored with bright red hairs on the abdomen and may on legs as well. They weigh up to 1 ounce and are almost 6 inches in length. They are generally shy and are slow-moving. They also love to stay with their other mates. So, if you are thinking of them one as pets you should consider multiple Mexican red pumps.

Desert blonde tarantulas:

Their body color varies between black and brown. They may have blonde colored hair on their legs with the brown-haired abdomen. They are up to six inches in length and can weigh about 1 ounce.

If you are thinking of one of these you may have to think twice because they are quite aggressive. If you are not loving handling tarantulas much more than they make a suitable option. The females are capable of surviving for up to 30 years while the male life span ranges between 5-10 years. Do you want to know about tarantulas can swim ?

The best Types of tarantulas for beginners

The best types of tarantulas species which I have shortlisted that can make excellent pets are:

  • Mexican red knee tarantulas
  • Chilean rose tarantulas
  • Costa Rican zebra tarantulas
  • Mexican red leg tarantulas
  • Honduran curly hair tarantulas
  • Pink zebra beauty tarantulas
  • Pink toe tarantulas
  • Brazilian black tarantulas
  • Mexican red pump tarantulas

Types of Tarantulas 11

Choose pet tarantula species

While choosing a pet, particularly when you talk about tarantula it’s really important to see what type you can handle. Most people want a tarantula that is easy to handle and is less aggressive as well. But some species like desert blonde are quite aggressive. But some people may want it so they have to minimize their handling of tarantula to delete the risk of a bite. The most perfect breed of a tarantula that should be pet is one that requires minimum attention and can be easily maintained within a room temperature without any additional tools required. Some tropical species may require temperature adjustments and humidity levels that may bother some beginners. When you talk about physically holding a tarantula I won’t address that thing too deep. Because for beginners holding a tarantula can pose greater risks. In fact, tarantulas don’t get anything when you touch them but you may find yourself in trouble.

Best Types of Tarantulas for beginners

The best types of  tarantulas for beginners are listed below:

  • Rose haired tarantula
  • Curly-haired tarantula
  • Pink toes tarantulas
  • Brazilian black tarantulas
  • Mexican beauty tarantulas
  • Green bottle blue  tarantulas

Question and answers

What type of tarantulas are poisonous?

Tarantula’s venom doesn’t actually kill a person. They obviously feast on insects, birds and even pups or cats but their venom to humans doesn’t cause death. But, it may cause severe allergic reactions like redness, swelling, and many others.

Different types of tarantulas as pets?

The best types of tarantulas for beginners are listed below:

  • Rose haired tarantula
  • Curly-haired tarantula
  • Pink toes tarantulas
  • Brazilian black tarantulas
  • Mexican beauty tarantulas
  • Green bottle blue tarantulas

Types of arboreal tarantulas?

The following are some of the arboreal tarantula species:

  • Malaysian earth tiger tarantulas
  • Togo starburst baboon tarantulas
  • Singapore blue tarantulas
  • Gooty sapphire ornamental tarantulas
  • Fringed ornamental tarantulas

Types of Australian tarantulas?

The best types of  tarantulas that are found in Australia belong to the following categories:

  • Selenocosmia tarantulas
  • Selenotholus tarantulas
  • Selenotypus tarantulas
  • Phlogellius tarantulas

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