Best 15 Siamese cat personality facts

Siamese cat personality

Siamese cats are easily recognizable by their unique features and distinctive deep blue eyes. Not only are they famous around the globe they also have some marvelous personality features which we do not see in other cats. The Siamese cat personality is poetic and adventurous at the same time. All those people who are looking for a Siamese cat and want to explore their personality. You are at the right place.

Siamese cat personality and behavior

Like every person has a different personality, the same rule goes for the cats within the same breed, so you have to figure some things out by yourself . However, there are some features which are common to every Siamese cat’s personality. These are:

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Siamese cat Wisdom:

Siamese cats are one of the oldest cat breeds and due to this they have a very strong and developed genetic makeup. Siamese cats are very intelligent and have very interrogative and curious personalities. These are those cats that will keep wandering around in every single corner of your home due to their inquisitive nature. To nurture their skills you have to make sure that your cat must have all the necessary cat items so that she can be busy with them like trees, balls, knitting balls etc. 

Due to their intelligence these cats are so good at picking up things and tricks which you want to teach them. Specifically they respond very well to the clicker and are very good at learning  several tricks and behaviors to specific food and things.

Siamese cat Kindness:

Siamese cats are a very good choice for all those owners that are really opting for the cats that are really “Into them”. You will hardly listen about anything clinky regarding them. 

Though they are expensive and fancy cats, they are very loyal, engaging, and affectionate towards their owners. They easily make bonds with the home members and if you want to keep other pets as well in your home then do not worry these cats go along easily with all other animals. 

There are only a few cats which behave in a similar manner as the dogs. Just like dogs will follow you into your rooms and like to accompany you while sleeping these cats do the same.

Siamese cat Demanding behavior:

Though being affectionate is a good pet trait but siamese cats go too far in making bonds and in most of the cases this can become a problem. Siamese cats once get attached with their owners they will behave aggressively in their absence which makes it a problem for owners whenever they want to go for a vacation.

Siamese cats can become too fond of a specific person, thing, or another pet in the home. So, their absence makes them feel sick and they go into depression and anxiety. These all factors collectively push them into health problems if such incidents happen frequently. In some cases they crave attention so much that it is termed as “Jealousy”.

  1. If you are going to adopt a Siamese cat, then it is better to get two of them in order to minimize the chances of jealousy.
  2. If your cat is having a strong bond with you, make sure you give them enough time and attention as you give to the other members of the family or pets.
  3. In order to keep the Siamese cat personality enriched, you have to provide them with opportunities to grow both in terms of mentally and physically. You can do this by giving them cat toys, food toys, taking them to walks and teaching them new tricks.
  4. Though Siamese cats behave better as indoor cats but they are totally okay with a leash and a harness and in this way you can easily take it for walks under your supervision. These regular walks helps your cat to not become obese.

Siamese Cat characteristics

Siamese cat is a very elegant cat with the most unique and noticeable feature “The body”. The look of a siamese cat is quite athletic. Even the facial features of a Siamese cat are in symmetry. 

The face is wedge or triangular shaped, the ears are also triangular in shape, nose is also elongated and their legs are firm and slender completing that athletic look. However, the most beautiful and jaw dropping sight in a Siamese cat is their “Deep ocean eyes”.

Siamese cat Characteristics:

  1. The Siamese cats have a beautiful “Pointing pattern” on their bodies. In different breeds, the pattern can be of  different colours. In seal point Siamese cats, the pattern is of deep grey colour, which is present only on the colder areas of their bodies.
  2. The siamese cats originated from Thailand, these cats were kept by Royal families and are passed as a legacies. People believed that the souls of their departed loved one enters the bodies of a Siamese cat.
  3. In the beginning, many of the Siamese breed had crooked tails and crossed eyes, but eventually people stopped breeding those cats. In the manuscripts, it was found that Siamese cats are the protectors of some precious goblet, and they looked at it so strongly that their eyes became crossed.
  4. Siamese cat personality is not similar to other cats, she is pure breed and by that we mean that this cat can be trained. This is the reason this cat is very famous as a “Show cat”. You can teach a Siamese cat to walk in a specific way, can teach her tricks and many more.
  5. Siamese cat’s intelligence adds her to its personality. These cats are highly intelligent and inquisitive in nature. They are also very picky of what they eat and they can develop specific calls depending on what food they like or not.
  6. Siamese cat personality is very demanding sometimes, she bonds with the owner very strongly. Therefore, these cats want to be loved in the same manner as they love their owners.
  7. Though Siamese cats have long and slender bodies however, they are prone to becoming obese and because they are slim and trim the weight gain is very noticeable. Therefore, do not let your cats overeat.
  8. As we have mentioned that Siamese cats are very intelligent so they like to play and the thing which they love is “Climbing”. It is very important that you provide your cat with perches and trees so that it can be fit and mentally active.
  9. Siamese cats like other cats are very grooming, they tend to keep themselves clean. Therefore, you do not have to worry a lot about their grooming. Oral hygiene,  and brushing once in a week is okay.
  10. Siamese cats are bed cats. They love to sleep next to you and prefer the warmth and cuddles.

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Ragdoll Siamese cat personality

Like all Siamese cats Ragdoll Siamese cat personality is very gentle and affectionate.These cats are not so demanding and are loyal to their owners to a next level. People also say that these cats are very much inclined towards emotional requirements as compared to the physical ones. 

This characteristic makes them a very much good pet for the people who like their cat to follow them everywhere. 

However, Ragdoll Siamese cats are long haired cats and therefore they need grooming. Despite their kind sober personality it is important to give ample time to your pet and put maximum efforts in its upbringing. Because, at the end of the day every cat is individual and you have to probe in to learn about their personalities.

Black Siamese cat personality

Balck siamese cats are seamlessly beautiful, not only they are beautiful but they are highly intelligent as well. Black siamese cats have pigmentation all over their bodies instead of having pointed patterns. Black Siamese cat personality is a blend of kind, affectionate, loyal, and cuddle loving pet.

Long hair Siamese cat personality

Like all other Siamese breeds, long haired Siamese cat personalities are no more different. These cats love to be around, they are anxious, curious and love to have a sneak peek of everything. These cats are fond of their owners and love to have a strong bond with them. Therefore, sometimes these cats become demanding as well. Having long hair these cats also need more grooming sessions as compared to other Siamese cats.

Traditional Siamese cat Personality

The Traditional Siamese cat’s personality is very intriguing and fascinating why? Because these cats are people loving, intelligent, loyal, and go well around other pets. Due to their unique features and rare presence Siamese cats are very expensive. In the old times, Royal people of Thailand used to have them as pets.

Siamese cat personality 2

Siamese cat personality with other cats

If you are looking forward to having Siamese cats as pets and want to have some other pets as well or you already have a dog or a cat. And, you are worried about whether this fancy cat will accept the company of others? Well do not worry Siamese cats may look cranky but they are very loving and according to the research they do not have issues with other pets. 

However, Siamese cats make strong bonds with their owners so make sure you give them enough time and do not neglect them in the presence of other pets.

Siamese cat personality problems

Siamese cats are very loving, and bond making cats however, they do have some personality issues and these are:

  • String bonding leads to demanding behaviour
  • People having busy schedules do not give ample time to Siamese cats which leads to anxiety and depression in these cats.
  • Long term distance can make these cats very aggressive.
  • Siamese cats do not behave well in the absence of their owners.
  • Siamese cats can easily become “Jealous” of any pet, person or thing.

Siamese cat personality temperament

Siamese cats are one of those cats whose behavior is very much similar to a dog. This means that these cats are very friendly, kind, affectionate, loving, and loyal. Siamese cats easily trust their owners and they do not take a long period to make a strong bond. 

However, these cats can become frustrated if their favorite person is not around. Therefore, you have to give them ample attention and love all the time.

Siamese cat aggressive behavior

Siamese cat personalities are not like the other cats. They don’t get into fights a lot. They are very much indoor cats and have a very gentle and calm personality. But, being engaging these cats are firmly emotionally attached with their owners and their behavior sometimes wants more than usual. These cats only show aggressive behaviors when they feel frustrated majorly because of the absence of the owner. 

Siamese cat personality 3

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