Best 15 Ways, How to take care of hamsters? 

How to take care of hamsters? 

Do you own a pet hamster and are clueless how to take care of hamsters? Well do not worry we are here to help you out. Hamsters are cute little pets that everybody adores in their childhood. We are sure that everyone at some point in their lives wants to have a pet hamster.

Hamsters need proper diet and care for their effective growth and nutrition. You can ensure the former by following this guideline:

  1. You have to select a place in which a hamster can live. While choosing that keep in mind the space should be big and exploratory. You have to ensure there are plenty of tubes, canals, accessories to chew on for you hamster or else they can get obese. 
  2. Place the hamster at a place where he can see and listen to you. Like all other pets, hamsters also have to make a bond with you. They will love to be surrounded by little giggles and noises, but don’t be too loud in front of them, as they can get scared easily.
  3. When you bring a new hamster to your home, cover its place with a light cloth for the first few days. It helps them to explore their new place. You can remove the cloth while you are playing with them or want to bond with them.
  4. Lastly, provide your hamsters a good nutritious pellet diet that contains all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for its effective growth.

Hamsters are among the cutest and the most popular pets all over the world. They are cute, fluffy, and territorial and, therefore, seldomly require any companion to live. So we all know the rate at which people want hamsters as pets. So consequently, it is essential to know about How to take care of hamsters? If you’re going to have a hamster as your pet. 

Syrian or teddy bear hamsters, also known as golden hamsters, are among the most desired species of hamsters as pets. Dwarf hamsters are also very famous pet hamsters species. 

As they are readily available and are cheap animals, having them for gaining the first experience of having pets is not a bad idea. However, their shorter life span may be a tragedy for little aged owners of hamsters. 

8 steps on How to take care of hamsters?

In this section, we are going to learn How to take care of hamsters? The guidelines are mentioned below:

  1. The selection of the right place for the hamster to live in is the key. 
  2. Always select a cage or any enclosure, which is hard for the hamster to leave. As they are small and soft creatures, therefore they can fit in in the low places very quickly. Remember that hamsters are territorial and have the natural tendency to hoard and dig. Thus to provide them a natural wild like environment, the cage should have a beautiful space for the hamster. 
  3. Locate such a spot in your home where the hamster is the safest and is out of the reach of the children and other pets like cats and dogs etc.
  4. Place bedding in the cage. It should be two inches higher from the cage. The bedding will serve as a soft home for your hamster and absorb the litter of the hamster. Never use cedar wood or pine beddings because these beddings can break, creating pointy edges. These edges can hurt your hamster. Always use paper or cardboard bedding and dye-free beddings. 
  5. As you know, hamsters love to dig, and they dig for hiding. Many of the people have asked this questio How to take care of hamsters? To mimic that in your home, you should provide them with toys that can be used for cache. 
  6. Hamsters are territorial animals, so they have this instinct to protect and increase their territory. Therefore always opt for a large cage while buying a cage for your hamster. 
  7. How to take care of hamsters? Fresh fruit and water should be readily available to your hamster. Otherwise, they will starve and can also become mellow. Furthermore, implant a small water bottle in the cage of a hamster so that it can be easily accessible. Make sure the container should not leak, and the water should not drop on the bedding. 
  8. Food should be available all the time to the hamster. You can feed your hamster by using two methods. First! You can put the food in the bowl and can place it in the cage. The second method is that you can distribute or scatter the pellets around its bedding. However, by following the latter way, you have to do the cleaning process of the cafe more often. 

Best way to take care of hamsters 

How to take care of hamsters? Before knowing this, you should learn about a few little things about hamsters written below:

  1. Hamsters have a shorter lifetime period and live for only 2-3 years.
  2. As Syrian and Dwarf hamsters are the most famous species of pet hamsters, you should know about their size too. Syrian hamsters grow about 7 inches while dwarf hamsters justifying their name can only grow about 4 inches. 
  3. Hamsters are crepuscular animals meaning they will show the most prominent activities during the evening and sunrise. 
  4. Hamsters are mainly herbivores, but they also need protein content to fulfill their nutritional requirements. 

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Hamster’s feed:

The pellets bought from pet stores are a good option for feeding your hamster. By doing this, you can make them avoid leaving the healthy content of the food. One of the main things that plays an important role in How to take care of hamsters? Is food. Always keep their bowl full but not up to the edges. You can also feed them ingredients from your kitchen, e.g., Vegetables. You can give them vegetables every second day. There is no harm in it. Vegetables like carrots and zucchini are readily available in your kitchen and can be given to your hamster. 

Hamsters like to hoard but do not overfeed them as their cheek pouches, and tiny stomachs can hurt. Only provide such amounts or quantities of foods that are easy to digest. 

% Ratio of how much a hamster can eat:

  1. Pet store pellets – 75%
  2. Veggies- 15%, prefer green vegetables
  3. Fruits: 5% only serve as treats but are required. 
  4. Treats 5% cheese, bread, raisins, etc. Should be given only once in a week. 
  5. Water: Daily, plenty of freshwaters. 

Training and playing with your hamster:

Hamsters can become obese if they don’t dig and hoard. As they cannot do that freely in the cage, make sure to provide them with an exercise wheel or any ball to keep him busy. When your hamster is playing with a shot, make sure. You save an eagle eye on them. 

Keeping your hamster healthy:

After you bring a new pet hamster to your home, take it after every two weeks to a specialized vet for checkups. To keep your hamsters you need to take care of it properly and How to take care of hamsters? Read this article and you will come to know many things. Do this only if he comes through a background where he was living with many pets. Otherwise, make sure to perform annual visits to the bet. Anyhow if you see any terrible symptoms in your hamsters, take it immediately to a vet. Symptoms are mentioned below:

  • Liquidy nose
  • Sneezing
  • Eating very fewer amounts of food or vice versa. 
  • Irregular growth of incisors
  • Baldness
  • Upset stomach
  • Piles
  • Wounds or itching at the digits

Top 10 ways how to take care of hamsters

They are the short tail, fluffy body, and small shiny eyes. These all combine to make a cute pet hamster. But How to take care of hamsters? In this section, I will explain the ten steps which are enough to effectively take care of the hamster. 

  1. Select an area in your home where you will put the hamster’s cage. 
  2. The cage should not be accessible to the children under eight and the other pets.
  3. The cage should contain an ample space in it so that you can easily place the toys, wheel, and the food and water plate. 
  4. When you bring a new hamster home, they will not be friendly to you, give them some time. Keep their cage covered with a cloth and let them adjust in the new environment. 
  5. Do not show a hurry in picking them up. If they are not familiar with you, they can bite. After a few days, they will start to trust you, and then you can pick them up. 
  6. Once they get comfortable with you, try to play with their diet. Your pet will love to have some treats once or twice a week. 
  7. Keeping your hamster cage and bedding hygienic is essential so that they don’t get any diseases, and this step also ensures your health. 
  8. If you want to build trust with your hamster, it is necessary to provide them some Me-time. Provide them some time out of their cages to freely play with you and their toys. 
  9. Patience and love is the key to building a bond with any pet. The same goes for the pet hamsters too. Make sure you manage to give them some time daily. After a while, they will get used to and familiar with your voice and fragrance. 
  10. Unlike other pets, hamsters are very fragile, and hence extra care is required while handling them. Always use gentle hands and form a cup shape with your hands to gently hold your hamster. 

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Routine health care of hamsters 

How to take care of hamsters? If you’re facing difficulty while finding a hamster’s vet. Any vet who deals with small vets can check your hamster. There are significant causes for bringing your hamsters to a vet. Even before buying a new pet hamster, you should take him for a pre checkup. 

Signs if your hamster has some disease:

  • Weight loss
  • Change in posture 
  • Poor quality coat
  • Losing fur
  • Breathing problems
  • Behavioral changes 
  • Change in the hamster scent
  • Change in smell and also in the color of litter (urine and feces) 
  • Foul smell around genital glands 
  • Any cuts or wounds that need medical aid

Hamsters Curing process:

After noticing any of the following symptoms, you should take your hamster to the vet. The vet will give you a prescription, and then you can cure your hamster with the prescribed medication. The most common method of delivering your hamster the medicine is through the mouth. The vet will most commonly provide you with liquid drugs which you can easily carry through the dropper. If the disease is severe, the vet may inject the vaccination into the hamster for a faster cure. 

Do not use medicines or creams on your hamster if a vet does not prescribe them. Diarrhea and other diseases may cause a disturbance in your hamster’s gut, and they can get dehydrated very soon. In such cases, your vet may prefer liquid medicines. Before doing any medicine go to the vet first he will better answer you: How to take care of hamsters?

Dangers or threats to your hamsters in your home:

Many unknown threats are present in your house that can be fatal to your hamster, and you may not know them. They love to chew and gnaw not only the cardboard but electrical wires, switches, and other potentially damaging objects. 

Their gnawing habits can get them into trouble, and they can get stuck in areas where they can’t get out, like dyer holes, holes in the furniture, etc. If you have children in your home, you should reconsider your decision to have a pet hamster. Small children can easily step on the hamsters unintentionally. 

Is it easy to take care of a hamster? 

With any pet, you have to show patience and love only then they can get familiar with you and your scent. Hamsters are charming companions if you take immense care of them and fill them with love. In the above sections, I have clearly explained How to take care of hamsters? By following these, you can take care of your hamster without any difficulty. 

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How to take care of hamsters? Facts

Before buying a new pet hamster remember these things:

  • Hamsters are crepuscular mammals, so see if you can manage according to their time or not. 
  • Hamsters need fresh fruits, vegetables, and some protein for a healthy life. Make sure you can afford their diet. 
  • Hamsters need an ample space to live in, so make sure if you have a space in your home to keep a hamster. 
  • Never overfeed your hamsters. 

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