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Devon Rex

Cats are the animals that we see almost everywhere near us, they are so much common, and their main specialty is being popular as Pets. In our series of cats, we will be talking about different species of cats and their amazing facts and features. Most cats that are found today are discovered as a result of the breed. Such a cat we are going to talk about today, and its name is Devon Rex. This cat is a result of the breed of a tall-eared and intelligent cat that was seen in the late 1950s in England. This amazing breed is famous for its long-ears and wavy coat. Let’s discover some characteristics and facts of this cat!

Devon rex and sphynx mix

There are visible differences among these two cats. The main difference between the two are hairs or furs on the body, which are not present in the case of the sphynx mix. This hairlessness in this cat is due to a genetic mutation. However, both of these cats are produced as a result of the breed. In Devon rex, whiskers are clearly visible while in the sphynx mix, there are very slight whiskers or even not present at all. 

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Devon rex vs Cornish rex

These two cats can never be confused with each other as there are significant differences present between the two, but sometimes people might be confused as both of them have the letter rex in their names which is a major similarity in them. But let’s talk about dissimilarities, Devon rex has an alien-like appearance due to the shape of its head, and because of its ears that are low-lying. Whereas, Cornish rex seems to be a more typical one. Their waist is smaller than Devon’s. Devon’s cats live a longer life span and more weight than the Cornish ones.   

Devon rex classification

Let’s have a look at its classification: 

Scientific NameFelis catus
Order Carnivora
SpeciesF. catus
Diet Herbivores
Lifespan 10 to 15 years.
Weight2.5 to 4 kg
Gestation period 58 to 63 days 
Trophic levelCarnivores
Length 38 to 46 cm

Devon rex Personality

It seems to have a very interesting personality, it is mischievous, super-active, and playful. It Is attached very easily to people which makes it a people-oriented cat. They are good jumpers and thus, can even take part in animal sports. They love to be at higher places and thus find the highest spot to stand wherever it is. They are famous for being an intelligent breed, and this might be because of its ability to be trained to walk straight on a leash. 

Devon rex color

One reason that the cats are famous is their availability in multiple colors. This cat can also be found in different colors such as black, smoke, cream, white, blue, brown or tortoiseshell, etc. Patterns of their bodies can vary, it can be mink primarily, tabby, or spotted. Devon rex eye color is mostly blue, but it could be aqua or mink, yellow or orange, gold, amber, etc. 

Devon rex eye problems

Relative to all other cats, unfortunately, these cats also suffer from several eye problems. It could be glaucoma which is an eye disease caused by increased pressure in the eyeball. It could be a retinal problem or conjunctivitis which is an inflammation of the cat’s eyelids insides. It could be entropion which is an eye disease related to the inward rolling of cats eyelids. 

Is Devon rex hypoallergenic?

You might have heard that this cat is hypoallergenic because of the texture of its furs, it is true that these cats are hypoallergenic but that doesn’t because of the texture of their skin. Allergy is not caused by the nature of coat but by dander, which are the dead skin cells shed by almost all cats. Thus, it is least possible that this cat can cause allergy and Infect, Devon rex is good for allergies, yeah, this cat is best for people with allergies.

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Devon rex diseases

This cat is exposed to severe and deadliest diseases. In the past, a limited gene pool led to the development of myopathy or spasticity which was an inherited muscle disease. Another disease polycystic kidney disease has also been demonstrated in this breed. It could also be exposed to hip dysplasia. 

Devon rex facts

Let’s explore some facts and features of this that will truly amaze you!

  1. This cat is famous as a friendlier, lovable, and playful animal in the world of pets.
  2. It is found in different colors, likewise, its eyes can also be of any color, but most are blue-colored.
  3. They are recognized by their long ears that are huge, and wide at the base. 
  4. This cat is sometimes called a monkey by some people, it is famous for these cats that they are like monkeys in a cat costume.
  5. Their body is covered with a coat that doesn’t require any special grooming, however, its skin can be exposed to some itchiness.

Devon rex diet

These cats are truly carnivorous. The word carnivore is derived from the Latin language, and it means “mean eater”. Thus, being carnivorous, they fulfill their nutritional needs by consuming other animals. The level of protein requirement for these cats is higher as compared to other mammals. Thus, you have this cat as a pet, don’t select a vegetable diet for them as it would not be a good diet plan. Choose a variety of meat for them, thus to make them good-visioned and to maintain a healthy reproductive system.

Do Devon rex shed?

This cat is not truly hypoallergenic thus it means they can shed hairs which are the cause of the allergy, but that’s not extreme in their case. It is very rare that they shed hairs, and it might be because of the presence of less number of hairs over their body.

Devon rex as a pet

These cats are just amazing and make great family pets. And most of the people ask Are Devon rex cats affectionate?  And it’s a big Yes! They remain happiest in the company of its owner, other animals. This cat with their activeness and vocal behavior will definitely gain your attention. It has got a friendlier personality, and are wonderful pets for children, and for adults, and even for families. They are socialized and love to be around people. 

Can Devon Rex be left alone?

As I just told, they are sociable pets and play with their owners. They always need a company to play and cuddle with. Once these cats are matured, this socialization is even heightened, and thus they shouldn’t be left alone.

How much does a Devon Rex cost?

Owning this pet will cost you around $400, but that’s not the rule of thumb, it could be more costly than this stated average amount. Buying this cat as a pet is like adding a new member to your family, and its care is as important as you do care for your family members. 

Do Devon rex cats need baths?

Yeah! These cats need baths definitely, they do need baths. These cats are prone to greasy skin due to which a gentle shampoo bath once a week is required. There are several shampoos available in the market for cats. However, the best shampoo for this cat is an oatmeal-based shampoo which is perfect for cats with sensitive skin types.

Devon rex 3

Devon rex ear cleaning

This cat along with other diseases discussed above can be exposed to yeast infections of the skin. Such infections are the reason behind ear problems in these cats. It could also cause itching on the skin and greasy deposits. Thus, their ears should be thoroughly cleaned to keep them comfortable.  

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