10 Easy Step’s How to bathe your cat?

How to bathe your cat

Cats are really cute to own as they are fluffy and cuddle a lot but you have to be very health-conscious when they are near you. That’s because they may develop some fungus and germs which are present all the time on their screen. But as we all know cats are very reluctant to get into the water sometimes they even refuse to walk on a wet floor so it can be a hectic task to bathe them.

When to bathe a cat:

How to bathe your cat, Cats have their natural weapons to groom themselves. Yes, I am talking about their paws and tongue. They usually use their damp paws to wipe off their bellies and clean themselves. But, sometimes they stop grooming themselves due to several reasons.


  • Obesity: Sometimes it is too difficult for the cat to reach its own body parts due to obesity. Therefore, it just stops cleaning itself due to hindrance.
  • Osteoarthritis:  Cats may develop diseases like osteoarthritis and in pain they never groom themselves. 

There are several other reasons as well but also sometimes your cat just needs to be washed as it can become too dirty or has passed across through some toxic gases etc. that is the point where you have to step in. If you cannot find the process comfortable doing at home you can consider a groomer or a dresser as well.  

How to bathe a cat in 5 easy steps:

There are days when your cat gets too dirty that you have no other choice but to bathe it. But, the question arises here is that: how to bathe a cat? To do this process easily there are simple steps you can follow to make bath time a fun time. Following are the easiest steps you can do to make your cat tip-top:

Step #1 Comb out and clip: 

Before starting to bathe your cat you have to comb her well to get rid of any loose hair as well as that sticky mat strands. Also, for your own safety is recommended to clip your cat’s nails so that even if it gets frustrated during bathe you won’t get any cut.

Step #2 Place the mat:

In answering the question of “how to bathe cat” this step is the most crucial one. In this, you have to place a mat on the sink or the tub in which you are going t give the bath to your cat. The benefit of this process is that your cant won’t slip and will not get any injury. 

Step #3 Rinse off with water:

Now, slowly start putting water on your cat with a cup or hose. Be careful with its eyes, ears, and nose. Gently wipe it with the water. Never directly, aim the water in its eyes nose and ears as they are sensitive parts they need to be handled with great care.

Step #4 Bubble time:

Gently lather your cat with one part of the cat shampoo and the four parts of the water. Try to avoid using human shampoo as they make their skin dry.  Make leather in the way their hair grows which is moving from head to tail. Do not apply soap on the face avoiding ears and eyes.

Step #5 Take it off:

Now gently wipe all the leather with a shower or a hose with lukewarm water. Remember to remove all the shampoo form the cat. If your cat has thick hair you may have to do a little effort. As if residue is left on the skin it can causes infections also act as the sticky substance that will catch the dirt again. 

How to give a cat a bath and survive:

The fact is most cats do not enjoy the water at all. Even they hardly drink water. So to answer How to bathe your cat becomes difficult to answer. For this purpose, we have to dig into some of the reasons why is it so?

Why do cats actually hate water?

Actually most wild cats like to bathe in water. Tigers and jaguars do actually soak in the water. This is because naturally they are found in natural habitat so water keeps them cool. But as far as our domestic cats are compared they usually have a fur or a coat which retains water so it makes difficult for them to get dry once they become wet.

How to bathe your cat 22

Do cats need a bath in the first place?

As per to answer this question, cats usually maintain their cleanliness with their paws and tongues. But there are occasions when they get really dirty like they may immerse themselves in mud, may climb a chimney and can develop fleas as well. Therefore to get rid of all these there is no other option left to clean your cat with water and make it germ-free. Read the complete article related to How much to feed a cat?

Tools needed for bathing:

For determining “How to bathe your cat” you will first have to determine the supplies you will need. Following are the important tools you will need for the process:

  • Rubber or latex gloves
  • Cat shampoo
  • A spray, shower or a hose or an unbreakable cup
  • Cotton balls to clean the ears as well as to retain water from getting the ears.
  • A towel
  • A cloth to wash  and clean the face

If your cat still does not bathe?

Even after following and trying all the techniques to get your cat clean, there are other options as well. You can take your cat to a hairdresser and a groomer. A groomer knows all the techniques for all kinds of cats to handle their mischievous behavior. It usually costs you $20-$50. Now there are even mobile vans available that are providing online services so that you can make your cat clean at your own accord when you are free and feel it like to.

Tips for how to bathe our cat?

 While it is true that cats groom themselves there are cats that really get themselves in a sticky or dirty situation. It is not about just cleaning and bathing your cat but it is also necessary for maintaining its healthy skin and hair. “How to bathe our cat” will require some tricks and tips to do the process efficiently. These are:

A helper:

While you may do not take it seriously but you may need someone to handle your cat with you. Some cats can be really naughty and weird while they bathe. Therefore you will obviously need some other person a trusted one which can aid you during the process. You see two hands may not be enough for four paws. But remember the helping person should also be a cat lover who knows how to handle a cat. so How to bathe your cat.

Safety clothing:

Bathing your cat is not less than a sport therefore you have to be perfectly armed for the war. Vinyl dishwashing gloves will do the job. It will protect your hands as well. Shirts with long sleeves are recommended too. The thing is you have to expose as less skin to avoid any scratches. Some may suggest goggles to be saved from splashing.

Towels for drying up:

Many people do this mistake of having only one towel while they are bathing their cat. in reality, you should have one separate cloth for wiping its face paws and ears whereas another towel for wrapping around its body.

Correct shampoo:

Never bathe your kitten with detergent or human or dog shampoo because they can irritate their skin very much. Always use a shampoo that suits your cat’s skin by asking your vet. There also shampoos available which do not need water but ask your vet first when using them.

Praising and treating:

Always give your cat its favorite treat whenever she bathes. In this way, she will develop a memory of bathing as a good one and does not hesitate every time for bathing making the process easier for u as well.

How to give a cat a bath yourself?

“How to bathe our cat” is a common question and how to do the process at home. To answer this we have very clearly described it in the section below for a complete guideline to bathe your cat in the most efficient way.

How to bathe your cat1

How to bathe an adult cat?

Following are the steps: How to bathe your cat

  1. Fill lukewarm water in a sink just about 2-3 inches of the sink.
  2. Wet your cat in the direction of his hair growth and apply shampoo.
  3. Lather him thoroughly while avoiding eyes, ears, and nose.
  4. For his face using a damp washcloth.
  5. For his ears use wet cotton balls and close his ears with cotton balls so that water does not go in them.
  6. Rinse your cat well and wrap him in a towel
  7. Use blow dry or let it dry naturally. If your cat is thick and long-haired you may have to use a blow dryer nut use it at minimum heat.
  8. Give a treat.

How to bathe a cat?

Many of the cat owners ask this question that how to bathe a cat? Because sometimes it is tough for those people who have no idea about this. Owners who have pets for the first time should keep in mind that keeping their pet neat and clean is necessary. Why is it important? Because our health is also concerned with that pet. If you keep your pet clean, then definitely it is going to have a healthy life.

The following are the tips for all of you that will help you a lot in bathing your pet:

  1. First of all, you need to schedule your cat’s bathe timing. Proper timing is essential.
  2. Give your cat a toy of his choice during bathing; it will help you a lot.
  3. Another critical point that you need to keep in mind is to trim the claws of your cat before a bathe.
  4. Brush-off, the loose hair with the help of a brush, made especially for pets.

Question and answers:

How to bathe a cat at home?

It is not easy to bathe a cat at home. But you can do the process with the right tools and by following the proper steps as mentioned above.

How to bathe a cat after surgery?

After surgery, it is recommended to use a dry foam for bathing after considering your vet.

How to bathe a cat alone?

It is recommended to use a Cat handler with you but if you are comfortable in doing it alone you can do it by following the proper guideline mentioned above.

How to bathe an aggressive cat?

For an aggressive cat, a cat handler is a must as well as proper tools like gloves and goggles for avoiding scratches and splashing.

How to bathe a Bengal cat?

Bengal cats, unlike the other cats, like water even though they drink it more often than others. So giving them a bath is much easier.

How to bathe a fussy cat?

Fussy cats have thick hairs so you have to use a blow dryer to dry them after following the bathing steps.

How to bathe a long-haired cat?

Problems faced with the long hair cats that you have to do a little more rinsing to get the shampoo out and also may have to use a blow dryer as well.  

How to bathe a cat in the toilet?

If you have a separate place available in your toilet you can bathe your cat in the toilet as well.

How to bathe a pregnant cat?

Pregnant or nursing cats need more care than normal cats therefore, it is suggested to see a vet as it can be complicated to do this at home alone.

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