Bear vs lion Best 10 Main Differences Explained

Bear vs lion

There are about eight bear species throughout the world, including brown bears (Grizzly bears and the Kodiak bear), North American black bears, sun bears, sloth bears, giant pandas, and the Asiatic black bear. An average grizzly bear weighs up to 660 pounds. The grizzly bears vary in color from light to dark brown. The paws size of grizzly bears is 7 inches long for the front feet and 5 inches wide. The grizzly bear is a more robust animal that eats black bears, salmon, musk deer, and white-tailed deer. On the other hand, the Polar bear is hyper carnivorous bear inhabits the Arctic Ocean. 

The average body length of polar bears is about 1.8 to 2.4 meters on hind legs and 1.3 meters at shoulder height. In contrast, the body length of the brown bear is 70 to 150 centimeters at shoulder height and about 1.4 to 2.8 at the head. In contrast, African lions with rounded head and ears are the big cat of the genus Panthera present in sub-Saharan Africa. These lions possess about eight-inch-long canine teeth. Barbary is a large lion that is now extinct in the wild. 

The lion vs grizzly bear fight is also of great interest. The grizzly bears are considered the hot favourite to win any hypothetical battle, assuming the unavoidable size differences. During the bear vs lions fight, the bear won due to its sheer size. The grizzly bears can also easily tip the scales at 660 pounds. The lion vs grizzly bear teeth differs from each other. For instance, the grizzly bears three-inch-long teeth are not as stronger as the African lion’s teeth. These two animals use their strong canine teeth as a killing blow to kill prey, including wild buffaloes. The wild grizzly bears are twice the size of African lions. 

A lion pride consists of various male lions. A male lion fights with other animals to guard its females for three weeks. The African lions of sub-Saharan Africa possess less sharp claws compared to grizzly bears. Both grizzly bears and African lions hunt smaller prey and wild buffaloes. However, the bite force for these two wild animals is different. For example, these large wild cats are called African lions to have a bite force of about 1200 pounds per square inch compared to grizzly bears. The interesting facts include that Grizzly bear vs African lions running speed helps them get away from the most dangerous predators. Bears can run at 56mph compared to lions at 50mph, which is for short bursts. 

Bear vs lion

Moreover, the African male lion is a better hunter than adult grizzly bears. Grizzly bears vs African lions are better hunters. These animals kill various animals to find food in real life. The natural powerful predators or apex predators of these two animals include humans. Research has shown that several factors such as senses, power, and size help one conquer the other, becoming the predator of an apex predator. The final verdict includes that grizzly bears are much stronger compared to lions. 



Bears are present in many countries, including Europe, North America, Northern Hemisphere, Asia, and the Andean region. They live in deserts, tundra, forests, grassy areas, and mountains. 

Lions are present in various countries such as Sub-Saharan Africa, the Central African Republic, Tanzania, Angola, South Sudan, and Botswana. They inhabit dry thorny forests, thick brush, and open plains. 

The adult male bears range between 50 to 75 inches in length, weighing 130 to 660 pounds. In contrast, females with an average weight of 90 to 175 pounds are up to 75 inches in length. 

Males grow up to 10 feet in length, having 60 to 91 centimeters long tails. They possess an average weight of 150 to 250 kilograms. In comparison, females are smaller, at 2.7 meters, weighing up to 179 kilograms. 

Bears are omnivores that eat mammals, fishes, birds, insects, grains, and berries. They hunt moose and deer, also feeding on carcasses. However, the diet of these animals consists of 70% of something other than meat. 

The diet of lions consist of water, salt, medium to large-sized hoofed animals, and meat from ruminant animals, including deer, sheep, and cows.  They primarily feed on larger animals, especially the injured and sick ones. 

According to wildlife biologists, bears are considered one of the most intelligent and smart animals in North America. They have the largest and most complex brains compared to other animals on the land. In addition, their intelligence level is great compared to those of higher primates. 

Lions are considered the smartest animals of all other big cats. They have outperformed many task-solving experiments. According to many pieces of research, lions have a great advantage over big cats, and their high intelligence level gives rise to higher cognitive abilities. 

These animal species get communicated to each other via marking trees with scents that are usually done by rubbing the back and standing on two legs, especially telephone poles and the back of the head on the tree. They can also claw and bite the trees. 

These animal species communicate with each other in various ways using sounds, including woofs, hums, puffs, snarls, moans, growls, grunts, roars, purrs, and body language. In addition to all these facts, each gesture and sound has different meanings for lions. 

Bears are known to possess the best smell sense of other land animals. For instance, the average smell sense of dogs is 100 times better than humans. Likewise, a blood hound is 300 times better than a dog. But the sense of smell of bears is 2,100 times better than humans or seven times better than bloodhounds. 

Lions have a well-developed sense of smell. These animal species appear to mark their attackers utilizing deposits and scents. This ability helps them in searching for kills that various other predators make. Furthermore, these species also possess Jacobson’s organ on mouth’s roof. 

These animals are highly social land species that often share security, resources, and friendships, forming structured kinship relationships and hierarchies. They can be joyful, social, playful, generous, and empathetic, not unlike people. 

These animal species are called the most social land species of all wild species that live in large groups i.e., Pride of various individuals with their offspring. Male lions’ groups are known as Coalitions. The females of Pride don’t tolerate outside females.

Females mate with males of their groups, while males fight for females, guarding them for several weeks. Their mating season starts from May to July. These animals have a gestation period of about eight months, giving birth to cubs.  

These animals breed every year in captivity but not more than once in two years in the wild. The male one bites the neck of the female and mounts her, making her passive. They have a gestation period of 110 days, giving birth to one to six cubs.

Bears live for a specific time, after which they get to die. For instance, they can live an average lifespan of about 25 years in the wild and 50 years in captivity. 

Lions also have a specific lifespan like other species. They can live for almost 12 to 16 years in the wild and 25 years in captivity. 

The predators of bears include various other animals, including brown bears, wolves, mountain lions, humans. 

Although there are no predators to hunt lions, they have several natural enemies, including Cheetahs and hyenas. 


Sometimes people get confused and raise questions relating to bear vs. lion to clarify their minds. Therefore, the answers to some of those questions are as below;

Do bears and lions get along?

It is said that this unlikely friendship is everything. It means that bears, tigers, and lions are not assumed to get along. Because these all are predators that do not love to play together. 

Which bear is strongest?

Among all the bears, Polar bears and grizzly bears are the strongest. An individual male grizzly is equal to about five humans in strength and even more aggressive.


Various animals are present throughout the world, all possessing unique identification characters. Similarly, bears and lions are different from each other in various ways. This blog post has provided you with exciting facts and information about these animal species that is enough to clear your mind. It will help greatly if you pay full attention to reading this article.

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