Gorilla vs Grizzly bear Fight, Size, Strength Updated 2022

Gorilla vs Grizzly bear

Gorillas are stocky animal with small eyes, prominent nostrils, large hands, forearms, shoulders, and chests. While, grizzly bears are white to dark brown-colored animals, possessing large shoulder humps, short, rounded ears, and dished faces. Both animal species are strong enough to be beaten, having some unique characters and physical features. Instead of their exciting facts, some people confuse them in different ways. There is no need to worry because a small comparison between the facts and information about these animal species is given in this blog post.

Gorilla vs Grizzly bear Facts, Food


Grizzly bears

  • These are considered the closest relatives of humans that live in the lowland tropical rainforests of Central Africa, bamboo forest (between 2,500 to 3,000 meters), and montane forest (between 1,500 and 3,500 meters).
  • These animals appear to live in prairies, alpine meadows, forests, and woodlands. They are primarily seen in Western Canada, Southern Colorado, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska. Historically grizzly bears were present along the Pacific Ocean and Mississippi river, but the population has declined by western expansion.
  • They are the largest species of primates, in which males are double the size of females. The females with 200 pounds can grow to 412 feet tall, while males can grow to 512 feet tall, weighing around 400 pounds. 
  • Their females possess round faces instead of narrow and giant ears, weighing between 250 to 350 pounds. While males have small ears and broad and rounded heads, weighing between 400 and 600 pounds. However, both subspecies have an average length of 6.50 feet.
  • There are two gorilla species in the world; the western gorillas and the eastern gorillas, both further containing two subspecies. The eastern gorilla species mainly include the eastern lowland gorilla and the mountain gorilla.
  • Two main subspecies of these animals are present globally; the more giant Kodiak bears and the mainland grizzly bears. Since the last ice age, these animal species have been evolutionary distinguishable. 
  • They possess unique noseprints, just like humans have fingerprints. Paying attention to these gorillas’ noseprints, along with distinctive marks or scars, makes it easier for scientists to identify them. 
  • They possess unique rumps relatively lower than shoulders and front claws with 2 to 4 inches in length. While the rumps of black bears are higher than shoulders, also having claws of 1 to 2 inches in length. These facts make it easier to identify them.
  • A range of complex vocalizations is present in these animal species, which they use to communicate information in various ways. For example, they use these vocalizations to search for food and teach young ones survival skills. They can even learn primary human sign languages like other apes and chimpanzees. 
  • The grizzly bears appear to use smells, movements, and sounds to communicate to each other. They use these skills, especially in the season when females are communicating with young ones for mating and when males are fighting with each other to have an opportunity to mate with receptive females. 
  • Like human beings, gorillas have a nine months gestation period. However, their babies do not weigh more than human babies.
  • They have a gestation period between 180 and 250 days. The litter ones comprise twins or triplets, varying in size between one and four cubs. 
  • They are powerful animals, especially their upper bodies, having six times more strength than average humans. These animal species appear to use upper bodies to support and move around their immense weight.
  • If we talk about the strength of grizzly bears, they are five times as strong as human beings. The researchers don’t take it seriously to anger these hulk bears and get smashed by them.
  • Gorillas become sexually mature at the ages of seven and ten years old. It is when recently matured young ones called blackbacks leave the troops in search of mates. 
  • These animal species become sexually mature at the age of five years. They are fully grown between 8 and 10 years. 
  • As gorillas are herbivores, their diet primarily consists of stems, shoots, fruits, and leaves. However, the western lowland gorillas feed on small animal prey such as ants, termites, snails, caterpillars, and grubs.
  • Like all other animals, grizzly bears also require essential food to survive. However, their diet primarily contains human garbage, meat sources, carrion, fish, insects, small rodents, berries, grasses, tubers, roots, insects, and a variety of flowering plants.
  • Although they share almost 98 percent of human DNA, the gorillas also display human emotions. For example, these animals hug one another and show affection when they greet each other. 
  • Grizzly bears also appear to show human emotions. Like humans, they show affection to cubs by touching their paws, bodies, and muzzles, by kissing and hugging. 


Sometimes people get confused and ask some questions relating to the comparison between grizzly bears and gorillas. However, the answers to some of those questions are as given below;

Would a black bear beat a gorilla?

There is no doubt that the black bears would win very quickly in beating gorillas. This happens because of the reason that black bears possess strong physical features such as sharp claws, which are absent in gorillas.

Gorilla vs Grizzly

How strong is a gorilla punch?

Researchers believe that a gorilla punch with a force between 1300 and 2700 pounds is powerful enough to smash human skulls with one slam of its arm. The gorillas appear to possess four times higher muscle mass density than humans. 

Could a human knock out a gorilla?

There is a possibility that humans could knock out o gorilla or a grizzly bear, but it would not be so easy. We are familiar with the average size of the human brain, skull and neuron systems that could be quickly smashed by a single gorilla or bear punch.

Why are apes so strong?

Fewer motor neurons are present in chimpanzees, each neuron triggering a significant number of muscle fibers. Researches have shown that chimps use muscle more than their needs, making them so powerful not to be beaten by human beings. 

What would happen if a gorilla punched a bear?

There is no doubt that a bear would win if a gorilla punched a bear. The gorilla has only the advantage that it is more brilliant, but it’s not enough. In contrast, the female bears are far more aggressive and have more mass than gorillas. 


Various animals are present throughout the world, each differing in many ways. This blog post has provided a list comparing the facts between gorillas and grizzly bears. It helps you how to handle both of these animal species. Although both are strong in their places, it would be no difficult to say that grizzly bears are somehow more robust than the gorillas with some advantages. 

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