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Balinese cat

It is a long-haired breed of domestic cat with Siamese-style p color point and sapphire-blue eyes. It is also known as the purebred long-haired Siamese. They are sometimes also known as Javanese. They have a medium-length silky coat and a plumed tail. They are vocal, sociable, inquisitive, playful, and intelligent. These are curious and outgoing cats. They have excellent communication skills and are known for their chatty personalities. 

Balinese cat classification

Let’s have a look at its classification: 

Scientific NameFelis catus
Order Carnivora
SpeciesF. catus 
Diet Carnivores
Lifespan 18 to 22 years.
Weight5 to 8 pounds
Gestation period 63 to 67 days
Trophic levelOmnivores
Length 1.5 feet

Balinese cat for adoption

There are millions of homeless cats in the world; many of them are purebred and looking for homes. Adopting a Balinese cat will be life-changing not only for you but also for the owner. The best way to adopt or buy a Balinese cat is from a reputable breeder. Before adopting a Balinese cat, make sure that the cat is healthy and genetically tested.  Also, make

sure that the breeder will take back the cat in case of any problem. You may have to drive several thousand miles to find a safe, reputable breeder to adopt a cat. When you are adopting a Balinese cat, also buy stuffed mice and laser toys for them. 

Balinese cat

Balinese cat hypoallergenic

You love long-haired cats but you are worried because long-haired cats shed and cause allergies. But for now, you are somewhat lucky because these cats seem to cause fewer allergies. These cats are said to produce less Fel d1 protein, a

protein that causes allergies. Because they lack undercoat, so also shed less as compared to other cat breeds. They could be hypoallergenic but for now, no research supported this concept. So, they are not considered to be hypoallergenic. 

Balinese cat personality

Cat Personality They are highly fond of their owners and they do not mind if getting underfoot. They are agile, loving, athletic, and intelligent. They have similarities with Siamese. These are vocal cats. They possess a chatty personality. They love to play with toys so you must have something to entertain your Balinese cat.  They are powerful jumpers and cat

trees and high perches are necessary for them. They have a good sense of humor. They are highly energetic. They enjoy the company of other animals as well as humans.  They are highly affectionate and stay close to the people. They are best suited for indoor life.

Balinese cat lifespan

Different sources cited different lifespan of these cats. According to petMD, these cats have an average lifespan of 18 to 22 years, a true old age of a cat. Some sources cited a lifespan of 15 years that is the average lifespan of a well cared, healthy kitten. Also, their lifespan depends on their care, diet, and nutrition. Keeping them indoors will help them to live long. 

Balinese cat allergies

These cats are referred to as long-haired Siamese. Its long coat of fur suggests that it is a less allergy cat breed. Usually, cats’ allergies include hives, sinus, watery eyes, and eye problems. But this is not the case with Balinese cats because they do not produce allergens and shed less. If you have this cat at home, you don’t need to have a tissue box with you for sneezing. 

Balinese cat colors

They have the same color points as the Siamese. They come in many different colors. Their traditional color points include Chocolate, seal, blue, lilac, exotic lynx points, rare points of cream, red, foreign white, and tortoise. These cats are true and initial color points. They have deep, vivid blue eyes. 

Balinese cat behavior

They are loving, mind-mannered, and sociable cats. They have friendly nature that works well for families. They also enjoy the company of other pets. They do not interact much with humans. They are vocal and very playful. They often

meow very loudly in response to your voice. In addition to being interactive and cuddly, they are also intelligent. They build routines and process information very fast. They are easy to train to play fetch. They do not have aggressive behavior. 

Balinese cat

Balinese cat characteristics

Let’s explore its characteristics

  1. They have heavier bones, longer coats, and apple-shaped head in the initial years of breeding
  2. Now, breeders have improved their physical forms by crossing it with parent breed “Siamese”
  3. They have a long, tubular body
  4. It is a slender cat with soft bones
  5. They have a single coat with minimal shedding
  6. They have medium length, silky texture coat lying close to the body and lack undercoat
  7. They have long, soft tapering lines. Their hair can be 2 inches in length
  8. They have slanted, vivid blue eyes and wedge-shaped head
  9. They have large, open, and pointed ears
  10. They have the same color patterns as the Siamese including seal, blue, lilac, and chocolate
  11. Their males and females have different weights. Male cats weigh 6 to 8 pounds and female cats weigh 5 to 7 pounds

Balinese cat facts

Let’s have a look at some of its interesting facts:

  1. They look like a long-haired Siamese cat
  2. They also have the same color patterns as Siamese cat
  3. They are highly energetic and vocal
  4. They want to be a part of everything that is happening in the home
  5. They enjoy the company of family members and other pets. They form strong bonds with the members of the family
  6. They love to live indoors. Keep them indoors in order to protect them from diseases caused by other cats and to protect them from the attack of other animals
  7. They are famous for their chatty personalities 
  8. If you let them, they will talk near to your ears
  9. They have sapphire blue eyes
  10. Their color points appear on the face, legs, ears, and tail
  11. Their plumed tail has long hair
  12. They are attention seekers and you cannot leave them alone for a long time
  13. Keeping them mentally stimulated is important because they can be sometimes destructive

Balinese cat Breed Information

They are named for the graceful dancers on the island of Bali. It is a variety of long-haired Siamese. It is unclear that long hair is the result of a cross between Siamese and a long-haired breed such as Turkish or Persian Angora or is a result of

natural mutation. The Cat Fanciers Federation identified this breed in 1961. They were also identified by the “The International Cat Association” and “American Cat Fanciers Association.” This breed can be outcrossed to Siamese, Javanese, Oriental longhair, and color point shorthair. 

Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Siamese and Balinese cats? 

CharacteristicsBalinese catsSiamese cats
Coat lengthLonger hairFine hair
Maintenancerequires low maintenancerequires high maintenance
LifespanLonger lifespanRelatively shorter lifespan
Prone to diseasesVery fewMany diseases
Comfortable with other petsYesNo

Are Balinese cats really hypoallergenic?

They have a silky smooth coat and a plumed tail. Their fluffy appearance may be the indicator of their allergy friendliness. They are considered the least shedding cat among all long-haired breeds. Like Siamese, they have an easy-going personality and are talkative, and are considered hypoallergenic. 

Do Balinese Cats shed?

Because they lack undercoat and tangling or matting is low, so shed less. However, their silky smooth coat requires brushing a few times a week to prevent mats, remove dead hair, and to keep the coat healthy. 

Balinese Cat

Are Balinese cats friendly?

Yes, they are friends because they have the fun temperament. It is an outgoing and friendly breed; easily gets along with other cats, dogs, and children. They follow their owners and make strong bonds with members of their family.  

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