10 Best Methods How to discipline your cat?

How to discipline your cat?

The most important thing you will face as a cat parent is to change his behavior according to your needs and wants. I agree that most cats do cute stuff like meowing to get your attention and stuff like that. But that’s not the whole story. Scratching the furniture, peeing outside the litter box and hoping over sofas will genuinely annoy you. So this article will be related to all the techniques which you are going to learn to effectively discipline your cat.

How to discipline cat properly

While learning to train your cat first thing first you have to be very patient and consistent because it will require time and effort. Contrary to most people’s observations cats are really smart and have a very good memory as well. Therefore, to discipline your cat you will have to keep in mind the following: 

Why cats need to be disciplined:

Sometimes what we take as misbehavior is actually is not. It’s just the cat’s natural instinct to behave like that. Therefore, it is not encouraged to punish your cat rather adjust their behavior. But sometimes cats usually get a blunt idea in their mind and start running with it with no sense. At this time you have to correct their behavior. But most of the time it is a human fault as well to not suppress behavior in the beginning before becoming the cat’s habit. But here we are not playing blame games. You have to be very patient trust me.

How should I discipline my cat for bad behavior?

Remember your cat is not your actual child so lecturing them like a human child won’t help because they wouldn’t get it. Your cat is not a dog as well so treating yourself as a leader while thinking they will consider themselves as a pack member, so that’s not going to happen. Your cat is your cat its totally going to behave depending its own natural instincts and according to this you have then to find the answer to this question: “how to discipline your cat?”

Cat Attacking:

When your cat attacks your feet and legs she probably needs some more playtime with you. Try to get them a new toy or to refrain it use a loud noise.

Cat Aggression:

Your cat may growl at any new member that comes, this means it is an aggressive cat and you have to control it before it hurts someone. Try to put an unwashed piece of cloth of that person near your cat so that she can become familiar to it.

Chewing wires or stuff: 

Cats usually like to chew almost everything and let me guess wires are their favorite. To prevent this behavior you have to use smells or to use lotions that the cat does not like at all.

Scratching the furniture:

To stop this behavior buy your cat a scratching post and let it scratch it rather than the important stuff. Do you want to know about how to bathe your cat

10 proven ways to discipline your cat

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As we humans do need something to motivate us to do several tasks like gaming, dieting, etc. So, if you will provide a reward to your cat that motivates it will add the value to your reward and make it a surprising act for your cat. If you cannot find what motivates your cat to consider these options: tuna, canned spray cheese, shrimp, etc.

Discouragement for poor behavior:

Cats usually behave well with treats and rewards but that’s doesn’t always work. Therefore, you can discourage their bad behavior without hurting them physically and emotionally by the following:

Do something noisy: 

Whenever you see your cat is doing something it is not supposed to do. You can do something noisy like a bang or a loud noise.

Using foul smells:

 Most cats do not like citrus smells, pepper flakes, etc. There are also such sprays available which are specifically designed to keep cats away from certain places.

Spraying water: 

Most animals not only the cats doesn’t like to be sprayed from water. So you can keep a spray bottle with you and whenever you see your cat doing something wrong you can shoot water on it. But avoid its eyes, nose, and ears.

Aluminum foil:

 To discipline your cat from scratching the unwanted places you can wrap the place with aluminum foil, cats do not really like the texture of the material and will refrain from their bad behavior.

Use a clue word: 

To train a cat professionally without the help of any material you can use verbal clauses to discipline it. Words like “ouch” or “bad boy” when spoken every time on the bad behavior will train your cat to not do that particular stuff.  

Isolate it: 

You can also discipline your cat by this technique. It is simple and does not require much effort. Place your pet at a place or in a room with no people in it. When left alone it usually behaves better when it got less attention.

Encourage good behavior: 

You have to be balanced while training your cat. For answering the question: “how to discipline your cat?” encouragement is more important than discouragement. Praise your cat for its good behavior by patting her and cuddling her also don’t forget to give it its favorite treat.

Preventing and punishing undesirable behavior in cats:

While discouraging the bad behavior is necessary but remember it is not an alternative for good behavior and encouraging. 

Do cats need punishment?

Punishment is basically done to refrain the bad behavior. It must align with the bad behavior and should be as effective so that pets stop behaving badly. Therefore punishment should be used very carefully. If it’s too harsh it can cause fear, anxiety, and ignoring the owner. Therefore, punishment should be considered as the least option and tool for correcting the behavior.

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When they should be punished physically?

While this is the most frequently used form of the punishment yet it is the least effective. Punishing your cat physically will create fear of the owner and will just temporarily stop the behavior and it will repeat it in your absence. Also, it can cause damage not just to your pet but as well to you if he attacks. Therefore, it generally casts a negative effect on the relationship between the pet and the owner.

How to discipline your cat?

If you are a pets lover, then definitely you need to understand many things. From all those, one significant one is ” How to discipline your cat? It is necessary to teach your cat discipline. It help’s you a lot. To show your cat discipline follow these few steps:

  1. First of all, put your cat’s favorite food in front of him, it will be beneficial as it encourages the cat to teach that specific lesson.
  2. Show your cat how to sit down with the help of hands signs of by speaking. You need to repeat the whole process 3-4 times a day.
  3. At the end of the day, when finally your cat learns something, reward him.
  4. If you find it difficult, you can hire a pet’s expert who knows how to teach or discipline your cat.

Question and answers:

How to discipline a cat after biting?

Bring them another toy to bite and chew and to play with. Also, use a loud noise to distract it from biting your legs and arms.

How to discipline a Bengal cat?

Bengal cats are usually hyperactive so punishing them is a very bad idea. Be gentle on them and follow the tricks mentioned above to discipline them.

How to discipline a cat for hissing?

Figure out on what it is hissing? And remove the person or place immediately if it is a person try to make the cat familiar with his scent.

How to discipline a cat for fighting?

If a catfight that means she is aggressive. Try to maintain space when she is aggressive. Leave her alone and make some space to calm her down.

How to discipline a cat for scratching?

Get them a scratching post so that they can scratch it instead of scratching walls and furniture.

How to discipline a cat for spraying?

Cats usually don’t like to get sprayed but be careful with eyes and nose. 

How to discipline a stubborn cat?

To make stubborn cat discipline apply a more gentle behavior reward more and discourage less and above all be patient.

How to discipline a cat without water?

Use scents or sprays which cat hates like chili flakes and citrus smells.

How to discipline a cat that attacks another cat?

Remove another cat immediately and time out your cat for some time for correcting its behavior.

How to discipline a cat that poops on the floor?

The cat that litters out the litter box can be trained if it does not get the food when she does this and also by sprinkling some soda while washing the litter box as it also doesn’t pee in it if it smells.


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