10 Best Way How to pick up a cat?

We all love to have cats and kittens but you see holding them is not as easy as we see it. It consists of a whole process of steps that should be perfectly followed so that you can save yourself as well as your cat to avoid any scarring. “Trust” is the main key in this regard. Some cats may even not want to get hold. It can vary from breed to breed. If they are not feeling safe or at any point, they felt frustrated or frightened they will run away simply and you may get bitten. So to avoid all the nasty situations and to enjoy a perfect cuddle time with your buddy there are few things you have to keep in your mind.

How to properly pick up a cat?

Everyone wants to cuddle their pets either it is a dog or a cat it does not matter. But what if they do not feel the same way for you or in the other case what if they do not want to be held and picked up by you? Therefore you have to analyze the reasons behind this and get to know your cat properly.

Breed of the cat:

Sometimes the most closely related factor about cuddling of your pet is related to their breed. Because if it in their genes to not get picked up then you may have to struggle a bit more. For example, a breed which is called “Sphynx” is one of the most caring and loving cat. They demand from you to cuddle them and try to always grab their attention. Similarly “Ragdoll” is a very pretty cat with very soft and cuddly fur but it’s a little expensive too but after all, you are getting two things in one cuddle and fur both at one time. On the other hand “Bengal cats” are not much fond of cuddling. Due to their wild genetic behavior they usually like to roam around more and being involved in the activities other than cuddling.

Previous innate behavior of the cat:

If the cats have been somehow previously remained in a habitat where they did not have much human interaction. They will feel reluctant towards humans and will be fearful of you. If you have adopted a cat that was not in good hands or his owner was not enough caring and cuddly then they will be used to that behavior and will take time getting indulged with you. do you want to know about how to give a cat a pill? if yes then read the complete article. 

The right thing at the right time:

Try to observe your pet and only pick up a cat when she is in the mood. If she did not want the hug or cuddle at the time and you will force her there are fear chances of getting bitten or scratching. To know when your cat wants that warmth you will have to closely look for the cuddle signs like when they are licking with their tongue, lying on the floor in a particular manner and a happy tail are all the signs that the cat is joyful. This is the right time to pick up a cat. When you forcefully hold or pick up a cat she will get frustrated and will get a thought that the situation is not in the control so it will immediately try to get out from your grasp. Never pick up the cat in situations like these.

Emergency situation:

There are times when your cat is at some nasty places or doing things that can harmful to her. At times like these, there is no other option left to pick them up. It may not be the perfect time but you will have to do it anyway. Just grab your cat and take her to your desired place bend down and leave it there. Try to maintain distance if you feel your cat is getting angry.

A proper way:

By taking care of the above-mentioned situations try to grab your cat with affection and care. Cats get frightened by unexpected movements. They are also very easily get distracted by other things and may want to jump from your hold. Try to hold the cat in a position like you are holding a little baby supporting her back legs and securing the front ones.

7 ways to hold a cat

Just imagine your best friend came to see your cat and all of a sudden it runs ut from your grasp and scratching you or you may get a bite too. That will be a very situation in front of a very important person. To void these you have to know the proper methods some of these are:

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If it really wants that cuddle?

  • Keenly observe your cat’s body language. If she is doing things lie licking your feet, moving randomly around you and making cute noises that mean she wants your attention and that is the perfect time to pick a cat. 
  • The tail is a very important body part that tells you about your cat’s mood. If the tail is straight and up it means your cat is in a happy mood and can be socialized whereas if your cat s moving her tail very fast that means she is frustrated or analyzing a situation. That is not definitely a good time to pick up a cat. 
  • Ears can also play a role in determining your cat’s mood. If your cat’s ears are wide and straight that means she is in a happy mood and wants to be played with. But if your cat’s ears are tapered and facing backward his head you have to be attentive it means that either she is scared of anything or of you and that is not a good time to pick her up.

Advancing towards the cat:

Do not come immediately in front of the cat. It will make her panic and she will get scared. Try to access her from either side not from the back particularly. Talking to her in baby tone will let her feel your love and it will welcome you. Rub your hand on its head it will demonstrate your scent and presence.

Present yourself:

You have to build a trust level with your cat. If it is not comfortable it will not welcome the picking up process. You have to make sure that she feels comfortable in all senses. Gently placing your hand on there and calling them by cute names develops a bond and it will help. Never ever try to pick up a cat which is a stray one because they are not usually vaccinated and also you don’t have any behavioral observation about them too. So that’s a hell of a risk don’t do that.

Love the way you like:

Most people hold up the cat in a position like they are holding up a rabbit or a baby. But that is not an obligatory thing. You can do whatever posture you like or in which your cat feels comfortable. Some people grab two back legs together in one place and then grasp the front legs to secure the cat.

Grab me up:

After picking your cat properly in your arms it is time to lift him up. Keep the pet near your chest and try to maintain constant eye contact to sustain that bond and trust level. In this way, your cat will feel safe and it will not panic as you lift them up from the ground.

Making body contact:

You will have to make your cat feel the ultimate security like you are actually their parent. Make maximum body contact with the pet such his head and body touch your chest making them feel your warmth and affection. Never hold a cat upside down or never hold them in a way like their head is way too down from their body. They will feel insecure and will try to scratch and jump.

Safe landing:

Unlike babies remember cat is not a human baby so they may do not want to behold up all the time like our little fellas. If the cat moves abruptly and meow in a certain moaning pattern it is the time to leave the cat. Do not force the cat in your arms it will just make chaos rather than a fun cuddle time.

Don’t rush in landing:

You cannot just leave the cat immediately. Never drop them from a certain height as it can cause injury to your pet. Even if they are not injured during jumping from your arms they will not feel safe while you pick them up next time.

How to pick up and hold a cat

As it may seem to pick up a cat is not as uncomplicated. People usually just take a cat and simply pick them up which is not the process. Without understanding and observing the cat and picking them up in the wrong way can injure you and your pet as well.

  1. Gently approach towards the cat from either side and call them cutely to grab their attention.
  2. Once you have developed the bond welcome them with warm hearts and grab them in a proper way holding their back legs like a rabbit and securing the front legs while their body resting upon you securing them totally so that they do not get frightened.
  3. Land them slowly on the ground. Make sure they do not jump from a height to avoid any injury and also to develop a sense of satisfaction.
  4. Rub their head and cuddle them. While picking up lookout for the signs like moving tail in frustration or tapered ears, time not to pick them up.

How to pick up a cat quickly and painlessly?

Cats are amazing creatures and we love to cuddle with them. But it’s not all about us we have to handle them according to their moods. Therefore, we have to be vigilant about when they are frustrated or scare or they simply do not want to get picked up. Analyzing their breed characteristics and treating them accordingly is essential to easily pick them without getting scratched and without hurting them as well. 

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Question and answer

How to pick up a cat after spaying?

Whether your cat is gone through from any kind of process or surgery is essential that we give them some time and let their own immune system to heal them. After that, you may provide them a comfortable place to stay and get well soon. As their tissues may be shedding or maybe there are bandages too it is strongly advised to consider a vet and to use extra care or help of someone in picking them up.

How to pick up a cat after surgery?

No matter what procedure your cat has gone through you have to take care and to be extra soft and gentle with her without getting them hurt. Use a pillow etc.to make them feel more secure.

How to pick up a cat with a towel?

Cats usually do not like when you take hold of the situation they may even try to run but you can them hold them in a towel like a newborn securing their legs and head.

How to pick up a cat like a baby?

Grab the cat in your arms such that his back legs are bound to one arm and front legs are in your other arm while his head and chest is resting on your body.

How to pick up a cat with a broken leg?

Gently reach your cat. Carefully observe the leg to determine what kind of fracture or wound he has. Gently pick him up by gently holding the wounded leg. If the wound is open wash it off the fresh cold water.

How to pick up a baby cat?

Kittens are generally more affectionate and prefer to be cuddled in comparison to adult cats. Therefore picking them and cuddling them up becomes easier.

How to pick up a big cat?

If your cat is big and is heavy place it on a table or on something placed at a height so you don’t have to bend more and it will require lesser energy to pick the cat.

How to pick up a cat comfortably?

Look for their cuddling signs that are the best time to pick them up and you and your pet will feel more comfortable when the pet actually wants to be comfortable in your arms.

How to pick up a cat in pain?

It is generally suggested to call a vet because a cat in pain will be scared and bite or scratch you.

How to pick up an injured cat?

Gently go towards them and watch for the injury. If it’s serious call a vet and gently grabs while carefully handling the injury.


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